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Disclaimer: Happ-E-Mare is a supplement to help maintain health. Discuss supplements with your veterinarian. Happ-E-Mare is NOT for breeding, pregnant or nursing mares. The Happ-E-Mare program includes proper diet, exercise, and sleep.

  • What’s In Happ-E-Mare?
  • See Chart to Direct Compare Happ-E-Mare to Other Products
  • General Mare Reproductive Information
  • Mare Supplements – How Are They Different From Humans?
  • Can Insulin Resistance Lead To Other Issues?
  • Why Foundering When In Heat?
  • Mare Supplements – Thyroid Issues
  • Mare Supplements – Anatomy Problems
  • Mare Supplements – Transition Period – Always in Heat
  • Horse Calming Supplement for Nervousness – Why It Works
  • Mare Supplements – OK in Geldings & Stallions
  • Can I Compete on Happ-E-Mare?
  • Is Happ-E-Mare Free of Roundup?
  • Is Happ-E-Mare Non GMO?
  • How is Happ-E-Mare Better Than Just Plain Raspberry Leaf?
  • How is Happ-E-Mare Better Than Regumate?
  • Can My Jenny Be On Happ-E-Mare?
  • Why is Happ-E-Mare a Powder and not a Pellet?
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