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Dr. Reilly is the “Ask the Vet” expert on Equine Insulin Resistance for the AAEP.

Get out of “jail” (a dirt lot) and back to pasture where they are meant to be and to play with their buddies. HEIRO™ is the only equine supplement that helps your horse get back to pasture where they belong.

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Proper diet and exercise is essential for horse health. HEIRO is a supplement to help maintain horse health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

  • What is in Equine Heiro?
  • What is NOT in Equine Heiro?
  • Test Results on How Heiro Lowered Insulin In Horses
  • 26 Ways Heiro Is The Best Choice And Why The Winner Over Other Product
  • Why Heiro Easily wins over Noble
  • The 4 Easy Steps of the Heiro Program
  • What Is Insulin?
  • What Is Horse Insulin Resistance?
  • What To Expect – Before/After Test Sample Results From Usage of HEIRO™?
  • 24 Lab Tests Showing Heiro Works
  • Horse Insulin Resistance Diet
  • Horse Insulin Resistance Feeds – Good Choices – Ration Balancers
  • Horse Insulin Resistance Snacks: Horse Treats
  • Horse Insulin Resistance: Flax Seed
  • Horse Insulin Resistance: Can I use Heiro with Comfort Quik?
  • Horse Insulin Resistance Exercise
  • Farrier Care for the Insulin Resistance Horse
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Lyme Disease/Lyme Laminitis
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Magnesium
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Thyroid Powder
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Pergolide/Cushings Disease/Older Horse Information
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Metformin (Glucophage)
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Glucosamine Products- never use these
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Chromium
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Clenbutero
  • Equine Insulin Resistance Yucca - Why Never Use
  • Vaccines For The Insulin Resistant Horse
  • Equine Insulin Resistance High Iron
  • High Fructans – Why a problem?
  • Horse Pasture Turnout and Fructans for Equine Insulin Resistance
  • Horse Founder
  • Pain Can Be Neuritis And Not Laminitis
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