How Comfort Quik Can Help Your Horse

Have you been noticing joint pain or discomfort in your equine? Equine Medical and Surgical Associates is here to help with our Comfort Quik supplement! Not only does it help relieve your horse's joint pain, but it also helps mild to advanced cartilage and bone problems, too. Comfort Quik will help your backyard or older horse move and feel better within a few weeks!

Joint Pain

It is essential to take your horse to your trusted veterinarian if you notice any symptoms of joint pain. Some symptoms include low energy levels, joint swelling, and joint stiffness when exercising. In addition to the swelling, you may notice joint inflammation, which may be warm to the touch. Your equine may experience a decreased appetite, unusual posture, and temperament changes. Once these symptoms are detected, they must be treated as soon as possible to prevent them from progressing. Maintaining hoof health, decreasing body weight, maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising daily are all actions that can be taken to limit joint pain. 

For more information regarding equine joint issues, you can read our previous blog to learn about joint disease, its symptoms, and how to prevent it. 

Why Comfort Quik?

Comfort Quik contains 20 ingredients, blended and tested in trials, that have been proven to provide relief. Ingredients include chia, ginger, magnolia, poplar, MSM, black pepper, pine, and curcumin.

Comfort Quik contains 20 ingredients, blended and tested in trials, that have been proven to provide relief. Ingredients include chia, ginger, magnolia, poplar, MSM, black pepper, pine, and curcumin. This supplement is drug, lead, and pesticide free. There is no soy, and it is non-GMO and gluten-free. Comfort Quik is the only horse joint supplement containing Epoxogen, a unique combination of an herbal extract, mineral, and vitamin. Epoxogen helps increase blood flow to your horse’s tissues to deliver oxygen and nutrients to remove inflammatory mediators. 

We also offer Comfort Quik Hemp, which contains all the great ingredients in Comfort Quik original, but also with USDA-certified organic Hemp seed oil and high protein Hemp powder, along with three cannabinoid receptor herbs (cloves, cinnamon, basil). This product is the only racing and showing approved horse joint product with Hemp, multiple herbs, multiple vitamins, multiple minerals, and Epoxogen added. Comfort Quik with Hemp-CBJ Complex is entirely safe for your horse. This product has no THC, CBD, or CBDa, so it will just relax your equine and make them comfortable. It also assists with navicular, tendon/ligament, and ringbone issues. If you have a racehorse or a showhorse, this product is not illegal to take. We have seen horses compete, win, and test for it after the competition with completely clean results. They can even take it the morning of the competition and compete that day!

At Equine Medical and Surgical Associates, we emphasize that we have no yucca or glucosamine in our Comfort Quik supplement. Yucca is a common horse joint supplement in about ⅓ of all products on the market. It should be avoided because it has been shown to raise insulin levels and increase insulin resistance. Horses that are insulin and Cushings-resistant need to be aware of this herb and stay away from it. Glucosamine is similar to yucca because it increases insulin resistance and has been linked to breathing problems. Horses with asthma and COPD should not take any supplements with glucosamine. It has also been shown that it is of no value for joint issues. You can learn more on our website


When ordering Comfort Quik, we have 30, 60, and 180 serving size options.

When ordering Comfort Quik, we have 30, 60, and 180 serving size options. For horses with advanced to severe joint pain, it is recommended to buy the 60-serving size. You can make a one-time purchase or subscribe, where we will send you your preferred amount each week, month, or year. We also provide free shipping for orders over $120! We have a free 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


You will begin to see results in about 14-21 days with Comfort Quik, which is three times faster than most joint products! In other products, it takes 60-90 to start seeing results. Comfort Quik is safe to use with joint injections and can be used safely before, during, or after them. Are you thinking about purchasing? Read reviews from real customers who have seen the positive effects of Comfort Quik on their equine! 

Sadie was on week seven of her trial and was showing a lot of improvement! Her owner, Vickie, said, “I am impressed with how she’s looking right now. She looks good, moves good and has her old sparkle back in her personality! If you were here…I’d hug you!!!!” 

Another customer explains how their horse, now 25, feels young again! “I have to say that I have tried most of the Senior supplements out there and this product Comfort Quick has been a game changer for my 25 year old dunn Gelding Buddy. After a deep flexor tendon tear two years ago I thought that his life was going to be painful to watch. Not just two months ago I was talking to my vet about euthanasia. But now WOW he is feisty, and large and in charge. He is back to bossing the girls around and has a kick in his step. Thank you for your products and will keep him on it as long as he is with me.”

Feel free to check out plenty more reviews on our website for yourself!

At Equine Medical and Surgical Associates, we understand your time is valuable. We will call you back quickly and email responses immediately because we know you need the information to help your horse! Dr. Reilly has worked on world-record race horses, show hunters and jumpers, backyard pleasure horses/ponies, and even donkeys. You can contact Dr. Reilly about Comfort Quik and the rest of our products by going to the contact us section. We also have an FAQ page where you can discover more information.