My young mare became surly and territorial when anyone approached her stall. A friend recommended Happ-E-Mare. This product has made a huge difference in her behavior. It is now a permanent element of her diet.


Mare Has Been Transformed

My mare has been taking Happ-E-Mare for about one month and has been transformed from a very unhappy girl back into her mellow self.

Karen, New Jersey


Much Calmer Horse

We have seen amazing differences in just a few days and after two weeks still a much sweeter and calmer horse, almost appearing happier. Hoping this is working and not a down time of “mareness”.

Joan, 2019


Back to the Horse I Purchased

My horse, Toots, has responded very well to Happ-E-Mare. I am able to ride her with other horses not without her acting up. I put her back to work in the cutting pen, and she is back to being the horse I purchased. My other horse, Missy, is no longer as spookish. Missy has started to relax more, but is still a work in progress.

Linda, Oregon


Aggressive Behavior in My Gelding

I’ve been trying the Happ-E-Mare with my gelding, and while he is still a handful at times, the aggressive behavior has gone down as well as his obsession over a few horses’ manure. He also stopped getting wind puffs in the hind legs even on some very hot days. Overall, he is doing quite well with this supplement! I started with just 2 scoops and have got him down to one heaping scoop a day.

Catherine, Colorado


Vet Consultations

I really appreciated the on-line and on-phone consultations and answers to all of my many questions! Great products with good results. Thank You!

Missey, Texas


Loosening Up!

Happ-E Mare seems to have helped with the tight muscles, even when it rains and is colder. 

Victoria, Michigan


Totally Different Horse

Zoey continues to improve. She’s friendly, happy and isn’t bothered by hormones. It’s hard to believe that its the same horse. You have a very effective product! I’ll keep her on HAPP-E Mare as long as I have her.

Robyn, Colorado


Back to her Show Girl Ways

I’m so happy to be placing another order! My mare is so much better and happier in her work. I will tell you that on the loading dose, she went to a show and was able to perform well and consistently without any of the “in season” behaviors. After the show, which occurred during the loading dose period, we dropped her to once a day and her cranky behavior-which occurs when she is sore-returned. So we went back to twice a day, and now she is better again. She may just be a twice a day sort of mare. Either way, I am thrilled with how she is responding to the product. It makes her quality of life better, and that is truly what i wanted for her. Thank you!

Adrienne, North Carolina

Relief for Geldings

Zoey continues to do great! She is acting like a normal horse on Happ-E Mare. We have a gelding that was gelded late. He still has some stallion like behaviors at times. Tries to mount my mare when she’s in heat and sometimes strikes at other geldings. Do you think Happ-E Mare could benefit him? Thank you again for your help and the wonderful products you’ve developed.

Robyn, Colorado


Doing Well

I’m pleased to report that my mare is doing well on it! Thank you!

Joanne – Canada


Finally Acting Normal on Happ-E-Mare

I started Zoey (8 year old TB mare) twice a day on Happ-E-Mare on 4/3. It’s only been a week, but it’s working very, very well for her. I took her off Springtime’s Mare Moods right before I started Happ-E-Mare, no transition, but it didn’t seem to matter. Kendra said she noticed a difference in Zoey within a day or two of starting Happ-E-Mare. Zoey is way less distracted, and she doesn’t act like she’s in heat. She’s becoming friendly to people, and is letting me brush her without flinching, pawing and trying to walk away. Today I was able to brush her lower hind legs without her trying to kick me – yay! She had improved on Mare Moods, but nothing like the improvement I’m seeing with Happ-E-Mare. I’m not kidding, before both products, she seemed to be in a never-ending heat cycle. You couldn’t walk by her without her peeing, and she was doing that constantly in the gelding’s face. It was ridiculous. She would try to bite if you tried to pet her, she would paw the ground and she was always distracted. I really didn’t want to be around her and didn’t want to try riding her. Now that she’s on Happ-E-Mare, I feel like I have a horse I can start developing a relationship with.

We transitioned to 1 scoop a day and fingers crossed that it works as well as 2 scoops a day. I’ll let you know. I’ll be ordering more Happ-E-Mare in a couple weeks. I’m so grateful that you’ve developed this product.

Robyn – Colorado


Thank you so much

I got my mare back! Her mind and body were better within just 2 weeks. She isn’t nearly as muscle sore now and I can finally ride her again.

Denise – Michigan