Why Fall Is The Best Season For Trail Riding

Fall horse back riding

Autumn is a cozy season filled with scenic colors and the beginning of cooler weather. This is the perfect time to be going trail riding, and here’s why.


Woman horse back riding in the fall

Fewer Bugs

All summer long you and your horse have had to combat bugs. From the use of supplements to constant prevention, annoying summer flies and bugs have caused both you and your horse discomfort. When the weather starts to finally cool down in the fall, it's much more enjoyable to ride with one less thing to worry about. Not to mention your horse will feel much cooler and calm when the heat isn’t bothering them.


Fall trail

Trails Aren’t Crowded

After Labor Day, there is usually a large drop in crowds that go hiking and biking. This leaves room for you and your horse to have the space you need to enjoy your trail ride with little interruption. Even some of the most well-trained horses can get spooked by too many people being around at the wrong time. Due to the fall being hunting season, it's also important to take precautions of your surroundings. Remember to be visible and wear bright gear to ensure that you don’t have an unexpected startling. 


Fall scenery

Scenic Views

Trails in the fall express color like no other season. The beautiful hues and bright blue skies are a spectacular sight and should be taken advantage of before the winter creeps in. It's also likely that you'll see more animals out now because they are enjoying the less hot and less buggy weather as well. If you're riding in an area where there is water, the streams and rivers are beginning to be less harsh and easier for you and your horse to travel through.


Horse in the fall

Your Horse Is In Great Condition

From training all summer, your horse by the time the fall season comes around should be in great condition. Their hooves are likely to have slowed down on their growth as well, which makes riding much more comfortable for everyone. If your horse has begun to grow its winter coat, keep an eye out for this so that you don't overheat them with blankets. 


Woman horseback riding


Your horse will need some much-needed stress relief as competition season comes to a close. Riding without the stress of competition is the perfect activity to keep them moving but also carefree. Trail riding will also give them a change of scenery from the normal pasture and stable. If the trail you're riding on is hilly it can help your horse become more comfortable with maneuvering around obstacles which are a great trick to help condition when you're still having fun.

Trail riding is the type of horseback that is supposed to just be about fun and spending quality time with your horse. However, it’s always important to stay prepared for any trip with your horse. Make sure your trail riding kit is equipped with your horse’s essentials like snacks and water, and maybe even a raincoat just in case of the unexpected. Even though there are fewer bugs to worry about, definitely pack your RK Topical Spray just as an extra preventative. Overall, enjoy this ideal season to purely relax with your horse before the weather gets too cold and you have to take a lot more precautions to ensure the safety of both yourself and your equine friend.