Fall Checklist for Your Equine

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Time is ticking, and the seasons are changing; hello, fall! You and your horse are ready to leave the heat behind and settle into the cool air that autumn brings. Even though life slows down, it doesn’t mean you and your horse have to. You both can make the most out of the season with the help of a fall checklist! Check out these great ideas you can incorporate into your horse’s life while enjoying what autumn has to offer. 

1. Fall Photoshoot? Smile!

Greenery is slowly fading into bright, bold orange, yellow, and red. It’s a perfect time of the year for a photoshoot! Set up a tripod (or a stack of books) and set your camera up to take aesthetic photos with your horse. Look around to find the best backgrounds for your pictures and get creative with different angles. If you're really feeling the pumpkin spice season, try incorporating props in your photoshoots, like pumpkins, a warm fuzzy blanket, or the colorful leaves from the ground. After you and your horse pose for the camera, you can add trendy filters to your photos to make them look professionally taken. No one would ever know you did it all by yourself!

2. Find a trail near you and explore with your horse 

Autumn's scenery is like no other, so it is just the right time of the year to find a trail for you and your horse to explore. Whether you are surrounded by forest trails or sandy beaches, take the opportunity to find trails you and your horse can enjoy. Not only is trail riding an excellent way to see the fall foliage, but it is also beneficial to your horse. Trail riding can increase your horse’s balance and reduce stress. Both you and your horse can enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting fresh, natural air. 

3. D.I.Y a spooky costume for your horse

Halloween is a highlight of the fall season. Whether you like spooks or friendly scares, you can celebrate Halloween with your horse by making a fun costume for both of you! You can always order a costume already made, but if you're feeling creative, take a trip to the fabric store and make your own festive costume for the holiday. Are you feeling confident with your costume? Enter your horse in a Halloween costume contest. Compete with others and show off your creative costume skills in competition style. May the best horse win!

4. Make your horse tasty fall treats 

Pumpkin pie, oh my! Fall is filled with tasty foods for not only humans but horses too! Spend some time in the kitchen preparing delicious treats your horse can enjoy. Some fall-friendly treats you can whip up include pumpkin cubes, pumpkin cinnamon cookies, and pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Horse-friendly fruits like apples, carrots, and pears can be paired with a pumpkin for an autumn treat. Not only are these goodies easy to make, but they include clean ingredients for your horse to enjoy during the season.

5. Decorate with your horse

Time to decorate! Get creative with all sorts of fall crafts that can be used as decorations for your horse’s stable. Take a trip to your local craft store and begin! Some festive decoration ideas to spice up your horse's space are listed below.

  1. Custom fall nameplate for your horse
  2. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!
  3. A colorful fall leaf wreath 
  4. Hay bales 
  5. Mums 

Make your horse’s home pop with color to celebrate the time of the year. Are you not feeling up to the creativity? You can always find decorations already made on marketplaces like Etsy that are just as tasteful. If you need more inspiration for decorations that you can make for your horse, Pinterest is a great place to explore. Have fun and show off all your tricks; it’ll be a real treat for your horse!

Now that you have your fall checklist, it’s time to start creating beautiful fall memories with your horse. Enjoy the season filled with spooks and pumpkin spice! And don’t forget, the fall season is always a lovely time to make a trip to Ryerss. For more information on your visit, head to our website!

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