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  • Who, Where, and Early Signs?
  • What Is In Horse Canker Powder?
  • Canker or Thrush?
  • What Are The Causes of Canker?
  • Can It Occur At Well Managed Barns? How?
  • Role of Worms?
  • How Can You Prevent Canker?
  • What Treatments Do Not Work?
  • Euthanasia
  • Equine/Horse Canker Studies
  • Role of Metronidazole?
  • The Role of Tetracycline Treatment?
  • The Role of Treponema Spirochete?
  • The Role of Bovine Papillomavirus?
  • Using Ketoconazole?
  • Biopsy and Lab Testing Canker. Why Take X-Rays of Foot?