Enjoy Winter with Your Equine

Winter is in full swing! Instead of staying indoors, brave the cold, play in the snow, and get moving with your equine. The winter months can sometimes feel monotonous, but if you are trying to think of ideas to get active with your equine and spend some time with them, look no further! Here are five fun activities that you can do to enjoy winter with your horse. 

New Tricks

draught horses in the snow leading a sleigh

There are endless new tricks you can spend time discovering with your horse. You can teach them to kiss, bow, fetch, come, head down, stand/wait, and even smile. There are a few benefits to introducing a new trick. Your horse will maintain their flexibility and improve their circulation, and these maneuvers will keep them entertained and even build your relationship with them.

Clicker training may work the best, but treats and praise may help your horse learn those new tricks in no time! Be patient and consistent, and train in short increments to keep you and your horse from getting frustrated or bored. 

Head Outside for a Walk or Ride

On those cold winter days when snow is on the ground, bundle up and go for a sleigh ride! It is a great way to bring the family together while getting your horse out of the barn and staying active. Suppose your horse does not know how; start the training process by working in some long lining. Start slow and pull an empty sled first to prevent anyone from getting harmed. After your horse gets the hang of it, add a person on and enjoy the ride!

You could always take your equine for a nice walk to get them outside and get their legs moving. It is essential to keep them active and give them attention during the winter. However, ice and snow can be dangerous, so be aware of your terrain. Walking through snow or dragging a sleigh will tire your horse out more. It might be best to put a time limit on those adventures until your horse is used to the conditions. Otherwise, your horse will be happy walking and playing in the snow with you!


comfort quik equine medical and surgical associates

Spa day! Give your horse a massage or other services to maintain their health during the harsh and cold winter weather. Massages can ease your equine’s stiffness or muscle soreness and increase blood flow. Some basic massage techniques that can be practiced are compressions, vertical strokes, and effleurage.

An acupressure appointment or chiropractic session are also good relaxing ideas for your equine! Acupressure will help your horse maintain energy during the season, and a chiropractic session will relieve stiff muscles and joints and keep those problems from recurring. Make your appointment today with a specialist or take it into your own hands and massage those stiff muscles. Your equine will thank you!

Equine Medical and Surgical Associates can help your horse move better and more comfortably with Comfort Quik! This supplement will give your equine joint relief in just a few short weeks. It especially helps backyard horses and older horses move better. We even offer a free 30-day money-back guarantee – so give it a try!

black horse in the snow with driving gear on


Say cheese! Take some photos of you and your equine with a beautiful wintery background. Have a friend or family member take some shots of you and your horse riding to help you evaluate your skills and see what you can do to improve. Not only will you improve your talents, but you will end up having beautiful pictures of you and your equine together. Those pictures can help you fix your posture on the saddle, whether you’re using your phone or a camera. Don’t forget to smile!

Ground Manners

Brushing up on your horses’ basic skills and commands isn't a bad idea. Some ground manners you may want to practice include backing, leading, standing quietly while tied, and touching different body parts like the ears. Once you do these basic skills and run over what your horse knows, assess any problems they might have. Use those problems to set goals for Spring that you and your horse can accomplish. It shouldn’t be a stressful time; it should be an opportunity to enjoy the company of your special friend!

There is no better way to care for your horse than to keep them in the best health possible. If you notice any health issues with your horse while enjoying the winter months together, visit our website and check out our available supplements. We also offer complimentary consultations to help identify the best supplements for your equine. Enjoy these five winter activities with your four-legged friend, and stay safe and warm in the cold!