Since staring my own horse on Heave Ho and soaking his food (hay and grain), his coughing has reduced by about 95%, I notice one cough a week now, and none while riding. His BAL came back with 66% neutrophil count several weeks ago, I may do another and compare now. I have recommended to several other equine vets as well. Thanks very much!

Catherine Liegey, DVM


Hardly Coughing at All

I’ve noticed that my horse is hardly coughing at all, or at times, not at all. Usually he would cough at morning feeding. Since it was such a nice day, I exercised him lightly this evening…. no coughing, and his breathing looked good.

Carolyn, Ohio


No more Breathing Heavy with Heaves

Sending a big Thank You for your product Heave Ho. It is making a big difference in my mare that suffers with Heaves/COPD. The worst was last summer in the horrible heat and humidity of GA. In desperation I searched the internet and discovered your product. I now keep her on a daily maintenance amount. She is 16 years old and instead of standing around lifeless and breathing heavy with heaves, she now prances around like a young filly…Beautiful!

Emma, 2019


Helps My Horse

It seems to be helping him. He is totally off any prescription meds, appetite is great, no cough and no nasal discharge. Able to exercise without any coughing as well!

Joanne, Virginia


Like A New Animal

When I got home on Friday, my horse was whistling, wheezing fairly heavily, and coughing. He was also sweaty- so it was by far the very worst day he’s had. I nebulized him to try to soothe the airway a bit, which helped the coughing some, and started him on Heave Ho. By Sunday, he was like a new animal. There was no working hard to breathe, no congestion sound, just some sporadic coughing here and there. It was amazing to see him have some relief. Today I can hear him breathing a little bit and watching his sides- he is trying a little harder, with some coughing, but not large fits.

Mary, Ohio


Helpful Advice

I love the company itself, and I think the customer service is great, and Dr. Reilly’s advice is extremely helpful. I think the Heave Ho helps my horse with his breathing problems.

Tracey, California


Great Product

I was desperate when I found Heave Ho for my 23 year old mare. She was gasping for every breath because she couldn’t seem to cool herself down enough, which is really hard for my black horse in the summer heat. Within a few days of double doses of Heave Ho, she stopped heaving/wheezing, and coughing. I am amazed and very grateful for such a great product. Thank You!

Gloria, North Carolina


Dramatic Results

My mare has been on your heave ho for a year and I have seen dramatic results, thank you!

Charlotte, Colorado



I just recently started using products for my horse and dog. So far I am absolutely happy with the results. Everyone always seems to be very knowledgeable and available for any questions answered. Thank you again!!

Lynn, Nevada


No Coughing

I have Ruby on the program. I feel good about it and I think she is already seeming better. First day I was giving her the double dose with Dex, and Thyroid med, Chia, and Heave Ho she coughed out a large mucous ball, when before she was not producing any mucous. Since then I have not heard her cough and she seems more lively. I am keeping her cool and deeply soaking her hay.

Gwen, Pennsylvania


Works Fast

Great product, very fast acting. My mare with heaves has improved immensely.

Meghan, Wyoming


Heat and Humidity are No Problem

Just started on the third month. My retired senior gelding 28 years old has shown great improvements in his breathing while using Heave Ho. Living in SE Texas the heat & humidity makes it difficult for him. It’s been dry & dusty which makes him cough. He has shown little or no problems on Heave Ho. I will continue to use the product and highly recommend it.

Selena, Texas

Back to Working!

I have a mare that for 10 years could not be worked..she is now, because she can breathe. I had tried all traditional medicines, none worked. Heave-Ho did the trick, it actually works!

Judy, New Jersey


It Really Works!

I was desperate, this was my final attempt before putting her down. By day 4, she was breathing easier and had more spunk. Now after 7 days of giving Heave Ho per os by catheter tip syringe BID, she is nearly back to normal. I can still hear cracks and rales in her lungs and much mucous, but she can breathe!!! She has energy. I found the study on low T4 very interesting and did add that to the Heave Ho once daily and will continue to do so. If something changes, I will let you know, but we are good for now. Thank You so much for your product! I am excited to see how this evolves and pray that it continues to work.

Lisa – Minnesota, June 2018


Best Product I’ve Tried

I have been treating our COPD pony for three years and this is the best product that I have tried so far to control his symptoms.

Susan- Montana, February 2018


No More Nebulizing

Dr. Reilly,
Heave Ho has taken my horse that was diagnosed with COPD and put on a nebulizer, from retirement to competing in an indoor! No more nebulizing or inhalers! 🙂

Susan – Delaware, December 2017


Great Improvement

I started my horse on Heave Ho and he is through with the one week loader dose and now on the once a day dose. I see a great improvement.

Shirley – Canada, December 2017


COPD Under Control

Hello, I wrote to you a while ago regarding our trail horse Toby. He is doing great on the Heave Ho and Heiro. He has lost some weight and his COPD is really under control. He was ridden about 2 weeks ago and was breathing normally!

Connie – November 2017


Definite Improvement

Dr. Reilly:
One of our horses developed heaves a while back. After starting to give him your product, we noticed a definite improvement in his breathing in less than a week! He also started to eat again and regain some of the weight he had lost since the heaves started. I now have hope he might be able to survive this horrible condition! Thank you so much for a wonderful product that works wonders!

Betty – Minnesota, November 2017


Never Thought This Was Possible

Dr. Reilly:
It’s hard to believe the difference we have seen in Sarah’s breathing now that her T4 level is on high side of normal and she has been getting a dose of Heave Ho daily since July. We would have never thought that she would be able to breathe with ease. We will have blood drawn in 30 days and let you know the result. We are truly grateful for your making this possible. Thanks so much!!!

Deanna – Michigan, September 2017


Doing Amazing

Dr. Reilly:
I wanted to write and let you know that my horse, Trinity, is doing amazing with as hot and humid as it has been. Thank you for all of your help with Heave Ho, Thyro-L and chia seed for cough.

Debbie – Texas, September 2017


Better in 2 Days

Dr. Reilly:
Thank you for your email – at the moment we are stunned and amazed as Humbug has nearly stopped heaving!!! She has only had this since starting it on Thursday as directed 1 scoop morning and evening and her breathing is noticeably better. We cannot believe it.

Glenda – United Kingdom, September 2017


Shocking Results!

My NEW horse just coughed and coughed and coughed while eating his hay and being ridden. It was to the point where I was going to refrain from riding, experiment with different types of hay and call the vet. Then a friend of mine, who is a big Heiro fan, suggested “Heave Ho”. So I purchased Heave Ho and after the first dose, my horse stopped coughing. I was shocked! I followed the instructions on the label anyways, so he had taken the full course that is recommended. I am not kidding, he was fine after the first dose and has not had an episode since! WOW! I did not need to discontinue riding, switch hay or call the vet! YAY!!! Bo and I have been able to enjoy our summer trail rides! What a blessing your product has been for us! I highly recommend Heave Ho. Thanks Dr. Reilly!

Patty via Email, August 2017


NO Heaving Whatsoever

Dr. Reilly:
When I got home after work I went to check her breathing and there was NO heaving whatsoever, YEAH!!! I know it may flare up again but to see her breathing normal was awesome.

Kay via Email, July 2017


I’ve Found The Golden Ticket

Dr. Reilly:
I was searching for common mullein for Heaves and found your product.  We have been using it for 7 days….so far I say “miraculous!” She’s MUCH improved.  The other 2 heavey horses on our farm are really struggling.  Keeping my fingers crossed, but have a feeling deep down in my gut that I’ve found the golden ticket.

Cheryl – Michigan, July 2017


Canter For The First Time In 20 Years

Dr. Reilly:
Just wanted to give you an update on Angel since I spoke to you in Harrisburg at the Expo.  Since then, we had our clinic with Dale Cunningham, Certified Clinician from Clinton Anderson.  Well,  she did awesome, no breathing issues whatsoever with her.  He had cantered her quite a bit and she did extremely awesome thanks to your product.  I can not express my gratitude to you that would suffice on how pleased and relieved I am for your help with her with her COPD.  I am riding her now, myself, and being able to canter her for the first time in 20 some years and she is just amazing.  Thank you, again, for giving me my Angel back.

Terri – Pennsylvania, June 2017


Lot of Improvement

Dr. Reilly:
I have been using Heave Ho for three weeks and am seeing a lot of improvement.  Is it ok to ride when he is breathing better?  I need to order another shipment.

Janet – Kentucky, May 2017


Doing Better

Dr. Reilly:
Alexus is coughing less and is doing much better. She has a lot of energy but when she runs around in the pasture does get heavey.

Emily – via email. April 2017


Heave Ho With Vit E Just Plain Works

Dr. Reilly:
I use Heave Ho. My Vet put my horse on Trihist when she developed an allergic COPD that never quit…That made her nasal passages bright red and she still had discharge and rapid breathing – only the steroid injections  worked.  Heave Ho with Vitamin E  just plain works.

Helen – Oregon, March 2017


Changed Breathing to Normal

Dr. Reilly:
Heave Ho has helped our 20-year-old Friesian mare with seasonal breathing problems…heat and humidity, she pants all day.  Heave Ho has changed her breathing to normal during the seasonal heat.  We love this. Have tried steroids and all kinds of supplements with no results like Heave Ho.

Sherri – Indiana, February 2017


Very Quick Results

Dr. Reilly:
I want to give you an update on my horse who has been coughing for about 3 weeks, I suspect due to my hay.  He was coughing in the field, and especially after I’d bring him in to eat.  He’d also cough about every 20 minute under saddle.  I started him on the Heave Ho and Thyro-L you provided, and I saw results within 48 hours.  I was able to take him foxhunting and he only coughed once in 2 1/2 hours of strenuous work!  He’s not coughing at all anymore after eating.  I am very pleased with his progress.  Thank you!

Susan – Pennsylvania, February 2017


In the Saddle Again

Dr. Reilly:
I just wanted to update you on Dancer.  The combination of your new Heave Ho Formula and Thyro-L has worked wonders.  I was able to ride him last weekend at the walk/trot with no coughing or shortness of breath.  It was fantastic to be in the saddle again.

Jennifer – Texas, February 2017


She Can Breathe Better

Dr. Reilly:
She is doing so much better with the regimen you suggested.  I am ecstatic.  Thank you very much.  I can’t put into words to tell you how much better I feel and how she feels because she can breathe better.

Terri – Pennsylvania, February 2017


Heave Ho – Such A Big Difference

Dr. Reilly:
Just had to drop you all a note. I really thought I was going to have to put my horse down this year.  She has been suffering so much with Heaves.  She  has been on your Heave Ho for 10 days and it’s such a big difference for her!  Thank you so much. She feels so much better and that makes me feel better too!  I think she will be fine this summer.

Pere – Kentucky, January 2017


Breathing Is Better

Dr. Reilly:
Her breathing is better (much better really) but I can still see that it is not back to normal.  Since my last email, I would say she has gone from 58% recovery to say 78% her nasal discharge has cleared up, her cough is gone but she is not quie100%.  All this is quite amazing as she literally was closed to death in August, The Dex.  Pulled her through.  Until I could find your product.  Your Heave Ho was a last resort and since I already had her on the Vitamin E and Omega 3 supplements it seems to be finally kicking in for her.  I will check with my Vet on the Thyroid condition and the Naxcel.  Thank you!

Kelly – Alabama, January 2017


Heave Ho & Health-E In One Container

Dr. Reilly:
Please tell me how to order the new Heave Ho & Vitamin E in the same container.  Don’t want to run out.  Thanks & Love this product.  My horse is doing wonderfully!!!!

Judy – Texas, December 2016


Astonishing Improvement

Dr. Reilly:
I have been using your protocol on my gelding for several weeks, and have noticed an astonishing improvement.  I am so happy with your products.

Letitia – Texas, December 2016


Taking More Voluntary Exercise: Trotting/Cantering Field

Dr. Reilly:
Thought I’d give you an update on Fine Touch (“Mary”), our mare with COPD.  She is about to finish her second jar of Heave Ho, and I have just ordered two more.  We are still giving it twice a day along with other supplements, 7cc Albuterol, and twice a day PEMF therapy with the BEMER.  I think the “gang approach” you advised is working!!  She has enjoyed several days of much-improved respiration.  In fact, yesterday, you had to look really closely to see her sides moving at all.  Her respiration has come down from as high as 60 to 28-36 breaths per minute.  Minimal coughing; occasional wheezing; little to no mucus production.  I believe the cooler weather is also helping her.  She has gained weight, her coat is gleaming, and she is taking a lot more voluntary exercise, including trotting and cantering in the field.  We will take her back to our Vet in a couple of weeks for further evaluation.  We remain optimistic of continued progress.  Thanks for all of your help!!

Bobbie Jo – Texas, November 2016


Healthy the Entire Trip

Dr. Reilly:
Much improved this year with the use of Heave Ho and THANK YOU.  Last year, this horse was very sick on our trip west before starting your regime of products.  Just returned for a 10-day trail riding trip in ND Badlands.  She did great and was healthy the entire trip.

Tricia – Minnesota, October 2016


So Much Better

Dr. Reilly:
I’ve had my horse on Heave Ho and Health-E for about a month and she is doing so much better.  Wetting her hay has helped too.  Its been helping her so much, she looks great and isn’t stressed.  Thank you.

Karen – California, September 2016


Cough Completely Gone

Dr. Reilly:
Thank you for your prompt response.  Esce is doing well.  Her cough is completely gone.  May it stay that way!  Thanks for checking.

Cindy – New Hampshire, September 2016


Great Success!

Dr. Reilly:
I have been using Heave Ho and Vitamin E for 1 year with great success We have not needed any steroid treatment at all.  Very pleased with product.

Kristy – North Dakota, August 2016


No Darth Vader….

Dr. Reilly:
My 27-year-young Morgan Mare Lee Marie is doing very well on the Heave Ho and Health-E regime.  It is now July and I have not had a “Darth Vader” breathing issue so far.

Michaela – Virginia, July 2016


Zoe Breathes In My Ear And It Sounds Clear

Dr. Reilly:
Her symptoms were horrible coughing, nasal discharge but she sounded like Darth Vader when she breathed. We grow our own hay and it is pretty clean but at your recommendation I started rinsing her nighttime feeding. I also have her on the Heave Ho and Health-E for about three weeks.  She is breathing ten times better. I don’t hear any of the rattling or forced exhale anymore.  She breathes in my ear and it sounds clear.  This has definitely helped her.

Karen – California, 2016


Faithfully Followed Doctor’s Orders – See HUGE Difference

Dr. Reilly:
Hi. On July 26, 2016, I consulted with you about my mare having COPD and Coughing after many vet visits and several different types of medicines.  The last one was Ventepulium, which helped a lot but is very expensive for using all the time.  You recommended Heave Ho, Health-E & Thyro-L.  When I received the order I started immediately.  I had used all of the Ventepulium 3 days before.  She had a slight cough every few mornings but nothing like before.  After I have faithfully followed the doctor’s orders with the supplements, soaking her hay for 10 minutes, no dust in stall and soaking her alfalfa cubes, I see a HUGE difference in her mornings and her actions.  She doesn’t cough but maybe every few days and then its a hack like.  I am so happy with her improvements.  Now I need to know what I need to keep her on.  Please advise me & dosage so I can order before I use what I have.  Thank you so much for your suggestion & advice you gave me.

Judy – Texas, 2016


Running Laps Around Pasture!

Dr. Reilly:
Pearl has completely recovered from the attack of Heaves.  She is running laps in the pasture again. We celebrated her 30th birthday after all.  Thank you so much and God bless you extra!

Nancy – Michigan, July 2016


Your Product Truly Works

Dr. Reilly:
Thank you Equine Medical & Surgical Associates! Thank you so much for giving me my horse back.  I tried for two years to find something that would help his heaving, and your product truly works.

Sherry – Georgia, 2016


Betty – Significant Improvement

Dr. Reilly:
I wanted to write you and let you know my mule Betty has shown some significant improvement and I am so thankful for your wonderful product.

Jessica – Illinois, July 2016


It was very hot, so far he is doing good

Dr. Reilly:
I am very curious to see how he makes it through this summer and in November.  That is usually when his breathing is the worst.  I rode him last weekend and it was very hot. So far he is doing good.  No Dex for him at all since we have switched to this.

Doris – Florida, June 2016


Life Is So Much Better, even in High Humidity!

Dr. Reilly:
The recommended products, Heave Ho and Health-E, have made our horse’s life so much better.  He breathes better, even in high humidity.  We have watched this carefully and noted a Dramatic improvement in temps of high 90’s with 90+% humidity.  This horse had moved from Wyoming where the humidity was sometimes 30% so the change was radical.

Bob and Kay – Florida, May 2016


Breathing Improved/Energy Improved!

Dr. Reilly:
I want to thank you for the Heave Ho you sent for my horse, Summerhawk.  She is doing better on the regime you spelled out for me to follow.  Breathing has improved and energy has improved. I have yet to get her tested T4, but am doing that next.  It’s great to find something that works, is more natural, and doesn’t have negative side effects.  Thank you so much.

Wendy – Washington, March 2016


Heave Ho Is Like A Miracle!

Dr. Reilly:
Within 1 day, Oatis had gone from falling over with the coughing to only coughing lightly at feed time.  After 2 weeks, only coughs occasionally.

Nancy – Pennsylvania, August 2015


I Am Just So Thrilled

Dr. Reilly:
Ringo started Heave Ho, BID, Monday, July 13th.  It has been blistering hot here.  Saturday the heat index was 116 with very high humidity.  Because of his age, I am especially careful in this heat.  I rode him Wednesday and had a great ride.  Today, 86 degrees and high humidity, he felt like a Grand Prix 10 year old!  He coughed some, but we have had tons of rain and the mold count is ridiculous.  I could hardly contain him!  His extended trot was powerful and huge! His piaffe and passage were bouyant and elastic. His tempi changes were just outstanding I had almost given up on EVER feeling that again.  Absolutely NOTHING has changed except the addition of Heave Ho to his diet.  I am just thrilled!  Thank you!

Melanie – Illinois, July 2015



Dr. Reilly:
Rebel’s breathing was so bad and the steroids didn’t seem to do much for him anymore.  Wasn’t able to ride him.  My friend ordered me Heave Ho and Health-E from you.  Within 7 days his breathing was better!  It’s now been 2 weeks and I can’t believe the improvement. I’m now placing my own order.  I’m so excited to be able to ride him again!

Patti – Michigan



Dr. Reilly:
I am just writing to you to say thank you for helping me with my horse.  Buster has been on Health-E and Heave Ho for about two months now.  I decided to give these products a trybecause of the testimonials that said they got their horse back and that statement was exactly what I needed to hear.  For months I battled with Buster’s breathing. I wasn’t above to ride because he was breathing so hard and had no energy.  Going out to the barn was almost depressing because I couldn’t find anything to make my horse comfortable.  After trying multiple other products and seeing no results, I decided anything was worth a shot.  Heave Ho has made a world of difference.  Now Buster’s worst days were his best days before and there are even days that you can barely tell he has any breathing problems at all.  The Health-E has not only helped Buster’s breathing but his coat shines and his hooves look amazing.  I sincerely think that Heave Ho is the best product on the market for Heaves and the people who sell it are knowledgeable and great to work with.  Thank you for giving me my horse back!

Elizabeth – Michigan
June 2015


Off Albuterol:

Dr. Reilly:
My sister bought Heave Ho for my horse and it is amazing.  Albuterol, currently prescribed, has not been used since starting Heave Ho on May 20, 2015.  Flonase has not been used since started on Heave Ho on May 20, 2015.

Judy – Ohio,
Dated May 28, 2015 – Only 8 Days!


Amazed, Happy, Shocked:

Dr. Reilly:
I am at 14 days of using the Heave Ho and the Vitamin E supplements for my horse.  Amazed, happy, shocked, and Yeah.  Seems to be working.  Has been a long winter and spring with her new respiratory issues.  Two Vets and same dx of Heaves and/or allergies.  Prednisilone and bronchodilators and hoping for some symptom relief.  Your products seem to be as amazing as when I sought help for a rehab horse and used Heiro.  I do not want to run out and have been using the double doses as recommended.  Now using double dose on Heave Ho only and will reorder soon.

Dianne – South Dakota
June 2015


No Coughing.  Breathing Normal:

Dr. Reilly:
My horse “Fancy” is 16 years old this year and has been suffering from Asthma and COPD for over 4 years at least.  She uses an inhaler and we had her on Dex too before using Heave Ho.  I was beginning to think that I was going to have to put her down this year as her coughing had gotten so terrible, that she was having problems breathing, eating, and her heart rate was in the 90s.  We have been on Heave Ho for approximately 24 days now and it has changed “Fancy’s” life!! No coughing, breathing is normal, she is back to eating all her food, she is whiny-ing again, and her heart rate is in the low 70s, which is good for her.  Thank you SO much, We will be your spokes horse any day!

Jocy – Kansas
November 2014


Heave Ho Delivers:

Dr. Reilly:
Rocket’s coughing has become progressively worse with age, and recently sounded raspy at night.  I found Heave Ho on the internet and the transformation is amazing.  He has been on every cough suppressant on the market and I am so relieved to have found you.  (He is too!)  I have his half brother, a newly acquired QH Chance, and Paladin (RUI), all on the Vitamin E supplement also, as our pastures are sparse.  Thank you so much for a great product that really does deliver!

Patricia – North Carolina, April 2015


Quick Relief:

Dr. Reilly:
I have to tell you – The Heave Ho is a Miracle!  Within ONE DAY Oatis had gone from almost falling over with the coughing to only coughing lightly at feed time.  I was so hopeful that this product would provide relief but didn’t expect that relief so quickly and thoroughly.  He has only been on it for 2 weeks.  He now only coughs occasionally.  Glad I met and talked with you at the Ohio Equine Affaire.

Nancy – Pennsylvania
May 2014


Got My Ginger Back:

Dr. Reilly:
I just wanted to tell you I GOT MY HORSE BACK!!!! For 2 years Ginger has had no stamina or energy to go beyond a trot due to her heaves and mild arthritis.  The last time I rode her, her lungs made a ghastly sound and I thought that was it, she is now a pasture ornament.  I was going to have her get another steroid shot, but thought that really didn’t improve her quality nor was it really solving the issue.  I used the Heave Ho and Health E for one month and saw an improvement just having her around the barn.  So I ordered another month without really knowing if she had improved that much.  WELL, yesterday was the first time I was able to ride due to our weather and I couldn’t get her to slow down.  We didn’t just canter, we were at a full run and she didn’t want to stop.  My granddaughter and I rode for 3 1/2 hours and had the best ride in a long time. I don’t expect this all the time due to climate change, but what an improvement.  It was amazing. I also put my old 34 year old gelding on the Health E and he is running around like a colt again.  The product is expensive for me since I have so many animals, but their health is important.  This treatment for Ginger is healthier and cheaper in the long run than the alternatives.  I will be ordering the Heiro for my dogs soon.  Thank you for a wonderful product as you saved my horse and hopefully I will have a few more years of riding and loving her.  She is about 21 years old and I’m 64 so hopefully we’ll both be able to retire at the same time.  Again, thank you.

Doreen P.


My Old Mare Is Good:

Dr. Reilly:
My 28 year old mare, Dusty, has made a huge turn around with Heave Ho.  We started her on it at the end of last summer as a last resort of helping her breathing and her breathing improved 100%.  In fact it even impressed our Vet when he came and checked on her this Spring.

Deborah R.
August 2014


No Wheezing At All

Dr. Reilly:
I wanted to give you an update on Tanky.  He is doing incredibly well and I hear NO wheezing at all now.  It has been a miracle…thank you so much.  Heave Ho and Health-E has truly saved his life (and my happiness).  He will be on this protocol from now on.

Flicka R.
September 2015