4 Spring Activities for You and Your Horse

Woman and horse during springtime

Do you own a horse? Is spring your favorite season? If so, you are most likely trying to figure out what types of activities to do with your horse. Spring is right around the corner! We have a few ideas for activities that you can complete with your horse during this warmer season.


Woman horseback riding in spring field

1. Spring Trail Ride

Spring is the perfect time to go outside and get some fresh air. One fun activity to do with your horse is to go for a spring trail ride! This is a great way for both you and your horse to exercise. Not only can you exercise, but you both can enjoy the view. As you stroll, notice the environmental transition from winter to spring. Look at all the beautiful, blooming flowers, the birds chirping, and the returning leaves forming on the trees. Plus, the warmer weather will allow for a more comfortable, relaxing ride. Our recommendation is to take a stroll in the early morning when the sun is rising or right as the sun is setting. 

Do you have friends that own horses? If so, you should plan a trail ride together! You’ll be able to take in the beautiful scenery with your friend and both of your horses. We highly recommend looking into trails that include a waterfall, creek, or even a lake. Allowing the horse to walk into a shallow creek will add a new element of fun for both of you. Wherever you decide to go, make sure you check if the location charges a fee for using the trail, what type of riding experience is needed, and to see how far the trail runs. You, your friend, and the horses can all take a lunch break by the creek to embrace nature in a new location.


Woman and a white horse

2. Photoshoot

What better way to celebrate spring than to schedule a photo shoot with your favorite animal, your horse! There are multiple locations that you could take your horse for this activity. You could go to a field where flowers have bloomed or are in the midst of blooming, go into the woods, or even take pictures at the barn! Have a friend or a family member take the pictures for you; either a professional camera or a phone camera will work. If you can’t find someone to take the pictures for you, use the timer camera mode on your phone. Make your photoshoot creative by incorporating different angles as well as action shots. We highly recommend taking photos early in the morning or right before the sun goes down for quality lighting. Remember, both of your personalities will shine through when the photographs are captured!


Woman brushing a horse

3. Spring Cleaning 

Everyone always talks about how important spring cleaning is. This could be a special time to clean your horse or the barn! First, start by cleaning your horse’s stable. You can use soap and water to scrub the entire stall to ensure a hygienically clean and healthy environment for your horse. Once that is finished, it’s time to clean and groom your horse! Make sure that your horse is properly secured. Then, use the curry comb to disband the dirt, a hard brush to remove the dirt, and a soft brush to groom your horse. Also, make sure to clean the hooves with a hoof pick. It is also important to clean your horse’s tail. When cleaning your horse’s tail, grab a bucket of water and shampoo. You should wet the tail, put shampoo in your hands, and manually massage the hair. Make sure to start from the top and work your way to the bottom of the tail. You can browse all of our favorite horse care products and supplements here.


Horseback rider and instructor

4. Riding Lessons

No matter how experienced you are in riding your horse, it is always beneficial to take more riding lessons! It is yet another way that you and your horse can bond! Maybe there are new tricks you want your horse to learn or you want to perfect certain moves. An expert instructor will be able to help you improve. A few beginner skills are to learn how to lead the horse properly, learn how to saddle the horse properly, and to maintain speed at trot using your body. A few intermediate skills are to pick up and hold the reins, do a serpentine while you are at the trot, and master how to canter. For more advanced riders, try to focus on learning how to ride with your full bridle, backing up your horse properly, and performing changing diagonals. Master-level riders can work on being able to perform a change of leads in a straight line, master small jumps, and being able to speed at canter using your body. Hopefully, these tips will be useful depending on how much experience you have with horses and in particular, with your horse. 

Spring truly is such an amazing season to spend quality time with your horse. The warm weather invigorates individuals to plan fun activities and to spend more time outdoors. Whether you want to plan a spring trail ride or take your riding lessons with your horse outdoors, make sure to incorporate one or more of these activities into your schedule!