Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cue the Christmas music and bring out the decorations because Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping for any horse lover in your life does not have to be hard, especially when you can get owners exactly what they need to keep their horses warm, safe, and secure this winter season. Even the smallest gesture will show your horse how much you love them to end the year on a perfect note. Keep reading to hear our gift guide for horse lovers! 


Customized products with pictures of the horse
Have you ever wanted a large painting of your horse so you can show them off in all their glory? One great gift idea for a horse lover in your life can be to put their horse on a variety of different everyday items! Consider a customized mug or cup with a picture of the horse that they can enjoy their morning coffee in. You can also find a shop that will take a picture of the horse and make it into a painting to hang in a home or barn. Your horse can be displayed on almost anything nowadays, including tote bags, t-shirts, plaques, door signs, door mats, and more. Get the horse owner in your life a token of their horse that they will cherish forever!

Blankets and shoes
As we get deeper into the cold winter months, horse owners may be concerned about the well being of their horse. Horse blankets are a great gift to keep horses warm in their barn and in the pasture. There are many different kinds of blankets with various weights, so be sure to check with the horse owner about how much weight is appropriate for their horse. These blankets are meant to make them feel secure and warm, not to put extra stress on their muscles. If your horse has sensitive feet or you feel like the ground is going to be too hard or cold, consider getting them horseshoes! Adding this extra layer of comfort and protection will make your horse more comfortable to get the movement they need, despite the cold! 

New shampoo or new cleansing products
One of the best feelings in the world is being clean and your horse feels the same way! Give horse lovers new shampoo or bathing products that they can use to keep their horse feeling fresh. Did you know that horses need baths 2-3 times a week? Gifting a bottle of shampoo will ensure that horse lovers have enough supplies to satisfy their horse. If you notice crusts or bacterial debris on the surface of your horse's skin, then you will want a shampoo that can cleanse and heal the area. Equine Medical offers the Map Skin Shampoo, which works as a great gift! This shampoo is all natural, and even contains enough product to bathe your horse for several months!


Clean up the barn space
Another great gift is something that you may not always think of, but can be an extra gesture to keep your horse feeling secure for the winter season. Take some time to really deep clean your horse's barn space. This could be in their stall, in the hallways of the barn, or the outside! A clean space will leave your horse feeling comforted and not overwhelmed by possible hay or dirt accumulation. Your horse is going to be spending a lot of time in their barn during the upcoming months, so keeping it clean and making it feel like home will make this time enjoyable for both you and them!

These are just a few gift ideas for horse lovers and their horses this holiday season. However, one of the most important gifts that you can give to your horse is the gift of health. If you are noticing health problems starting to develop, it is important to get your horse checked out and treated as soon as possible. Your horse will thank you for taking care of their health as they continue to live out their days in your loving care. If you're looking for a consultation with an equine medical expert, contact our very own Dr. Reilly to take care of that for you.