The Joint Supplement your Horse Needs

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Is your horse struggling to move around? Is your horse older and in pain? You may want to consider purchasing Comfort Quik. Comfort Quik is an equine joint supplement with Epoxogen complex and has been proven to help numerous horses who have struggled with movement. There are 20 ingredients mixed together to create this cream. Below is more information on Comfort Quik. 

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Comfort Quik

When giving your horse Comfort Quik, you should expect to see results within 14-21 days. In comparison to other products, this is 3 times faster. This product has been used in over 60 horses in a 15-month span. If your horse is insulin resistant or has cushing, you can still safely give the horse Comfort Quik. There is no Yucca, Glucosamine, or chondroitin in Comfort Quik. Also, the product tested low in sugar and starch. Comfort Quik helps relieve other joint problems in the knees and ankles for horses as well. Your horse can be on other products such as Heiro and Thyro-L while using Comfort Quik. Also, you can still give your horse Adequan or Legend while on Comfort Quik; this product has shown that horses need fewer injections over time. 


Comfort Quik Hemp

Not only is there Comfort Quik, but there is the option to choose Comfort Quik Hemp as well. This product includes all of the same ingredients that Comfort Quik, but also has USDA certified organic Hemp seed oil and High protein Hemp powder. The Hemp seed oil and protein add nutrients into the horse’s system to provide comfort. Along with the Hemp, there are 3 Herbs included. They are cloves, cinnamon, and basil and each has cannabinoid receptors in them. 

Both the hemp seed oil and the hemp protein powder do not contain CBD or THC and have been USDA certified. If your horse is tested before a race, the test will come back clean. Illegal oils that should not be used in horse racing, USET shows, and NPRA rodeo events are full spectrum Hemp oil and Hemp extract oils; neither of these substances is put into the Comfort Quik or Comfort Quik Hemp products. This product can be given to your horse on the day of a race; it will not cause any problems in regard to performance. With Comfort Quik Hemp, your horse will be able to relax and their anxiety will decrease due to comfortability. Overall, this cream can help with Navicular problems, tendon/ligament problems, and ringbone problems. 


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What is in Comfort Quik 

This specific product is extremely special because it is the only horse supplement to do many things. First, it is the only supplement that contains herbs, vitamins, and hemp that is legal to race on. Next, it is ensured to have safe levels of sugar and starch; many other products or companies don’t test the exact levels. They are the only horse supplement that does not contain drugs, pesticides, or lead; if tested before a race, the horse’s results will come back clean. In the Comfort Quik Hemp, it is the only product that has micronized resveratrol, curcumin, boswellia with hemp, and the additional cannabinoid receptors. This helps relax the horse and relieve extreme joint pain. 

What is Not Included in Comfort Quik

There are various ingredients blended together in Comfort Quik, but there are a few items that you should know that are not included as well. First, there are no fillers; this means that there is no beetpulp, yeast, or artificial colors that go into the cream. Next, there are no grains. Grains like oats and corn have been known to bulk up different products for horses. These items can actually lead to foot issues and Insulin Resistance. Third, there is no Glucosamine and Yucca included; these two items are almost always added to joint products, but also can lead to an increase in foot issues. Lastly, no herbs, such as valerian or devils claw, that could potentially be illegal to race on are added. 

Cost and Size of Comfort Quik and Comfort Quik Hemp

There are three sizes to choose from in both the Comfort Quik and Comfort Quik Hemp. For either variation of the product, you can choose the 30, 60, or 180 serving. For Comfort Quik, the 30 serving is $52.50, the 60 serving is $88.80, and the 180 serving is $252.00. For Comfort Quik Hemp, the 30 serving is $44.50, the 60 serving is $94.20, and the 180 serving is $266.40. You have the option to choose a one-time purchase or you can subscribe. If you pick the subscription, you decide how often the product is shipped out to you. The subscription can be paused, edited, or canceled at any time. If you don’t like the product, there is a free 30-day money-back guarantee!

At Equine, this has been an extremely popular product to purchase. There is free shipping with any purchase over $120. Make sure to check out Comfort Quik