Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment and why it’s needed

Vet hugging horse

Summer is a great season for numerous reasons, but can also be tough on your horse. Hot weather, an increase in flies and mosquitoes, and the dry ground can lead to common problems for your horse. One of the most common recurring allergies in the summer for horses is summer eczema. This can occur through biting insects, such as Culicoides, and the disease is also referred to as insect hypersensitivity. Prevalent symptoms that show up are pruritus followed by skin lesions and usually secondary infections. In severe cases, lesions may show up on larger portions of the horse’s body. There is no cure for summer eczema, but there are various ways to treat it to alleviate your horse’s uncomfortability. One way is to relieve allergic symptoms through medication. One particular medicine that is helpful is the Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment. Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment is four medications combined to create a soothing white, water-based cream. Below are a few reasons as to why it is needed and why you should purchase this particular product. 


Horse with summer sore

Treat Infected Skin

The Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment helps to treat infected skin. Infected skin is also known to be called summer sores; these specific sores cause an oozy, itchy skin condition on your horse. Summer sores occur from the larvae of an equine stomach worm, usually known as Habronema, or from flies. Some common symptoms include skin lesions, intense itching, and the formation of granulation tissue. The sores are found in any area of the body where wounds are present. You will know your horse has a summer sore based on the “greasy” appearance with blood-tinged fluid draining from the spots. The ointment should alleviate any pain from the infected horse’s skin.


Flies around horse's eye

Treat Raw Skin

Another way that the Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment can be used to treat raw skin. One of the main reasons why your horse may have raw skin is due to the increase in insects during the warmer months. The summer season also means an increase in flies. A prevalent skin condition that occurs during this season is sweet itch. The name comes from the concept of a horse eating too much sweet grass. This is an equine skin condition that causes irritation in the skin. Sweet itch occurs due to collected insect bites, allergic reactions, or infections. You may notice your horses rubbing or scratching at their skin. If you see hair loss on your horse’s back, tail, ears, or around the mane, you should start to use the Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment. It will help treat any skin areas that have been rubbed raw. 


An infection that horses tend to get in the summer is Conjunctivitis

Treat Swollen Skin

Swollen skin can occur in horses, especially in the summer season. One common infection that horses tend to get in the summer is Conjunctivitis. This is also known as pinkeye. This form of pink eye is due to swelling in the membranes around a horse’s eye. Trauma to the tissue opens the door for bacterial invasion. Since flies tend to get extremely close to the horse’s eye, the horse will combat by bringing its eye to its knee. Even though the fly leaves, the bacteria left is rubbed into the eyelid membranes. Some inherent symptoms are swollen eyelids that are also weepy or runny and that your horse won’t be sensitive to the daylight. Another way that swollen skin occurs is through sunburn; this happens through overexposure to UV radiation, just like humans. If your horse has lighter skin with little or no hair covering, you need to be more protective of your horse. You’ll recognize that your horse has sunburn if your horse’s skin is red, tender, or even swollen. Once those symptoms are detected, it is necessary to use Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment.  


Combats Bacterial infections 

The Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment can also be used to combat secondary bacterial infections. Horses are constantly exposed to bacteria and their immune systems try to combat off any disease. If a horse’s immune system starts to weaken or if they have been compromised with a virus, the horse has a higher chance of getting a bacterial infection. Some symptoms that occur with bacterial infections include digestive upset, coughing, a runny nose, a fever,, and lethargy. If you believe that your horse has a bacterial infection, it may be necessary to call your veterinarian. This is also a time when you can use the Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment to help alleviate any infection pain that is plaguing your horse. 

Not only does the ointment help treat skin issues and bacterial infections, but it is also a supplement to help maintain your horse’s health. If you are looking to purchase the Quadrabiotic Enzyme Ointment, we sell it and you can order it directly from our website. One container will help to treat one individual horse.