Canker Free for 7 Months

I rescued a 20+ year old Belgian Draft Mule Mare from a slaughter auction, and was told that her feet were horrible....still, I was not prepared for what I was to see when she got off the trailer.  The vet came out the next day, and diagnosed her with very severe canker in all four feet.   The canker was so advanced, it had undermined her hoof integrity and portions of her hoof / heels were missing or attached only at the coronary band.  Looking at the bottom of her feet, one could not even determine that it was actually a horses foot as the canker had so badly invaded and disfigured it, and the tentacle like growths that protruded overtook the structure.  The smell was horrendous, and was nauseatingly evident from six feet away.

For seven months the vet came out, sedated, blocked, and debrided Molly's feet to no avail.  I searched for a better treatment, and we tried a series of different "traditional" and non-traditional recommendations, but nothing was even remotely successful.  The canker was winning the battle and things were getting very desperate.
Molly was down a lot, could barely walk,  and was incredibly sore from all of the previous debridement and the benzoyl peroxide that had burned sensitive tissues.  Other "remedies" we tried did nothing.   It was her heart and will for life that kept us going and we couldn't let her down.

I wish I had found Dr Reilly when Molly first arrived, but I thank God that we found him when we did.  I spoke with Dr Reilly, sent him X-rays, and was so very thankful that he was close enough to come see her.  He is an incredible person and veterinarian.  

We started Molly's treatment with the canker powder....within 3 days she was immediately more comfortable, and was standing and walking a bit better.   Her feet were starting to dry out, the exudate lessened, and the smell was subsiding.  We followed Dr Reilly's protocol and diligently wrapped her feet according to Dr Reilly's instruction.  Dr Reilly's Canker Powder is a complete formulation with a multimodal approach that attacks all aspects and potential causes of canker.   I am so very ecstatic to say that over the 30 day time frame, she continued to improve, and by the end of the treatment Molly's canker was completely gone.  She has been canker free for 7 months now and is happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

Dr Reilly saved Molly's life and words cannot express my gratitude for his expertise and knowledge in formulating such an outstanding product and protocol to successfully treat and beat such a horrid condition.  
I have pictures and documentation of Molly's triumph over canker...she is such a love and a joy, and because of Dr Reilly, she is enjoying life today....

Carolyn, Penn


In 3 Days Could See Improvement

Before we had the vet remove the canker, we did 3 days of canker powder and it helped so much.  All the stink was gone, the frog tissue was dry, the swollen tissues were reduced. Our Belgium mare could pick up her feet a lot easier which helped make packing the feet with canker powder easier.

Connie, Penn



Dr. Reilly got me in touch with Dave Giza and he came out to our farm (he drove 5 hours) and we knew we had somebody there that had the experience to make our Clydesdale better.

Tom, Virginia