5 Different Types of Horses

With over 300 breeds of horses, it can be overwhelming to try to understand the different kinds of horses and their purposes. What many people don’t know is that there are 5 main classes which all breeds fall under; draft, light, gaited, warm-blooded and pony types. Each class has its own physical traits and specialties. 

Type #1: Draft Horses

Draft horses are typically tall, strong and heavy horses. On average they weigh over 1,600 pounds and are 64 inches. They were bred to pull and carry heavy loads, as they can pull twice their weight. Historically they were used for many things ranging from farm work to carrying soldiers in battles. These horses are usually even-tempered and level headed. They are labeled cold-blooded as they are large, strong horses made for working, paired with a calm temperament. Examples of a draft horse include Clydesdale, Breton, Shire, and Boulonnais. 

Type #2: Light Types 

Light horses are more diverse and often vary in height, weight, build and color. They all share that they were bred for speed, agility, endurance, and riding. Used for every type of riding, these horses were bred to be under the saddle of a rider. These horses fall under the category of horse as they have high energy, are easily excited and fleet-footed. Examples of light typed horses include Hanoverian, Friesian, Paso Fino, and Lusitano 

Type #3: Gaited Types 

These horses are similar to light types in the sense that they were bred for riding, but different because they were meant for a smoother ride. They are capable of gaits such as the running walk, foxtrot and more. Historically these horses were made for “gentlemen” such as Generals, officers, and men that were wealthy. Examples of this breed include Icelandic, Campiero, and Campolina. 

Type #4: Warm Blood Types

Warm-blooded types are usually tall, strong and athletic horses. They’re known as a middleweight horse and are called warm-blooded because they are a combination of both hot and cold-blooded horses. They have sensible attitudes with high energy. This high energy is perfect for dressage, jumping harness and equestrian Olympic sports. Examples of warm blood types include Dutch, Hanovarian, and Swedish. 

Type #5: Pony Types

Pony type horses are quite smaller than the rest- hence the name! They usually measure less than 5 feet in height due to their shorter legs. There are over 100 breeds of pony that were bred to pull, pack, harness, ride, jump and more. Ponies are widely popular for sports and recreation, especially for children due to their small size. Examples of ponies include American Miniature, Hacknet, and Gypsy. 

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