Need Help With Your Moody Mare?

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Don’t Blame Your Mare

Your horse may be acting up because their hormones are starting to fluctuate, which happens once springtime approaches. Estrogen and progesterone hormone levels fluctuate since horses are meant to mate at this time of year. Mares are seasonal breeders, so they are affected once the season changes from winter to spring. They sense it happening once the days stay lighter for longer. In the winter, they are not cycling, but they perceive the longer days, which initiates the active reproductive stage of the year. 


Some typical behavior from your mare may be showing signs of aggression, being anxious and vocal, unwilling to work, and experiencing sensitivity or pain around the flank. A way to improve your mare’s well-being is by giving them Happ-E-Mare. Happ-E-Mare will relax your horse and calm them down quickly. It will also relieve other symptoms such as stress, muscle soreness, difficulty riding, loss of focus, irritability, and colic-like signs. Happ-E-Mare is meant to relax your horse during their reproductive cycles and alleviate these symptoms. You will see results in just 14 days! It also contains nine balancing herbs and a high dose of vitamin E with natural minerals and has low sugar, starch, and fructose. 

Happ-E-Mare is certified free of herbicides, pesticides, lead, drugs, toxins, salmonella, listeria, and E. Coli. We offer a 60-day size on our website, with a 60-day refill as well. You can get both for the price of just $58.95. Plus, we provide free shipping for all orders over $120! Not sure if you’ll be satisfied with this product? Check out the 5-star reviews on the product page to see how our product has helped mares and their owners!


Do you have more questions about Happ-E-Mare? Learn more below:

Some people ask why Happ-E-Mare is a powder and not pellets. It contains the nine natural herbs that will be cooked away at a specific temperature if it is produced into pellets. We want to prevent the loss of potency in the herbs. As mentioned, the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School tests this product for many harmful ingredients, and at Midwest Labs, it was tested free of aflatoxins. This non-GMO, gluten-free product contains no added selenium and has special USDA-certified organic raspberry leaf. It tested low sugar and low carb with WSC = 2.3, ESC = 2.0, and Starch = .2. 


bay mare with a white stripe looking over a fence
FAQ page, we find it essential to explain the typical estrous cycle of a mare. You can read our descriptive answer to see if it helps you learn more about your mare. 


Some owners are curious about how a human’s cycle may differ from a mare's. Mares have cycles in estrous for their whole lives, so they do not go through menopause. Mares also do not menstruate; however, they can have symptoms of PMS. 

Another big question you may be asking yourself is, will my horse be able to compete? The answer is yes! The supplement has no prohibited herbs such as chamomile, vervain, hops, laurel, and lavender. Many other products on the market may contain these and must not be used 14 days before an event.

Geldings and stallions can use Happ-E-Mare, too! Not only will it help with their behavioral issues, but they can compete while taking it. Your Jenny (female donkey) could benefit from this supplement since they have the same reproductive cycle as mares. 

Happ-E-Mare should not be used if your horse or any animal is pregnant, breeding, or nursing.

Other Information and Advice

If your horse continues to have an issue with their mood and supplements don’t seem to work, it may be something else. There is the possibility of an ovarian or benign tumor that releases a mix of hormones. Your trusted vet will help you resolve the issue and figure it out quickly enough to relieve the horse's symptoms. 

Some holistic experts suggest giving your mare certain herbs and oils twice daily. From a behavior expert's standpoint, the home life of a mare should be chilled in hopes that it will shortly bring her back into her normal cycle. It is suggested to keep her away from males and stallions because it may make her even more irritable. Some riders should maintain common sense while riding their moody mare and realize that once the season starts, they should be cautious and vigilant of who is around them. 

Pay close attention to your mare’s symptoms and get her the help she needs. There is always a reason for a moody mare, and Equine Medical and Surgical Associates wants to help. We can assure you that our supplement, Happ-E-Mare, will assist in alleviating your mare’s symptoms. A happy mare makes a happy owner! Contact us here for more information about Equine Medical and Surgical Associates and our products. For more information on Happ-E-Mare, go to this link to read the rest of our FAQs!