How To Make Your Horse Stand Out This Show Season

Show season is underway! This is the time to showcase all of your hard work on the stadium field. Whether it is an open or an all-breed show, to stand out from the crowd, your horse will need some extra flair. Here are some tips guaranteed to keep you and your horse in the spotlight all show season long!

A Neat Braid Goes A Long Way At Shows!

Braiding goes a long way when it is done right, but it is very noticeable when done wrong. Opting for braids can change a regular horse into a show winning one, especially when professionally done. If you can, practice braiding your horse’s mane and tail until it is perfected. If you aren’t a braiding expert, however, some horse owners decide to hire a professional braider.

Bathe Your Horse – A Clean Horse Counts!

While you should always keep your horse clean, shows are the time to get them squeaky clean. It is important to regularly groom your show horse outside of the ring. The first tool of your daily grooming regiment should be a curry comb to remove the dirt and mud buildup on your horse. 

Make this and the subsequent bathing a daily routine to have your horse looking spotless on show day. Washing your horse is important, and there’s no better product than natural Map Shampoo to clean away the crust and bacterial debris that accumulates on your horse’s coat. In addition to bathing, you should also clip your horse to accentuate their features. Typical grooming includes trimming the whiskers and ears, back of the legs, and underneath the chin.

Always Make Sure You Have A Clean Show Pad.

Just like your horse, all of your equipment should be clean as well. Think of show pads as the outfit for your horse. They are available in many eye-catching patterns and solid colors but pick wisely. The pad should not be too garish or be mismatched with what you are wearing. While it is important to keep these pads clean, make sure your horse has trained with them before showtime to break it in and get your horse accustomed to its individual weight and texture. Don’t forget to wash it before show time.

Shine Those Boots And Clean Your Tack To Keep You And Your Horse In The Spotlight!

Think of many aspects of a horse show as a fashion show. Before the event, appearances are what differentiates horses and owners. Shine your boots and your horse’s shoes, or clean their hooves before the event. 

Aesthetics also matter when the judges look at your horse’s tack. Make sure the tack is clean, fitted, and the straps are neatly tucked into their keepers.

While the most important aspect of any horse show is your horse’s performance, it is also important to follow these tips. Appearances matter, as well as manners and decorum. Be on time, clean, and ready to win that first place! Shop our full line of products to keep your horse in tip-top shape!