Joint Problems in Horses

Horses need exercise, that’s a fact! Running, jumping, barrel racing, and dressage are all great exercises for your horse. Even if your horse is turned out all day long, it will still benefit from 15 - 30 minutes of exercise per day. Is your horse stabled? Then 30 minutes of movement per day should be your goal! While all this movement is definitely beneficial to your horse, over time wear and tear can take a toll on your horse's joints. The older your horse is, the more severe the damage to joints can become. 

Let’s take a look at what signs and symptoms that could indicate developing joint problems.

1. Subtle Changes in Personality

Has your horse's personality started to change? Let’s not forget, horses have bad days too! But, if you notice grumpiness or irritability, a more subdued or withdrawn temperament, or even aggression, it could be a sign that something’s wrong.

2. How About Limited Movement? When humans hurt they don’t feel like moving, and the same is true in horses. Showing resistance or reluctance to move as usual is your horse's way of telling you something's wrong.

3. Is Your Horse Laying Around More Than He Usually Does? If your horse is experiencing foot pain, you may see him spending more time off his feet and lying down. If the painful area is under more stress when he has to get up, then you may notice him not lying down as much.

All of these changes are very subtle and require an astute eye on behalf of the horse owner, you know your horse best!

4. Changes in Movement
horseOne thing that you may or may not notice is subtle changes in the way your horse moves: do you see a shortening of their stride? A hollowing of the back? Raising of the head? All of these are signs of a joint problem. Look for stiffness that goes away as your horse warms up, puffiness around a joint, and warmth or pain in the area of a joint. All of these are signs that your horse isn’t up to par and needs a better look.


5. Watch Your Horse Move

Watch your horse move. Does he look relaxed? Is he swinging freely through his back, shoulders, and haunches, and is he taking smooth, generous strides? Are his head and neck moving in rhythm with the walk? Are his ears pricked? Does he bend smoothly on the circle in both directions? Does he move the same in both directions? Observe the same things at the trot in both directions.

horseWhat to Do Next

Next, try with tack but no rider. Notice any changes? If the tack itself is bothering your horse, you may be able to see the difference in how nicely he moves with and without tack, especially if you're careful to tightly cinch the saddle. If you don’t notice any changes, take a look with a rider. Carrying a rider's weight can worsen a horse's lameness for several reasons: a saddle-fit problem may be made worse, more weight is put on the horse's front legs, the hind end has to work harder to move weight forward, and it's difficult for the horse to make subtle changes in how he carries his weight. Horses that move in a stiff, wooden way are uncomfortable somewhere.

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