Summer Bucket List: 15 Things to do with your Horse


Woman horse back riding

With summer quickly approaching, many people are starting to formulate their summer bucket list. Are you looking for different activities to do with your horse this summer? Here are a few ideas to add to your summer bucket list!


1. Play Date

Summer is the perfect time to arrange a play date with your friends who own horses! Schedule a day and time that works well with each friend, invite them to your house, and have a fun itinerary planned. You could plan a picnic, a trail ride, or even a fun competition for everyone. Not only do you get to spend time with your friends, but the horses can bond as well.


Trail riding in mountains

2. Trail Ride

Trail Rides are a great opportunity for you and your horse to bond. Pick a trail that you haven’t ridden before; this will create a new experience and fond memory for both of you. Trails in the mountains have beautiful scenery and tremendous views.


3. Outdoor Picnic

Planning an outdoor picnic for you and your horse in the summer is another fun way to bond. Sit on your favorite blanket next to your horse, prepare a delicious meal for yourself, and enjoy each other’s company. Make sure to bring your horse’s favorite treats; some of these treats may include carrots, apples, celery, and sunflower seeds.Weekend Getaway

What better way to celebrate summer than with a weekend getaway with your favorite animal! Two different types of vacations that you may consider are a weekend in the mountains or a weekend at the beach. Either option would be relaxing, fun, and full of adventure. 


Horse back riding on the beach

4. Weekend Getaway

What better way to celebrate summer than with a weekend getaway with your favorite animal! Two different types of vacations that you may consider are a weekend in the mountains or a weekend at the beach. Either option would be relaxing, fun, and full of adventure.


5. Plan a Lesson

Whether or not you take weekly lessons, plan a lesson with your favorite trainer. Both you and your horse can work on perfecting different techniques or you may want to try to tackle something different. Talk to your trainer prior to lesson day about what your goals are. 


Woman petting horse

6. Photoshoot

A photoshoot with your horse is yet another fun activity to plan. Usually, the best lighting comes from the sunrise or right before the sunset. Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to capture spontaneous pictures. Plan out various poses, your outfit, and the location in which you want the photos shot. 


7. Volunteer at a Horse Camp

You can volunteer your time, experience, and your horse at a horse camp. Your horse can be extremely therapeutic for anyone who signs up for the camp; people may potentially ride your horse or pet your horse. Not only are you giving back to the community through service, but you get to see how your horse leaves a positive impact on anyone at the camp. 


Horse back rider and horse on obstacle course

8. Take your Horse to an Obstacle Course

A bucket list activity that would be adventurous for both you and your horse is to go to an obstacle course. If you don’t want to travel to an obstacle course, you can also make a fun course at your home. This is a fun, creative way for your horse to exercise and it can become competitive if you meet up with friends and their animals. 


9. Sunrise Ride

One of the most beautiful times of the day is when the sun starts to rise. Wake up early to go on a sunrise ride with your horse. This should be a peaceful way to start your day. Enjoy the scenery around you as the environment around you starts to light up.


Horse back rider and horse jumping in competition

10. Enter a Competition

Whether or not you and your horse have competed in competitions or not, you should sign up for one. There are local, state, and national competitions all across the country. A competition requires practice, improved technique, and hours of dedicated time. This could be a new way to bond and exercise with your horse.


11. Beach Trip

If you’ve never taken your horse to the beach, you should definitely consider making the trip. Before you decide to ride your horse, expose your horse to the beach and the ocean. You want to make sure your horse is comfortable with the shallow waves, the sand, and the people around you.


 Horse learning leg up trick

12. Teach your Horse a New Trick

Teaching your horse a new trick can be a wonderful bonding experience; you both have to communicate and understand each other. Tricks help to enhance a horse’s emotional control. Incentivize your horse with treats to focus on learning the new trick. Some tricks include leg up, bow, and back up. 


13. Free Lesson for a Friend

If you have a friend who wants to ride a horse, you should plan a day to show your friend how to ride your horse. You can go over basic tricks such as how to hold the reins, how to mount a horse, and how to direct the horse. Also, if you have multiple horses, you can both take a short ride around your field.


Person riding horse into a lake

14. Swimming Day

Summer weather can be sweltering at times so a swimming day would be great for both you and your horse. This is the perfect way to cool off. An area with calm, shallow water would be the best place to experience a swimming day. The horse can decide whether to walk around or swim in the water.


15. Wear a GoPro

Taking footage of you riding your horse should definitely be on your summer bucket list. If you have a GoPro, you can attach it to your chest or to your helmet. Different areas you may want to film in include on a trail or beach ride, during a competition, or when the sun is rising or setting. 

There are hundreds of different summer bucket list activities that you can complete with your horse. As you complete each activity on the list, make sure to cross it off!