Comfort Quik

Playboy: Week 10 of Trial

So tickled with Playboy’s improvements. He’s awfully close to having his lovely trot back. His gaits are becoming far more cadenced and he is less resistant to be asked to move forward.

Ariana, 2018

Donald: Week 7 of Trial

He is moving better. I can tell he has more flex in hocks when he lays down to roll. I just rode this morning and he’s moving nicely.

Lynn, 2018

Ari: Week 8 of Trial

The Friesian, who has the worst disease clinically is miraculously better...he actually pranced down a muddy hill a few days ago -- not only have I never in four years seen him prance, but I have never seen him move that fast going downhill.

Martha, 2018

Ari: Week 39 of Trial

After 2 days on the increased dose he is no longer lame. Seems to be what is needed for a stable level of comfort – he is still completely off the Equioxx – I just think the joint supplement is a far healthier solution long term.

Martha, 2018

Bailey: Week 4 of Trial

I am definitely seeing a difference in Bailey. He seems to be moving freer and faster. I have seen him loping in the fields and even saw him run at his very fast pace that he has.

Jan, 2018

Bailey: Week 12 of Trial

He is doing exceptionally good. He is trotting without a limp and also loping again. I rode him the other day and he handled it fine.

Jan, 2018

Morning Star: Week 4 of Trial

I have seen improvement in the degree of lameness, and her willingness to work in the last four weeks. The slight head bob you’d see has diminished. Where she was quite reluctant to trot previously, it is becoming less of a battle as she gets some comfort.

Sandy, 2018

Daisy: Week 4 of Trial

Mare is much better back on loading dose as you suggested. Happ E Mare supplement is also being given. Still has some stiffness in back end but is doing longer strides in front than before.

Victoria, 2018

Brisky: Week 20 of Trial

Brisky is doing so well, we are planning a very short ride to see how he does. His hinds are not showing any further deterioration and the front knee sore has stopped draining and seems to be much better. 

Janice, 2018

Brisky: Week 22 of Trial

He is very well. This morning he loped all the way from the south pasture to the north, about three acres. I think he would have kept going but he reached the end of the property. Absolutely no give at all on the right front! And the hinds just stay well.

Janice, 2018

Dorado: Week 40 of Trial

Since he has been on the joint supplement in addition to the HEIRO we have seen a marked change/improvement in his willingness to work, the speed at which he warms up, and the smoothness of his gait. He has also developed a much more relaxed and happy demeanor over the past months that I cannot imagine taking him off it!

Alison, 2017

Tonka: Week 4 of Trial

Tonka has been on the joint supplement almost a month now, and yes, I do note a difference. I have not noticed him stumbling at all. And this was kind of neat today. I don’t often see Tonka lie down and roll with abandon like the girls and the donkeys do. They come out of the barn, and roll like they are shaking off human cooties. Tonka - not so much. But today, he did too, and it looked like it felt SO good to him. And he got up like a 4-year-old instead of a 24-year-old.

Vicki, 2018

Blue: Week 22 of Trial

He regularly trots or canters up for meals now (never, before) and is enjoying weekly trail rides where he looks much more comfortable at the trot than before. Really enjoying his results.

Lisa, 2018

Jessie: Week 30 of Trial

Today Jessie is moving very easy. She chases me in the corral to get a belly rub. She looks forward to going out for a ride. She picks her feet up easily for cleaning. She is still a bit stiff in the early am (it is a bit chilly), but she suns herself a little and then is ready to go. Wonderful change!

Karen, 2018

Buzzy: Week 3 of Trial

He has been on the supplement for 2 or 3 weeks now and has shown some improvement with his general ability to train - does not stop as often and has more forward energy. Also is making progress with his right side stiffness.

Laura, 2018

Hadewich: Week 20 of Trial

This week I noticed Hadewich not only trotting out to the run after feeding, but cantering! This is rare and I hope this continues- she must be getting some relief at this point.

Deb, 2018

Dezi: Week 5 of Trial

Dezi continues to improve - is able to lope for a longer period of time now and at a nice controlled pace. Her flexibility is also improving.

El Phava Blue: Week 12 of Trial

Very happy with how she moves on the trail. I do not notice her being stiff when she first starts out. She looks like she has really benefited from the supplement.

Faith: Week 2 of Trial

Today is two weeks since Faith started on the Joint Supplement. She is moving easier, turning easier, and limping less. She throws her head up and down less as she moves.

Beth, 2018

Dorado Update

We continue to have tremendous success using the combination of HEIRO and your new joint supplement on our horses. Ranger and Dorado are shiny, healthy, have seen tremendous improvement in both their feet.

Allison, 2019

She is doing so much better using this product. I have been able to ride her more without feeling like I am causing her problems

Jan, 2019

Kaheel: Week 6 of Trial

Been on joint powder for 6 weeks and he’s doing great. Gets up and down better and is moving out more during exercise. Very pleased!

Megan, 2018

Valdez: Week 2 of Trial

Within days of all listed below, Valdez is a different horse, like new! Your joint supplement is working well. Valdez doesn’t seem to have any joint issues walking.

Gloria, 2018

Bito Update

Just to let you know Bito is moving evenly and I think better in the hind end. No signs of lameness. Over Cav and under saddle. All is lovely. I have my PSG horse back! 

PK, 2019

Dezi: Week 6 of Trial

She continues to maintain her upgraded abilities – can now lope ½ around the arena and is continuing to be much more flexible and less stiff. 

Laura, 2019

Brisky Update

He reared up on hind legs and did a 360 degree turn while he was up there, then took off at a dead run. I stood there with my mouth open! Seems fine! Joy, Joy, Joy!

Janice, 2019

Faith and Twila Updates

Faith is moving easier and I see her moving around the pasture more each day. Even bucking and kicking for fun on her own and she is liking to move faster. 

Twila is doing great. She is going back to the pony I used to have before the insulin problem jumped up. She is cantering with her trainer because she wants to. The trainer has to slow her down a little, isn’t asking her to do anything but trot. Twila feels great and wants to gallop occasionally. 

Beth, 2019

Montana Update

I have been using the supplement since 7/31. I worked an 11 day State Fair here in Wisconsin with 12 hour days. This is the 1st year he had NO stiffness or swelling. I feel the joint supplement has helped Montana.

Sadie: Week 7 of Trial

I am impressed with how she’s looking right now. She looks good, moves good and has her old sparkle back in her personality! If you were here…I’d hug you!!!!

Vickie, 2018

Bito Update

Just wanted to report my Schlesse saddle fitter was here and watched me ride. So impressed with the total soundness of my horse and how good his feet look. He feels fantastic. He is soooo shiny! 

PK, 2019

Moving around more not so stiff, his mental attitude seems much happier.

Liz, 2019

Wakanyan Update

She is doing so much better using this product. I have been able to ride her more without feeling like I am causing her problems. 

Jan, 2019

Summerhawk Update

My mare Summerhawk is still doing well. She is 32 and moves easily since being on this product. 

Wendy, 2019

Summerhawk Update

Summerhawk is still doing well. Other than the loose stools which are most likely from strongyles emerging, I have nothing new to report. She is still moving fluidly and seems pretty pain free. She isn’t quite as spry as when she was younger, but definitely improved from old age stiffness and the less willing to move around that was developing as she aged. Thank you for this trial.

Wendy, 2019

Very Pleased

My horse has been on your arthritis formula twice daily for three weeks. I can see a big improvement in the way he moves out. He is not tripping nearly as much. I am very pleased. 

Debbie, 2019

Updates on Ruby, Ducati, Custer

I am running low on joint powder again. I am happy to report that my mare Ruby recently won the whole 1D at a race. She ran a 16.7. The next fastest time was a 17.2. She won $3400 and a saddle. I am in the process of legging up Ducati. He was the reason I originally contacted you about the metabolic syndrome. He feels like a million dollars. I am also legging up Custer. He is a 6 yr old gelding that suffered a pelvic fracture in 2017. He feels great also. All of the crew is on the joint powder.  It seems to be working well.

Cheryl, 2019

Your products are amazing. They really do work.

Greg and Lisa, 2019

Goldie Update

My mare Goldie had been on Cosequin ASU+ for a couple of months.  She has now been on your joint supplement for approximately two weeks and she is still doing really well after the change from Cosequin.  I haven’t noticed any decline in her comfort level. 

Evon, 2019