Bought Health-E based on my vet’s Recommendation for EPM. My horse is 31 and is now doing much better.



EPM Recovering Horse

Our twenty-two year old (or so) Leopard Appaloosa, Dobby, was diagnosed with EPM and treated with Marquis for two months. During that time I discovered Health-E and the overall results are remarkable. He has been receiving two scoops of Health-E per day with meals for a month and a half.

William, Florida


Huge Difference

I wanted to write to you and let you know what a difference Health E made in my horse. She is a 20 year old thoroughbred. I have had her since she was 3. She always had problems holding her back feet still for the farrier, but I thought it was from some past trauma. She ran three races and was taken off the track. Looking back I think it was the beginning of shivers. In September of this year she began having a lot of problems walking forward. She couldn’t back up at all. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with shivers. I was devastated. I began researching shivers and trying to find something to help her. I found Health E and started giving it to her. She has improved so much in the past several months that she can walk, trot, run and back up. During that time I also changed her food to triumph senior feed. Thank you so much for developing this great supplement because it is a miracle that she has improved as well as she has. My vet told me to make her comfortable and call when it was time to put her down because there was no cure. To me this is making her very comfortable. Thank you so much!

Carol, Texas


Love This Product

I have been in the business of breeding, training, showing and selling drafts and draft crosses for over 20 years. I have found that many are affected by some form of EPSM or Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy. Most cases are very mild, but I have been supplementing my heavier horses diet with high fat, low starch diets for years with great success. Some horses need more fat depending on their symptoms and getting enough corn oil or rice bran in them can be challenging. I had a particularly difficult neglect case I was working on with a 6 year old Belgian nearly starved to death and through extensive research found that it wasn’t the fat that these horses needed as much as the vitamin E found in those fat sources! We desperately needed a high vitamin E supplement for this rescue and finding this product was blessing because it provides all the necessary forms of Vitamin E and it is affordable to feed in higher doses. I now supplement all my draft crosses with Health E and a senior with cushings is doing beautifully on it as well! Great product! Great price!

Jennifer, AZ


Effect and Palatable 

Very effective and palatable form of Vitamin E, I feed this to all of my horses when pasture is not available and to my PSSM horse year round.

Pam, Colorado
Moving Freely 

Ever since my 10 year old stallion suffered from a low Vitamin E level that caused mobility issues, specifically his knees locking up and making it difficult for him to walk, I have tried different supplements to keep him healthy. Having tried many products, this seems to work the best for him. His knees rarely lock up now and once he gets outside he can move freely for the rest of the day. This product has a good dose of Vitamin E and other ingredients that work well together.

Shannon, Utah


Adding Vitamin E is Easy and Has So Many Benefits

I was looking for a good quality source of vitamin E and I really like this one! It’s strength is very beneficial and safe to add to the diet giving the horse so many added benefits!

Sandy, Nebraska


Health-E is a Great Product

I’ve been extremely pleased with this product. I have a horse with ERU in both eyes and this was highly recommended as an antioxidant. His coat looks amazing!

Melanie, USA


Must Have for Our Barn

Excellent product. I know it works because my horse feels better. Her mood has returned to her normal nature. She is dealing with a neurological issue, and I believe this supplement is helping her.

Patricia, Ohio


Very Happy with the Purchase

So easy to feed. It’s not a problem for picky eaters, and a way to get high quality, high dosage of Vitamin E.

Donna, Canada


Great Product

Cured my horse of very low Vitamin E levels. She feels great and she rides better than ever! Feet are better too!

Carley – February, 2018


Works Well for EMND Horse

We have used Health-E in the past for our QH mare who has EMND and it works very well. Easier than using vitamin E capsules for her daily. The only product we have found that delivers a high does of vitamin E in one scoop.

Jeannine, Pennsylvania


Very Happy with My Decision to Buy Health-E

This product is the sole reason my horse is still alive. Our vet recommended that we put her down in March of this year. I did some research and gave this product a try. She is not at 100%, but she is at 90%. That is pretty good in less than 6 months.

Patti, Ohio


Follow Up on Improvement 

Our daughter rides this horse. She said for the first time since we have owned her she was able to breeze her through a pattern and then walk her through afterwards. Any other time she just would refuse or be a total spaz! She was so happy- both of them I’m sure! So definitely improving since being on the Vitamin E. Thank you for this great product!

Shelly, Ohio


One Month on Heiro & Health-E

Dear Dr. Reilly,
I have been remiss in updating you on the progress of our 21 year old Thoroughbred gelding, Adonis. He is doing so much better since I last contacted you by email on the 9th of April. He has been out with his friends full time and doing very well with just getting Prascend twice a day (one half tablet in the morning and one half at night). He’s getting about 3 scoops of Health-E along with one scoop of Heiro everyday. We’re also giving him some chasteberry. As a ration balancer, we’re using Triple Crown 30. We’re also using a prebiotic from Dynamite called Dyna-Pro.
We are feeding some straight alfalfa along with an orchard grass alfalfa mix and an orchard grass rye fescue mix of local grass hay. At this time there is green grass, however it will be drying up soon.
He still exhibits some of the stringhalty type of movement, however it is not much as a month ago and it is something that he has exhibited since we rescued him at 3 years of age when he was injured in a pasture accident, partially severing the deep flexor tendon in his right hind, along with damage to the suspensory ligament. He does not show this movement all the time, mostly when turning, I would say.
I have had to clip off some of the long coat, but he shed out a lot of it. He is looking and feeling way better. Thank you so much!

Anna – May 2018


Improvement in Control

Dr. Reilly:
I wrote to you about my mare with partial facial paralysis and took your advice about Vitamin E. I wanted you to know that she has been on the 11,600 dosage of Vitamin E that you suggested for nearly 2 weeks now and there is already a significant improvement in the control of her tongue.

Janie – via Email, August 2017


Thumping Has Receded

Dr. Reilly:
I am writing to thank you.  I have been a grateful customer for years with your fly spray, and have spread the word to everyone I know.  But recently my gratitude to you has taken a much greater form with Health-E!!!  For 3 years my mare has endured “thumping” in her flanks.  My Vet and my Equine Chiropractor could not address it.  In 5 days of feeding my mare Health-E, the “thumping” has receded to barely noticeable.  Plus her blue eyes have stopped tearing!!!!  Thank you for all you do.  The world is most definitely a better place because of you!!!

Sheree – Missouri, June 2017


Like They Never Had Problems

Dr. Reilly:
One horse had Stringhalt and the other Arthritis in the neck/Ataxia and diagnosed as a Wobbler.  I went on Health-E for the horses and it is like they never had the problems.  Thank you so much.

Dawn – Oregon, February 2017


Health-E for PSSM Mare
Dr. Reilly:
I’ve been using Health-E for my PSSM mare for several years now.  She’s been a drastically different horse since I found Health-E and summers are much more bearable for her now.  This is the best quality Vitamin E I’ve found and the company is always a pleasure to work with.

Alli – Ohio, December 2016


Great Product

This product has done wonders for my horse with Equine Motor Neuron Disease. Highly recommend.

Cindy, November 2016


Building Muscle

Dr. Reilly:
I purchased Health-E for my other horse, Roadster, who had EPM and a R-Hind upper suspensory injury.  All vets had written him off, but after my other guy with Laminitis pulled through with lots of TLC, we rebuilt Roadster from the ground up with a thoughtful re-hab program focused on balance and stabilization rather than fitness.  He is currently W/T/C after a year of rehab.  A more rigorous program is beginning.  He is building muscle and thought this would help.  No on other meds or supplements.

Virginia – Virginia, January 2016


Dr. Reilly:

The EPM horse is doing so well on Health-E that the rider has asked for us to cut back because the horse is feeling great!

Pat – Virginia


Everyone Noticed a Huge Difference:

Dr. Reilly:
I just have to tell you that the difference in my horse with this Health-E product is REMARKABLE. I contacted my vet 10 days after starting with this product and told him that Ringo was a different horse. He had gained weight, his muscling was better, and he looked and acted like an FEI dressage horse. His lateral work is vastly better and his energy is non-flagging. This has gotten better the longer that I have had him on the product. EVERYONE notices a huge difference. I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for helping my beautiful horse feel like a million bucks!!!!! It’s been a joy!

Melanie – Illinois



Dr. Reilly:
I e-mailed you some years ago about my FEI Dressage horse who has EPSM.  We switched to Health-E and he is doing GREAT.  It has made a huge difference for him.  Initially you sent me extra product and jacked up the dosage to get the needed amount into his system quickly.  He is about 16.3+hh Danish WB Gelding, 22 years old now.  His movement is terrific…pirouette, passage, piaffe could not be much better.

Melanie – Illinois – May 2015


Back Winning:
Dr. Reilly:
My horse was neurologic with EPM.  I put it on Health-E.  Not only did the horse recover from the EPM, but I took it to a cow show and won the competition.

Steve – Ohio


My Daughter Is Thrilled:
Dr. Reilly:
I bought your product at a Horse Show for a horse with Tie-up issues. Started Health-E and in 10 days or less had great improvement in the horse. It is like having a new horse. My daughter is thrilled.

Gary – Ohio


Goes Beautifully:

Dr. Reilly:
May I please re-order your Health-E that you recommended for my daughter’s PSSM pony? We tried a different Vitamin E supplement that we could get here locally, but my daughter’s pony started hopping again. Your Health-E is definitely what he needs, because he goes beautifully when he is on your Vitamin E. We tried to cut corners, but we learned a lesson. Thank you.

Joanna – South Carolina


No Longer Needs Tranquilized:

Dr. Reilly:
You suggested that I try Health-E on my Quarter Pony with PSSM and is also muscle bound and my Thoroughbred, as the pony and the horse were crampy when shod in hind. I put them on Health-E as directed for one month. The farrier was out last week and it was NOT necessary to give the pony Ace when working on his hind legs!! Both horses were more comfortable with the process. Your product is truly amazing!!

Laura – Maryland