We have had great success with your products on horses that are allergic to bugs.



Dr. Reilly is amazing and extremely helpful. The products are organic and my horses like the taste. We gave Summer Excema supplement to 1 horse with flakey itchy mane and tail and it was cured. My ‘easy keeper’ mare with mild Cushings and IR has laminitis. I gave her Heiro for 3 weeks so far. She likes the taste and improved some, but we still battle it. My only request is that the office staff work on the mailing and charging procedures. Both of my orders required fixing. Thank you!!!!



Perfect Products

These are the perfect products for summer skin issues. I cannot thank you enough for helping my horses!

Skye, Colorado


Difference is Amazing

I have used the sugar-free syrup for my boy, Zane over the past 3 years and the difference for him is nothing short of amazing.

DK – August 2018


Products Are Amazing

Dr. Reilly:
First, let me say, that your products are nothing short of AMAZING!!!! I can’t remember the last time my mare started a summer (late spring) without scratching herself like crazy!  Thank you, and our Lord up above, for creating these products!

Sue – Arizona, May 2017


He Has A Beautiful Show Coat

Dr. Reilly:
This stuff WORKS!!!!! I am so afraid of my horse going back to what he was that I keep him on it all year round! One year he was so bloody and bitten up I thought I was going to have to ship him up north.  Then I heard about this remedy and I was ready the next season! He has a beautiful show coat and full mane and tail where the year before was all rubbed off, no chest hair, etc.  Just Try It!

Ann – Florida, March 2017


My Horse Is Wonderful!

Dr. Reilly:
I have been using the fly spray with the Sweet Itch liquid all summer.  I cannot tell you how wonderful my horse is.  We are even getting this 21 year old ready to show again!  Last year he was a bloody, hairless mess!!!! Thank you.  I have told so many people about this every chance I get!

Ann – Florida, September 2016


Stopped Scratching:

Dr. Reilly:
I have 2 mares.  One has severe allergies to the culicoides gnat.  Last year we were at several vets trying to figure out why her mammary glands were swelling along with lots of tiny scabs along her midline. The other just started reacting this summer with significant mane loss in patches from her scratching.  Many months later, many experiments (fly predators, various fly sprays, ointments, powders, creams) all from reputable companies later…nothing changed.  I came across your web site and one other.  I ordered from both web sites. I put yours on my most severely affected mare.  The less affected (mane) got the other company’s products.  The other products have no results, other than slightly oily mane.  Yours…well that is a completely different story.  After only 1 week of using all 4 products as described, all the tiny scabs are all gone and she has a smooth midline.  After week 2, she stopped scratching her midline when she rolled.  A simple, normal roll, then up and off she ran to join her playmates.  Her tail hair at the top of her tail is starting to grow back, lovely tiny hairs that will grow to join the rest of her long tail.  Completely surprising me, her appetite has returned.  She had gotten to the point where she was turning down treats that she now nudges me for!! I can only imagine how much discomfort she must have been going through to not feel like a treat.
So after 2.5 weeks, I am stopping the other company’s products and ordering the full suite of products for my second mare.  I can’t wait for her to have the same relief and grow her mane back in.  Thanks for great products.

Karen – California


Worked In Just A Few Days:

Dr. Reilly:
We purchased Summer Eczema Oral Supplement, RK Topical Spray, Map Shampoo, and Quadrabiotic Ointment. Your products are without a doubt absolutely AMAZING!!!! As you may know, here in Texas we have been experiencing a record-breaking drought. Our horses have been tortured by “no see-ums” and eczema; rubbing off their tails, the hair on their necks and sides. It’s been terrible. I’ve tried so many products – both commercial and homemade, and nothing has brought relief lasting more than a few hours. Our mare, in particular, has severe skin allergy to gnats. She breaks out in bumpy sores that if left untreated, scab and fill with puss. Your products have brought IMMEDIATE relief to her and our geldings. From the first few days, we could actually see the skin improvement and noticed none of the horses were rubbing on trees or the fence any longer. I will share with our horse friends and our two horse vets.

J&P – Texas


My Vet Told Me About SE Supplement  by a client who had a mare with severe Sweet Itch which was successfully treated!

Dr. Reilly:
My DWB Mare would lose all the hair from her face and rub her neck and tail area raw before I found SE Solution.  This product is amazing!  We live in Texas which as had record rainfall this year.  I turn her out at night with a HEAVY DUTY RAMBO fly sheet impregnated with fly repellent.  It is too hot to turn out during the day.  Her coat is a beautiful liver chestnut and has not faded.  She rarely rubs herself.  Before SES she could destroy an ordinary sheet within days PLEASE tell all veterinarians around the world about your product which is as effective as Dex!  Thank you Dr. R!

Jan – Texas


Best Summer:

Dr. Reilly:
I can’t thank you enough for marketing the Oral Supplement and the RK Topical Spray. My Morgan had the best summer since I purchased him 4 years ago. After starting him on the supplement in March, before bug season and continuing through our first heavy frost, he had no hives or bug reactions at all. His temperament was more settled than I have seen in the past. Truly he was much more comfortable than ever.

Marti – Vermont


Dr. Reilly:

I am SOLD on your products for Summer Eczema!! My Morgan gelding would look moth-eaten without them. Prevention works so much better than treatment which is why I am so excited about the Oral Supplement and the fly spray (which works better than anything I’ve ever used and I’ve had horses for 30 years).

Kristal – Maryland


Results Extraordinary:

Dr. Reilly:
My horse has been on the program of using the Summer Eczema Oral Supplement, the Map Shampoo, Ointment, and RK Topical Spray since December 29th. The results have been extraordinary. I have been fighting the eczema for almost a year, trying everything, and having nothing work. Thank you.

Bev – Texas


Hair Coming Back:

Dr. Reilly:
Hap the TB is getting better. Not so many crusty sores, hair is growing back, but still looking almost singed on his neck, back and loin area. I can only attribute that to the intense sun. I do have a turnout sheet on him. I’m needing 2 more RK Sprays and one more bottle of MAP shampoo. That stuff rocks!!I want to use it on all my horses.

Sue – Texas


Off Steriods:

Dr. Reilly:
Thank you. We have had great success with your supplement and spray. Munch is blanketed with a neck and belly piece most of the time. This is the first year in memory that Munch has not had to be on steroids for 2 to 3 months in summer/fall. I would call the supplement for Munch a BIG success. Your products are GREAT!

Nan – Maine