5 End of Summer Activities That You and Your Horse Can Enjoy

Girl riding horse

As summer is nearing its end, take advantage of the last warm weeks that you have and enjoy some of these fun activities with your horse while you still can. Here are some of our personal favorite favorites!


woman swimming with horse

1. Take Your Horse Swimming 

There are very few activities that are as satisfying as cooling off in the water during a hot summer day. If you happen to live near a lake, pond, or even a beach and it is a safe and legal space to bring your horse, make use of the opportunity! When going swimming with your horse, it’s better to ride bareback to avoid any tack or saddle damage. It’s also a good idea to invest in some rubber reins if you don’t have them already. Rubber reins are durable and the cost is very wallet friendly. These kinds of reins provide grip in any weather condition and are a useful tool to add in your tack box to always be prepared. 


Woman riding horse

2. Instead of Training, Have A Gymkhana Event 

Gymkhana is a fun event that entails races and other competitions for horse riders of all skill levels. Some ideas for your gymkhana can be playing red light, green light, follow the leader, or having an egg and spoon race. A lot of these relay races require little to no set-up and very few materials. Here are some more great ideas for mounted horse games.

All of these games can be played in different variations and skill levels, so don’t be afraid to make up your own game or rules along the way! A gymkhana is meant to be enjoyed by both the rider and the horse. Be sure to have treats and prizes on hand for your horse.


Spraying horse with hose

3. Pamper Your Horse With Essential Oils

Give your horse a full day of pampering to soothe their sore muscles. Hot and sunny days are the best for riding, but they can also drain your horse's energy. Pamper your horse with a nice and long wash and massage. You can use essential oils to help reduce stiffness while also making them smell beautiful. Basil is a good essential oil to use for insect repellent and muscle spasms. Ginger can be used for supporting circulation and it smells incredible. Lavender is another essential oil that is very popular because it calms your horses anxiety and nerves, which is perfect for a well-needed day of rest. Most horses absolutely love essential oils!


Horse popsicle

4. DIY Popsicles

Who doesn’t love a delicious frozen popsicle in the midst of a heat wave? Popsicles are the treat to keep your horse extra hydrated. Fill them with healthy fruits and veggies like celery, apple peels, watermelon rinds, and lettuce. Stay far away from poisonous veggies like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers. You can use apple juice, gatorade, or even just plain water as your liquid fillings. The best molds for your refreshing popsicle are baking pans that have a whole in the center suitable for threading string through. Bundt pans are perfect!


four horseback riders

5. Take a Leisure Walk

There’s nothing better than having a nice summer trail ride with your equine best friend. Take a break from ring work and schooling and just enjoy some leisure time during the good weather. Don’t forget to spray your horse with our RK Topical Spray before you venture out! The season for Summer Eczema is between April and October and there are still little gnats and mosquitoes outside that can be harmful to your horses health. 

There should always be a balance between hard work and having fun when you’re a horse owner. Try not to overlook fun opportunities where you and your horse can enjoy good weather together! For more about Equine Medical and Surgical Associates’ products and health tips, check out our website here.


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