5 Activities To Do With Your Horse This Winter

With the cold and snow of the winter months, a horse owner may find it hard to maintain a healthy and balanced amount of fun and exercise with their four-legged friends. Horses experience their own daunting problems during the winter months, such as Laminitis, joint stiffness and pain, and seasonal respiratory problems. To keep your horse active, warm, and happy during the winter months, check out these fun activities you can do with them.

Sleigh Rides

Nothing says winter more than a sleigh ride. Bundle up with your partner and enjoy a serene ride through the snow covered pines, or take a or bring the family along. It will be sure to leave lasting memories. Bonus points for singing, “Dashing through the Snow.”

When increasing the cardiovascular activity of your horses, it is important not to neglect their respiratory health, especially in the cold of winter. If your horse experiences trouble breathing, chronic discharge, or chronic lung infections, they can benefit from the natural herbs found in Heave-Ho, which use phytonutrients, immune modulators, and adaptogens to reduce breathing issues. Click here to learn about how Heave-Ho can help with your horse’s respiratory system.

Snow Angels

Kids love playing in the snow, whether it’s having snowball fights or making snow angels. But did you know that horses share the same enthusiasm for rolling around in the freshly fallen flakes? The finished product is not always picturesque, but your horse will love it, and look pretty funny in the process!

Trail Rides

Trail rides are the perfect winter activity to keep your horse in shape. Local horse trails provide a different terrain for your horse to gallop freely and look beautiful after a fresh snowfall. Be sure to warm-up before a ride, too. About 10 to 20 minutes or stretching, walking, and trotting in a circle should help your horse with joint stiffness. It is also important to consistently protect against fall and winter Laminitis, which can be triggered by the cold weather and Vitamin E deficiencies from lack of fresh forage. Laminitis will affect your horse’s ability to walk and run, so be sure to continue to administer Heiro Insulin Resistance to your horse. Click here for more information on Laminitis and how Heiro can help with it.


Skijoring comes from the Norwegian tradition of ski driving, and is one of the most exciting and active activities you can do with your horse. While dogs are commonly used, your equestrian friends can add a little horsepower (no pun intended) to this fun winter sport. Skijoring was introduced in Stockholm at the Nordic Games of 1901, and was almost considered for inclusion at the Winter Olympics in 1976. While it didn’t make the cut, it is still widely practiced around the world. To participate, simply place a skijoring harness on, grab some skis, and attach yourself to your horse. A rider directs the horse through an open area, such as a field or wide trail, and the skier can change their direction with their skis and feet.


With all of the exercise your horse gets, coupled with the cold temperatures, joint pain, and muscle soreness can cause lasting pain in your horses. Consider alleviating this pain with equine massages. Taking an equine massage course can teach you the basics of this horse care routine, and massaging properly can increase the bond between you and your horse. A horse’s body heat will keep you warm as you rub them, and helps warm them up as well.

If your horse experiences joint stiffness or noticeable pain when moving, they can benefit from increased dietary intake of Vitamin E. Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant for your horse and has numerous other health benefits, from alleviating eye disorders, liver problems, and muscle and joint soreness to helping dry and damaged coats. In the winter, it is increasingly hard to include Vitamin E in a horse’s diet, due to the lack of fresh grass. Health-E provides the lacking Vitamins essential to your horse’s diet, and is the most tested, reliable, and highest potency supplement in the USA. 

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