National Day of the Horse: How to Celebrate Your Horse

White horse against a forest background running at a canter

On December 13th, we celebrate National Day of the Horse by being mindful of their contributions to the economy, history, and character of the United States! It is important to be aware of how much horses have influenced our country and recognize that they have had a remarkable effect on the advancement of our society. On November 18, 2004, the National Day of the Horse was first acknowledged. Horses have made the western cowboy, expanded hunting habits, were considered the primary mode of transportation, cleared forests for farmland, rounded up livestock on ranches, helped grow crops for early settlers, and more! Horses have even given $9.2 billion to the U.S. economy. Now, they are also seen as recreational and therapy animals that relieve anxiety and PTSD.

On this national day, we have a few ideas on how you can celebrate your horse. If you don’t own a horse, you can always find an equine therapy program where you can make a horse feel loved and appreciated! 

Spend Some Quality Time

We know you appreciate the time you spend with your horse, so they will also enjoy the extra time you spend with them. Taking more time to play or ride them is meaningful to both parties. Try doing different activities with your equine, such as riding a new trail or giving them a new toy. Feel free to stay out in the pasture a bit longer for them to run around more than usual. After a long day of playing, your horse will be ready to relax. 

Spa Day

Physical health is essential for your equine. Proper diet and exercise are imperative to maintain the health of your horse. Give your horse special treatment with a spa day to benefit their health even more! Let them relax while you give them an extra special grooming and bath. Give your horse’s coat a shine with products meant to smooth and soothe the skin. An excellent brushing afterward will top off this spa treatment. End it with one more treat. A homemade one!

Close-up image of a bay horse being groomed on its face relaxing with its eyes closed

Homemade Treats

Giving your horse treats to enjoy is one of the best parts of being a horse owner. Many horses can enjoy carrots and apples which can be made into homemade treats. Some horses with Insulin resistance can still enjoy treats. Healthy snacks for them include a hay cube cut in half to make 2 "cookies", peanuts in the shell from the grocery store that are boiled/salted, a ½ can of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filler), and a handful of sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. Spend a nice, long day with your horse which helps them and you physically and mentally!

Watch Movies and Read

You can watch a movie or documentary or read books about horses to learn more and celebrate! Watch horse-themed movies with a mix of classics and contemporary favorites, including Secretariat, Seabiscuit, War Horse, Dreamer, Black Beauty, and National Velvet. You can also find horses in documentaries like Equus: Story of the Horse. Some favorite novels and historical books about horses include National Velvet, The Red Pony, The Horse: in Human History, and The Horse: A Natural History. Enjoy!

Donate to Charity

There is a great need for donations at many horse rescues across the country. Donations pay for horses’ feed, medications, vet care, and more. Contributions to these places are always appreciated, and truly help our beloved equines. Plus, it’s always a bonus knowing you’ve made a difference!

Our Mission

Here at Equine Medical and Surgical Associates, our job is to help get your horse back to health so you can enjoy your special time together. Our veterinarian, Dr. Reilly, has 32 years of experience and is dedicated to helping educate the owner and helping your horse improve. He is readily available for you to contact with any questions! It is still requested to consult your barn veterinarian and farrier to ensure products are safe for your horse to use. On National Day of the Horse, let us help maintain your horse’s health by visiting our website, and remember to always appreciate them and practice some ways to celebrate! You can help spread the word and tell others to support equines by posting about it on social media and using the hashtag: #NationalDayoftheHorse!