Horse Diabetes

Does My Horse Have Horse Diabetes?

No.  Horses do not get Diabetes like people.

Equine Insulin Resistance is mistakenly called Horse Diabetes, Horse Pre-Diabetes, Horse Early Stage Diabetes, or Horse Type 2 Diabetes – for years and it created confusion.  Horses and people can both get Insulin Resistance, but horses do not go to the next step of Diabetes.  In people, they can advance on to Diabetes if Insulin Resistance is not controlled.

In Insulin Resistance: Blood Insulin is high but Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar) is normal for both horses and people.  In people, Early Stage Type 2 Diabetes occurs if Insulin Resistance is not controlled: Blood Insulin is High, Blood Glucose is also high.  Horses do not get this type of Diabetes.  In people, if Early Stage Type 2 Diabetes is not controlled, the Pancreas cells “burn out” and can’t make Insulin any more, so Blood Sugar goes super high and Insulin shots are required.  This is called Late Stage Diabetes.  Again, horses do not get this type of Diabetes.



Blood Insulin

Blood Glucose

Horse and Human in Insulin Resistance



Human Early Stage Diabetes



Human Late Stage Diabetes


Sky High

Rarely in horses, Glucose values can be elevated such as in Equine Cushings, extreme infections, or high fevers.  If the horse is already having Equine Insulin Resistance with high Insulin, then will see high Insulin and High Glucose. This is not true Horse Diabetes but an overlapping of diseases.  Once the horse is treated, Glucose levels will drop back down to normal.


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