Activities To Do With Your Horse This Summer

The summer season provides many opportunities for training, riding, and bonding with your horse! New activities will keep your horse physically and mentally stimulated, all of which can improve intelligence, cure boredom, and reduce anxiety. Spending time with your equine will strengthen your bond and help you accomplish new challenges. Read on to learn about some of the best horse activities for the summer season! 

Picnic With Your Horse

Pack a lunch and head out on a trail or even a favorite spot on the farm to spend quality time with your horse. Some horse owners may live on small properties or in the city where they only have arena access, so be adventurous! Don’t forget to bring your equine a snack too! Almost any fruits and vegetables are safe treats for healthy horses. Apples and carrots are favorites, but other great choices are raisins, grapes, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe or other melons, celery, pumpkin, and snow peas. Of course, a few sugar cubes or peppermint candies won’t hurt either.

Book a Photoshoot

Create some lasting memories with your horse by having your friendship captured on camera! Whether you hire a professional or use your own electronic device, there’s nothing better than a photo of your beautiful equine. Prepare your horse for the photoshoot by washing or grooming its body, mane, and tail. If you are planning pictures for you and your horse, you can also wear coordinating outfits to look cohesive! Patience is critical when photographing your equine. Watch closely until your horse model offers a pose to get the perfect shot!

Take Your Horse Swimming

The best way to cool off on a hot summer day is a quick dip in a local pond or stream. This is a must-do activity for you and your equine this summer! It will cool them off on sweltering days and provide the perfect bonding experience. However, be cautious when taking your horse for a swim. It is important to remember that some horses do not like swimming. Whether they are afraid of the water or not in the mood, knowing your horse’s temperament around water is the first step to deciding whether you should take your horse for a swim. Another important reminder is the possibility of encountering various health issues while swimming. For example, exhaustion or panic attacks can occur, so carefully decide if swimming is a good summer activity for your horse.

A Horse Spa Day

Spoil your horse with a pampering session in the sunshine to get them shining mane-to-tail! Baths are a great way to spend time with your horse and make them look and feel amazing. Start by rinsing their legs and moving up the body in small increments. Using a sponge around your horse’s face will make the experience much more comfortable for them. Next, use shampoo and work it into your horse’s wet coat. Using rubber grooming gloves can make the experience even more relaxing for your horse. Next, take both hands and rub in a massaging motion and check for any new bumps or lumps that may have been hiding in the dry, fluffy hair coat. Don’t forget to scratch his favorite itchy spots as you go!

Set a Goal this Summer

Everyone loves a good challenge! The summer season provides three months of warmer temperatures and extended daylight hours to set a training goal with your horse. It is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Find a schooling show with an in-hand class or two if it is your first time showing. Seasoned competitors can offer their horses something they don’t usually compete in. For example, if you rein, try English or vice versa. What’s most important is spending time with your horse!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to bond with your horse and have fun doing it! Participate in these activities to keep yourself, and your horse occupied during the upcoming summer months. For horse owners, summer can be the most eagerly anticipated opportunity to spend more time riding, competing, and enjoying your equine. Use this list to make a plan of everything you’d love to do with your horse this summer and add it to your bucket list!