Heiro Insulin Resistance

Reviews For HEIRO – Insulin Resistance

Specific Protocol That Worked
My Morgan gelding had been suffering from what I thought was a mild case of laminitis for a couple of weeks. He was showing no improvement following the vague dietary changes I was advised to try. I bought Heiro and received the free consultation from Dr. Reilly. He diagnosed my horse with neuritis and recommended a very specific protocol which worked! It was a relief to know just what to do and a relief that my boy is now his high headed, energetic, happy self! I highly recommend Equine Medical.

Lea – Kansas, December 2017

No Evidence of Founder
Dr Reilly:
It has been 6 weeks since I started on the protocol you recommended so I wanted to let you know how it is going. To summarize, Engine is a 26 Shetland one eyed gelding with cushings, IR and liver disease. He is quite a bit better. Not foot sore at all and my farrier trimmed him and found no evidence of founder whatsoever.

Mary – December 2017 via Email

Trotting and Enjoying Life
Dr. Reilly is an outstanding professional, with a big heart and lots of knowledge. His product, Heiro, helped save our two rescue residents Princess and Cody who both have IR. 2 years ago Princess couldn’t even walk…today she is trotting her way through the pasture and enjoying life. Thanks Doc

Mary – Texas, November 2017

Trotted Right to Me
Dr. Reilly,
This is an update on the 25 year old saddlebred with rotation that has suffered from laminitis and white line disease and foundered at some time in his life. Today is day 6 of the loading dose of the Heiro. Upon turnout today he RAN! Bucked! and Played! He still limped but is obviously feeling better! Usually he just rolls and stands around! Then he waits for me to come and get him. Not today! He trotted right to me!

Robin – November 2017 via Email

My Happy, Fun Horse
Dr. Reilly,
I am happy to report that my Arab mare Rain is feeling much better since starting her on your Heiro program. It has been a little over a month and her attitude is much better! She is my happy, fun horse again. She has even started cantering up to the barn when I call like she used to, instead of just walking. I began riding her, starting very slowly, and she feels like my super horse again!

Ann- November 2017 via Email

Looking So Much Better
My Arabian mare Rain foundered 10 years ago and even though I thought I had been managing her diet and hooves well, she was diagnosed with chronic Laminitis this past Spring. She had been tripping for a few years prior to the diagnosis and while doing a web search on tripping and toe dragging, I found Heiro’s website and started reading. I emailed Dr. Reilly and he responded with this program. My horse has been on his program for just over a month and she is feeling and looking so much better!

Ann- November 2017 via Email

Dramatic Recovery!
Dr. Reilly:
I am so happy to report that my horse continues to be very comfortable, now walking and trotting and behaving in a normal and usual manner! He has not had boots on his feet for over a week. We had not dared hope that we would experience such a dramatic recovery! I wish to thank you personally for your support, your recommended treatment program, and for developing the Heiro product. Your advice and Heiro have truly saved my horse’s life!

Joyce – November 2017 via Email

Helped My Mare
Dr. Reilly:
I truly believe it has helped my mare now on it for 2 months. Thank you, this is a great product.

Charlotte – Florida, October 2017

Galloping Around Like a Filly
Dr. Reilly:
Update on Mia…have kept her on the regimen you recommended, HEIRO, and correct amount of hay and TC 30. I cannot express my joy. She is not in pain, no hot feet and is doing very well in a small dry lot and paradise paddock where there is no grass. She is galloping around like a filly versus a 20 year old with neuritis. Thank you.

Paula – Georgia, October 2017

Now 100%
Dr. Reilly:
We are on day 14 of the Neuritis protocol that you sent me and I’m happy to report that Caspian is now 100%! He is showing no signs of pain and is his old energetic self.

Lea – Kansas, October 2017

Gave Me Back My Horse
Dr Reilly:
I thank you again soooo much for helping my paint horse with his hoof pain issues. Just to reiterate again that by using Equioxx for a few days and now maintaining on Heiro and Thyro-L he is AMAZING!!!! He’s doing so well!! Thank you for giving me back my horse!

Sarah – October 2017, via Email

Amazing Turn-Around!
Dr. Reilly:
I would like to let you know that my horse is experiencing am amazing turn-around! We started the Equioxx regimen last Saturday, put Easy Boot Cloud boots on him on Tuesday, started Gabapentin yesterday, Thursday, morning. This morning he cantered to his feed tub on the fence! He usually won’t leave the run-in shed even for his feed, and he cantered 150 feet to the fence!
He has been out and about in the pasture most of the day and looks so much happier as well.
I am so grateful for your advice and support. I will keep you posted.

Joyce – October 2017, via Email

Improvement in IR Levels/Glucose
Dr. Reilly:
Wanted to provide an update. Rebel, my Connemara we discussed, is doing fine clinically. We retested his IR levels/Glucose (unfasted, and not too long after he had eaten his breakfast based on my appt time). He was still IR at 67 (but way better than 226!!) and his unfasted glucose was 98. This seems to be an improvement because his oral sugar test showed him at 110 fasted for 12 hrs as a baseline. Will keep at it but so far I am pleased with the Heiro and changes!

Linda – October 2017, via Email

A Different Mule
Dr. Reilly:
I am just checking in!! It has been almost 6 weeks since you sent me your email with the protocol for my IR mule and chronically foundered mare. I just want to ask a few more questions and see where I need to go from here. My 23 year old Molly is soooo much better on the combination of the Heiro, ration balancer, slow feed hay net and Thyro-L. She is a different mule. Her body style has changed completely and her fat pones on her rear end have significantly reduced. I am riding her and she is holding up.

Laura – Texas, September 2017

Sound on All Footing
Dr. Reilly:
He is absolutely sound on all footing – should we continue painting his soles?
I am very pleased with his response to the changes you suggested in his diet & supplements. He has lost approximately 150 pounds and seems to feel good.
May 2017 Insulin – 99.44
September 2017 Insulin – 43.18

Joy – Tennessee, September 2017

Heiro Helped Tremendously
Dr. Reilly:
My mini donkey is on the Heiro and it has helped him tremendously! He is barely limping and has lost about 40-50 pounds since we started. His fat deposits are now soft to the touch instead of feeling like concrete and are getting smaller. His coat has also changed dramatically. His color has now returned to the pretty and shiny rose gray coat he used to have instead of being dull, drab and patchy with short/long hair in different places.

DeAnne – Tennessee, September 2017

Has a Lot of Energy
Dr. Reilly:
After communicating with you and getting the testing done, I started my horse on the prascend as you directed, 1/2 tab AM and PM and she has really improved. Her appetite is great, she has gained weight and has a lot of energy.

Lin – via Email, August 2017

Barefoot and Sound on All Surfaces
Dr. Reilly:
Will is transforming. He has been on Heiro and Thyro-L since May 24th. He is barefoot and sound on all surfaces and is rapidly growing hooves – having now about 1.5 inches with lovely, tight connection.

Joy – Tennessee, August 2017

Product Did Not Work as Well as Heiro
Dr. Reilly:
Well, you were right and I was wrong and I am sorry. I have switched back to Heiro for my horses (never stopped using Heiro for dogs) from Smartpak’s Smart Metabolean. Their product did not work as well as your Heiro.

Celia – Tennessee, August 2017

The Best, Most Effective Supplement
Dr. Reilly:
I began using Heiro for my now 20 Year old off-track TB Angus about five years ago. He had been struggling with a weak immune system and had tested for Lyme and had multiple issues from that. Even though he had not tested positive for Cushing’s, I put him on Heiro to see what effect it might have on his unusually reactive immune system. I was amazed at the results: his coat bloomed, he shed more consistently, his over sweating was reduced, his allergies improved greatly, and I was able to stop the revolving use of doxycycline bi-yearly to help with Lyme symptoms. It is the best, most effective supplement I’ve ever given him. He’d been struggling with these problems for years after a heavy worm infestation, and I couldn’t believe the results.

Katy – via Email, August 2017

No Pain Meds Needed
Dr. Reilly:
I am now riding my horse! After 6 months of being extremely lame and sore, he is sound and rideable. I started riding him in June for 15 mins at a time, then worked to 30, and now ride for about an hour each time. He would be fine to ride longer. He has reverse shoes, and they are helping as well. He is not on any pain meds — just Thyro-L and Heiro. He is also on pasture now at night and has his hay slow feeder in his stall/paddock during the day. I am very thankful that he recovered. He was so sore and sick for a long time. He can even walk on hard surfaces now!

Danielle – Florida, August 2017

Like a Steam Engine Raring to Go
Dr. Reilly:
I am requesting your information on beginning to reintroduce my IR horse to grass. You mentioned that you had a ladder up program to do this. Will you send me a copy of that please? I took my horse for his first ride yesterday since foundering. He was like a steam engine raring to go.

Becky via Email, July 2017

Moving Freer 
Dr Reilly:
Thank you so much for your help! I don’t know if it is just time for her to improve or if the regime you had me give her, but she is improved today! She was moving a lot freer and there was no groaning when she did. She laid down and rested for over an hour today upright most of the time. Not the flat out legs straight like she had been part of the time, so I think she is having less pain now.

Merry via Email, July 2017

Less Than an Hour to Nine and Stays Sound
Dr. Reilly:
I would just like to thank you for this fantastic product. My horse has never been happier since he came off Metformin and started taking Heiro Insulin Resistance. After following your instructions he is now able to be turned out muzzled for nine hours on good grazing and stays sound. Whereas before I couldn’t even turn him out for an hour muzzled or he would become very sore footed with a typical laminitic stance. It is lovely to be able to see him charging around and playing with my other horse again. Happy horse, happy owner.

Melanie – United Kingdom, July 2017

It Is A Miracle
Dr. Reilly:
I cannot thank you enough for all your help with my pony, Gracie.  It is absolutely unbelievable the difference the medicine combination that you gave me to use has made in her life.  As of today, she is at Day 20 with the Thyro-L and tomorrow will be Day 21 of the Equioxx, and she is at the 1 scoop in the morning with Heiro.  She is not the same.  It is a MIRACLE that I found you.

Julie – North Dakota, July 2017

Back On To Pasture With Great Results
Dr. Reilly:
I have a 13-year-old Icelandic gelding that was a mess.  Sore feet, crested neck, fatty pads, and wasn’t shedding off in the Spring like he should.  That was last year. I am on my 5th container of Heiro and I have a very different horse.  He is not overweight any more, no crested neck, and his feet are really great. The white line was so soft and wide that little rocks would push up in the white line and the farrier had to clean them out and put epoxy in the “trench” to keep the rocks out.  He is barefoot and always has been.  Now the white line has closed up so tight nothing can work its way into it.  I am introducing him back on to pasture with great results.  Thanks for a great product.  The horse loves the taste and will lick it out of my hand.

Barbara – Washington, June 2017

Update On My 2 Horses
Dr. Reilly:
I wanted to give you an update on my 2 horses on Heiro.  Both are looking great, eating well, and I am very happy with the product and suggestions on their feeding.

Maia – Arizona, June 2017

Loves Heiro
Dr. Reilly:
He loves the Heiro, licks his feeder clean.  Also, he is now cantering, bucking, and enjoying life.

Onvetta – via email, March 2017

Heiro Is Wonderful
Dr. Reilly:
Heiro has been a God-send for both my horses and my dog!  I have two horses that are SUPER easykeepers and Horse Heiro has been far more effective at helping keep their weight in check than Quiessence ever did and is MUCH more cost effective so WIN/WIN!!! The Dog Heiro has been a miracle in a canister for my senior dog. He is 14 years old now.  He started to show signs of stiffness when getting up a few years ago so we added joint supplements to his diet.  They helped but about a year ago, his mobility really declined (wouldn’t go up stairs, way less spring in his step) and he was getting a bit chubby.  We put him on Dog Heiro and I am not exaggerating when I say we saw marked improvement in mobility in two weeks and in weight by the end of the first month.  I absolutely love these products and the level of care and service you get from Dr. Reilly and his team is truly top notch!

Emily – Virginia, March 2017

My Icelandic
Dr. Reilly:
I have had my Icelandic gelding on Heiro for almost a year.  His foot problem with his crusty neck also came the White Line in his hoof was wide, soft, and little gravel pieces would pack up on the white line some times a 1/4 of an inch all the way around his hoof. He is shoeless so this was an ongoing thing that had to be dug out and packed with gel or epoxy.  After he has been on Heiro for about 5 months, the white line closed up and is normal again.  He still has a bit neck but it is not hard like it was.  Also he has lost his fatty pads he had on his shoulder and rump. Thanks Dr. Reilly for your time.

Barb – Washington, March 2017

I Am A Believer
Dr. Reilly:
Heiro is the best.  My little foundered donkey had no issues last year during spring and summer months…I am a believer.

Shelly – FaceBook, February 2017

HEIRO Plays A Major Role
Dr. Reilly:
I have two senior Paso Fino mares on Heiro, both have Founder history, both are Insulin Resistant.  I keep them on Heiro, feed free-choice grass hay, maintain their natural hooves with frequent trimming, and keep them on 24/7 turnout.  I believe Heiro plays a major role in keeping my girls sound, sane, healthy, and barefoot!

Ida – Ohio, February 2017

Dr. Reilly:
My weekend was miraculous with the pony! As of Saturday, his digital pulse had improved and he was clinically sound.

Kim – Prince Edward Island, Canada, February 2017

Your Eating Plan for Nugget and Heiro
Dr. Reilly:
I’m quite excited of the positive results I’m seeing in Nugget’s body composition!  His ribs and hips aren’t so noticeable now!  His neck crestiness is reducing!  I have stopped Thyro-L for now and I will have his T4 levels checked in February.  I was not feeding him enough Safe Choice and never realized that was part of the problem.  Thank you for all your help! With your eating plan for Nugget and Heiro, I have a happier horse!

Lynn – Pennsylvania, November 2016

Bursting With Energy And Movement
Dr. Reilly:
I just wanted to let you know that my little pony is kicking up her heels, trotting, and loping around already!  I’m so thrilled.  When we started the Heiro on Oct. 7th, she was very sore.  Not in full founder stance, but very, very tender.  While I was waiting for the meds to arrive I also had her on Brewer’s Yeast, flax, COQ10, Chastetree Berry, Ground flax, B-6, and B-12.  She would improve and then regress until about a week ago.  We got her into the boots on Nov. 5th.  Then steady progress.  Now with adding the Thyro-L and the Previcox for only 5 days, she is just bursting with energy and movement.  I harrowed up my track system today so that I can let her back out there for additional movement.  She went out of our paddock literally bucking and galloping.

Teresa –  British Columbia, Canada, November 2016

Fat Pockets – Soft To The Touch
Dr. Reilly:
Very good news on my donkey, Eli, who you put on Heiro IR about a month ago.  His cresty neck has gone down along with fat pockets.  They have all become soft to the touch.  Thanks so much.

Betsy –  Illinois, November 2016

Huck Has Noticeable Improvement
Dr. Reilly:
Good Morning! I wanted to update you on my pony, Huck.  After the initial dosage of Previcox there was a noticeable improvement!  Walking much better and obviously feeling so much better.  He continues to be on your regime of Previcox, Pergolide, Heiro, and Thyro-L.  Also feeing Enrich Plus and hay.  Am very pleased and happy!  Thank you so much for your help and will continue to keep you informed.

Donna – Virginia, November 2016

Amazing Product For My Belgian
Dr. Reilly:
I started my Belgian x TB on Heiro on Oct. 21st and measured his girth and neck at that time.  The weight tape just barely met at his girth, and I measured from the top of the poll to the top of the withers, then measured his neck at the halfway point.  His neck was a whopping 49″!  Imagine my delight when I re-measured yesterday, November 13th, and the weight tape read 1360 and his neck was down to 47″!  There was a noticeable difference in the size of his sheath as well!!  Thank you so much for such an amazing product.  Now to find the same thing for people!  Thanks Again!

Bev – British Columbia, Canada, November 2016

Impressed In The Change
Dr. Reilly:
I saw your product and immediately ordered it.  He has been on it for 15 days now and I rode him for the first time last night since I started giving him your product. He was sound, energetic, and the horse I haven’t ridden in several years.  I will keep feeding your product to him and I am very impressed in the change in him.  Although he has only been on it for the short time, I have my fingers crossed that I may be able to ride again.  Thank you.

Kathy – British Columbia, Canada, October 2016

Done Amazing Things
Dr. Reilly:
I have a 21-year old SSH on Heiro and it has done amazing things for him.  His ACTH and IR numbers were through the roof until I put him on Heiro.  His numbers are back in the normal range on a 1/2 dose of Prascend and his IR numbers are normal.  He lost his crestiness and fat pads.  I love Heiro.

Barb – Michigan, October 2016

My Morgan Mare
Dr. Reilly:
My Morgan mare has been on Heiro for 6 months. The Farrier was here today and said her feet look great.  She is able to be on pasture around 4 hours a day, she has lost weight. Thank you for a great product.  I was on automatic reorder and would like to keep her on Heiro  year round. Thanks again for a great product.

Linda – Minnesota, October 2016

Running and Bucking Again
Dr. Reilly:
We have a 23-year old retired A-Circuit hunter/jumper.  A year ago she abscessed in one front foot and my husband (who is a very reputable farrier) tried to pull it out the bottom but it came out the coronet.  Her foot started to grow out and she was sound.  She abscessed in the other foot.  Same thing – drew out the coronet.  Then she started Laminitis on the foot that started to grow out.  She was down more than up, lost a ton of weight, bed sores etc.  Blood tests showed she had Cushings.  We were about to put her down when the other abscess came out and she stood up.  She is on Prescend and was doing well but very very foot sore. She lives with her laminitis boots on.  She had a tough week and moving very slow and down a lot.  We were about to put her down and after 3 days on Heiro she was running and bucking last evening. My husband cannot believe it!  Thank you! Wish I had video.

Michelle – Vermont, September 2016

Increasingly More Agile
Dr. Reilly:
Last week I was guarded about my blind pony recovering from her “down” condition from adjusting to her vision loss, significant arthritic stiffness, and possible laminitis.  This past Monday was her last loading dose of HEIRO.  Tuesday she was more mobile, and more herself again in terms of personality.  Yesterday, she was increasingly more agile, head up, expression as if no sight impairment whatsoever!  Today she was striding in/out of the barn, back/forth the length of the 2 acre field, and whinnying impatiently for her breakfast!  Mini Miracle!!

Linda – Ohio, September 2016

Success All Around
Dr. Reilly:
Just wanted to follow up with you the wonderful progress my Insulin Resistant gelding has made while on Heiro.  My Vet saw him today, first time since he started on Heiro after he was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance about 5 months ago.  She was SO pleased with his weight, saying he was a poster child for weight loss!  The huge, hard fat pads he originally had, have largely disappeared, and his crest is not nearly as firm and heavy as it was.  Very happy customer!  PLUS it has never been a problem getting him to eat it, so it has been a success all around!  THANK YOU for this incredible product!

Diane – New York, September 2016

Protocol for Horses Working Well
Dr. Reilly:
Just wanted to let you know that the protocol for my two horses seems to be working well. Both Ranger and Dorado are maintaining their weight and are showing no signs of any laminitis issues.  Ranger’s hoof from last fall’s episode is nearly grown out and his feet look good!  Also, the Harmony grazing muzzle, by Dr. Harman, that you recommended is great – so much better than the traditional, heavy prohibitive models.  With this hot summer we have had no issues, no sores, and they never come off! Happy Horses.  Thanks again for being so prompt and helpful when I first contacted you – I’m a fan!

Alison – Connecticut, September 2016

Jasper, The Donkey, Update!!!!
Dr. Reilly:
We had a big snow this winter.  I tossed a bit of hay in the snow so I could get a picture of Jasper in it.  He made paths and stuck to them rather than barging through the deep snow.  He’s glad that it’s spring here now!

Barb – Colorado, April 2016

Jasper Headley in the Snow

Jack On Heiro – Looks and Feels Good
Dr. Reilly:
My horse, Jack, is going well on Heiro.  He has been bucking and playing in his paddock, his neck has lost a lot of its crest, and he looks and feels good. I had his feet x-rayed about 2 1/2 weeks ago and my local vet was very pleased in that his soles have thickened and the minor rotation he had experienced in his left front seemed a bit less than before because of the sole growth.  He told me to start easy exercise.

Tammy – Texas, April 2016

Saved Billy’s Life
Dr. Reilly:
Our 27-year-old Morgan, Billy, has done great on Heiro.  He tested positive as an EMS horse several years ago.  Heiro has literally prolonged if not saved his life.  Thanks again for your hard work, through research and assistance!

Robyn – Colorado, April 2016

He walks like a normal horse
Dr. Reilly:
I purchased your product as a last resort for my boarder horse, who I also raised from a baby.  I cannot fathom what a change its made to his life.  He can walk like a normal horse, is sound for the first time in years.  I was so impressed, I purchased this product for my dogs (dog version).  I bought mine from Valley Vet.

Electra – Vermont, April 2016

My Farrier is very happy with my boys
Dr. Reilly:
I tried Heiro on my 15-year-0ld Quarter Horse on 12/9/15.  The results were amazing.  Within 7 day he stopped being foot sore.  By the end of 2015, I put my 14-year-old Paint on Heiro, with the same results. On 2/1/16, I put my Irish Cobb on Heiro. He is well over 20, good looking old man, likes to eat too much and shows it.  I have to monitor him all the time.  My Farrier is very happy with my boys. (No Shoes) for the first time in years.  THANKS! to your product and help from your staff (Cindy), I am able to use my horses again.

Pat and Patty – New York, March 2016

Fabulous Jumper
Dr. Reilly:
My pony is still on Heiro after a bout of Laminitis last year and is doing fabulously with great feet plus I’m jumping him!!

Christine – California, March 2016

Zeke Back To Normal
Dr. Reilly:
This is a long, overdue letter. This year we battled Laminitis for 2 miserable months, and had done all the recommended things to no avail after 2 visits to the Veterinary School and many trips from my local vet.  We were looking to put Zeke down.  I began a web search to see if there was anything else we could do…that is when I found your website, read quite a bit, and many testimonials.  I ordered Heiro with quite a bit of skepticism.  I started on it, and then your office called 3 days after we started it and listened attentively. Then you called!!!!! Talk about a miraculous and wonderful call. I implemented all your suggestions and within 5 days Zeke was back to his normal self.  We have done everything you suggested.  After his last trim, Zeke was very painful and he had another Laminitic episode.  I doubled the Heiro, and BOOM!!!! He improved.  I thank God for you!  You saved my horse…and me, from great sadness.  Thank you.

Linda – Oregon, January 2016

Needs All Three To Breathe and Avoid Laminitis
Dr. Reilly:
My Lipizzan is getting exactly the ration that was prescribed by you, and he is doing really well.  His weight is stable. His crazy behavior, from being really hungry, has subsided.  He seems to be satisfied and completely normal.  He is on Heiro, Vitamin E, and Heave Ho.  Thank you for all your help in getting me and my horse back on track.  You and your staff demonstrated more care and concern and assistance than any other professional that I could find here and I will always be grateful.

Julie – Washington, January 2016

Helping Sore Feet
Dr. Reilly:
Hello.  This is Brat that you have been helping with her sore feet.  She is doing great and we are still working on her weight.  Thank you for all your help!


Liz – Florida

Pony Doing Well!
Dr. Reilly:
My pony is doing well!  She weighs about 250 lbs.  She has gained a little weight but I’d like her to put on a little more.  She seems to feel pretty good though, which is great!  I am soaking the hay, and she is still on the Heave Ho and Heiro.  Her feet are fine now…she is actually running around a bit.  Our farrier is very pleased with her improvement.  In addition to the recommended food (timothy hay, Nutrena Empower Balance, mixed with some timothy pellets), the only other think I am giving her is beet pulp which I soak before giving to her.  She has a few cups of the soaked beet pulp daily.

Pam – Ohio, November 2015

No Signs of Soreness
Dr. Reilly:
I just want to let you know that Molli is doing so so fine.  I found a really good farrier that trimmed her really short and she’s walking fine, on pasture, and riding every kid I can get on her.  She’s still on Heiro.  She’s still on her regular insulin resistant food, but she also eats a little with the other horses.  So far she hasn’t shown any signs of soreness.  I just want to say thank you so much for helping me and giving me my Molli back when I couldn’t get anyone else.  I was really about to go off the deep end.  Lol.  Thank you so much!!

Nancy – Missouri, July 2015

Dr. Reilly:
Phava started on Heiro on December 9, 2014.  The first change that I noticed was that she no longer seemed obsessed with food.  After almost 120 days, she has lost weight and changed her conformation.  I am sending a picture taken today.  She looks wonderful!  We plan to continue her on the product indefinitely.  Since she began using Heiro, two of my friends have also started using it with their horses.  Phava is my husband’s horse and for years I called her “PhavaMcFatty”.  He can’t believe how I rave about her new look.  I am very happy with your product.


Patty – Wisconsin, April 2015

Dr. Reilly:
I thought I would give you an update on my two horses.  It’s been 7 weeks since they started on Heiro.  Sunday was their first trim.  The first thing my farrier noticed was their improved behavior.  Both were haltered, calm, and ready to go.  the second was the weight loss of the younger mare, Fancy.  So I measured her with the weight table and she’s lost 167 lbs!


My farrier was very happy with their feet.  He gave them a full trim, not the “barely” done trims as in the past, and they are showing no soreness.  Overall he was very happy, and surprised to see their progress in such a short time.  Thanks again for the help and the great product.

Ronda – Washington, March 2015

Dr. Reilly:
I wanted you to know how thankful I am for the change in my horse’s health since I started giving him Heiro.  He has grown new feet and feels so good again.  He is no longer in pain and I am so thankful.  I am able to ride him again and he is so happy to be out on the trails again.  It has been a long haul but with Heiro and all the good advice your website provides on caring for a horse with Laminitis, McKinley’s health has been restored. I feel I am in debt to you, not only for your good product but for the information you provide to care for a horse like McKinley.  Thanks to you, I learned how diligent I needed to be and how critical it was to stay on top of all aspects of his care.  Thank you, thank you.  I will continue giving him Heiro and I will continue to read and reread your helpful articles!!!

Kathleen – Washington

Dr. Reilly:
Hello.  Thank you so much for your response from a few months ago….I took your advice and tried your product and followed your recommendation!  Just amazing results on how my horse looks and fees now vs. just a few months back.  See the pictures below.  I really appreciate the time you took to respond to my email.  I will continue to use your product. It’s just so wonderful…  Thank you.


Dorothy – Florida 2015

Dr. Reilly:
My horse is on Heiro.  I was away for a couple of days and my friend was taking care of my horse.  I cam home and opened the corral and let him out.  Sunny came out jumping and bouncing around like a Lipizzan stallion.  He is running.  He is actually making real steps now.  I am just amazed!  I just wanted to let you know it works!.  Thank you so much.

Roger – Florida, June 2014

Dr. Reilly:
I should have mentioned that my mare not only required shoes, but pads as well.  Her feet were really flat after foundering.  Today, she was galloping through the pastures — shoeless and without any sign of being sore.  I took a look at her feet when she came in and couldn’t believe the difference.  Her soles look like regular hooves again — they are concave and so healthy looking.  I have to believe that the change is a result of Heiro.  Thanks for a great product!

Judy – Virginia, April 2015

Dr. Reilly:
Please send a 3 month container of HEIRO for my mustang mare, Amber.  It has really helped a lot.  She has not had a laminitic episode for about two years, since she has been on this.  She did fine with her pregnancy, and is still nursing her now 9 month old colt without any problems.


This is Amber and the baby, one day after he was born…you can see she’s in great shape, and has remained so.  Thank you for a great product and the useful information you continue to share.

Cherrelyn – Colorado, July 2014

Moody Mare:
Dr. Reilly:
My Morgan mare Sage, has been on Heiro for about 3 months and the change in her has been dramatic.  Although she was never lame, her stride was short and choppy.  Her sweet personality was now angry and unhappy.  She has made a total 360…her gait is improved with a longer stride and soft canter and she is the friendly, in-your-pocket mare that greets me with a sloppy kiss as I open her stall door.

Elaine – South Carolina

Dr. Reilly:
Hi.  I just wanted to touch base with you.  I did purchase the Heiro for my Cushing horse and also for my paint mare that is always foot sore without shoes.  What a difference.  I have been feeding the Heiro for about a month now and both horses act like they are yearlings again.  I love this stuff.  I have not been able to ride each horse for over two years.  I can now ride them and I am eager to ride on the trails this spring.  Thank you so much for a wonder product.  I am so glad I saw your ad.  This is my product of choice that actually does what it says it will do.  My paint mare is walking around on hard frozen ground it does not seem to bother her feet as much any more.  What  a relief to see my horses without pain and able to walk to their feed tubs. This is a remarkable turn of events.  I have tried every product for her and Heiro is the only one that has worked for her sore feet.  My Cushings horse was so lame and laying down all the time, unable to walk, and was in such pain that we decided to put her down, but, instead, tried her on Heiro to give her another chance.  Less than a week on Heiro she responded so well and started running around, kicking up her heels and you could tell she felt so much better and there was no way she would have to be put down.  She does not even lay down any more and whinnys and bucks and runs out to the pasture.  This is truly a blessing to see her do this since her life hung by a string.  She is feeling like a youngster again.  Your product saved her life and I thank you for this.  I have had her since she was conceived and the thought of putting her down was heart wrenching.  Your product give her a chance to just hang out in the pasture and live out her days pain free.  I don’t care if I ever ride her, it is just wonderful to see her pain free and wanting to run around.

Linda – Pennsylvania

Dr. Reilly:
My mare has been on Heiro 2 years and is doing very well.  She is even lost a bit of the cresty neck which is always seem to be the last area to go.  Below is her picture – fit and healthy.

Kathy D. – 2014


Dr. Reilly:
I’ve noticed that the fat lumps on Jasper’s neck have changed – lessened and softer.  Thank you for the auto send Heiro Program.  That is so convenient.  I love it.

Barb – Colorado

donkeyjasperDr. Reilly:
Our mare is only 8 years old and started having issues with grass, especially spring and fall, over the past two years.  We had her to a third vet for evaluation in October with not a lot of hope for her to return to being a tremendous trail horse again.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times we have saddled her up to ride (she would seem to be fine when she came in from the pasture) only to be disappointed with her lameness and removed the saddle.  I have tried several products to no avail.  I continued my search from something to help her and that’s when I came across your product and decided to give it a try.  I actually had Heiro on hand for 2 1/2 weeks before I started to give her this supplement.  In the past two weeks, we have seen her RUNNING at full speed across our pasture and began to ride her in our arena a few nights ago.  My husband and I can tell that she is moving freely and LOVES to be back under the saddle!

Becky –  Iowa 2015

Dr. Reilly:
I have to tell you I was skeptical that Heiro would work on my Gypsy mare, but I was blown away by the difference in her since she was put on Heiro for Insulin Resistance. Her crest softened significantly, her weight has been easier to maintain and she is coming into regular heat cycles enough, so we are now going to attempt to breed her. Now I wish I have more pasture to put her on. Once again, thank you for saving my mare.

Sharon – Vermont

Dr. Reilly:
We are delighted with Batanero’s recovery.  Batanero looks brilliant now.  Our Vet saw him trot on the lane amongst gravel.  No one would believe this wonderful champion Spanish Stallion is 19 years and nearly died from laminitis a year and half ago.

Florence HUNT (Batanero V

Florence – UK

Dr. Reilly:
I just wanted to give you an update on Ari.  He’s been on HEIRO for a little over a month now, and I was surprised (especially with the spring grass coming up already) that he’s looking much better.  He’s lost a lot of the crest on his neck.  I can’t wait to see what the next 2 months will do for us.  Thank you so much for all your help and advice.

Michelle – Florida

Dr. Reilly:
Just wanted to give you all  a huge thanks…My mustang is IR and had a 161 IR test last October.  I decided to try Heiro and last month his results (after 4 months on Heiro) was 23!  He lives in a grassy paddock, and gets turned out into pasture 2-3 hours a day and is doing great!  Thank you, thank you!

Patricia – New Hampshire

Dr. Reilly:
I have been fighting founder issues for two years now and I tried everything. It was heart wrenching to see him in a little paddock all by himself as he couldn’t go out on grass. I started Heiro four weeks ago and my Farrier is quite impressed at my pony’s progress and asked what I had done. I told him about Heiro and he is going to forward this information to all of his clients with insulin/founder issues. Thank you for helping my little fella. He is now bucking and running with his buddies in the fields (when five weeks ago, he could barely walk).

Karen – Maryland

Dr. Reilly:
I started my horse on Heiro this past fall.  He is 22 years old and has had ringbone since he was 9.  He has developed signs of early stages of Cushings Disease and at the advice of my veterinarian I put him on Heiro.  First of all I was truly amazed that I got a personal phone call asking about his health history and was offered suggestions for changes in his diet, treats, etc.  I had read the info that cam with the Heiro order and checked the website also.  I can’t even tell you how many different supplements I have tried over the years and never did I have someone follow-up to see if there were any changes since starting the supplement.  We have just started our second 3-month container and I have taken him off any other supplements I was giving him (Chinese herbs, Equi-shine).  He is doing fantastic.  It has been a brutal winter here in WI but I have ridden him a few times and he feels great.  He canters out to pasture after being stalled at night and when they are fed their “lunch” at noon he canters circles around until the hay is put down.  He has no edema in his sheath area at all this winter and that has been an issue for years.  It got so bad sometimes it looked like a cow’s udder.  His neck has slimmed down considerably and he looks healthy.  We are using a slow feeder hay bag and he loves peanuts in the shell for a treat as well as the sugar-free peppermints.  Celery didn’t go over too well.  I just want to thank you so much for having such a wonderful product and for being there for me.

Judie – Wisconsin

Dr. Reilly:
I have used two bottles of Heiro supplement and I am so impressed with the outcome. Four of my horses are mini’s that have had sore feet off and on for the last ten years. Now, with Heiro, they are all doing so much better and can go out and graze like real horses now. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. They are happy and I don’t feel guilty any more.

Mary Ann – Virginia

Dr Reilly:
I have contacted you several times in the past regarding my 6 year old Insulin Resistant Mare. Your advice for feeding programs and your Heiro has gotten her to where she is today. She just had a beautiful filly and is the best mom ever.

Brenda – Wisconsin

Dr. Reilly:
My friend had a quarter horse with such bad Insulin Resistance that she was about to put him down. I told her my horse was doing great on Heiro and so she tried it. In only one month she sees him trotting in the field for the first time in years.

Elaine – Oregon

Dr. Reilly:
I have to tell you Cowboy is doing great. He moves well, is running around the paddock, and is the best he has ever been. It is fun to see him this way. Heiro has really helped him – thank you for this product.

Mary – Oklahoma

Dr. Reilly:
My champion mare has had Laminitis for over five months and even surgery did not help. Five days on Heiro and no drugs, she walked out of her stall for the first time (in five months) and walked two paddocks away. My dad was asking where the mare was when he went to feed and was surprised she went so far. We’re thrilled.

Kim – Oregon

Dr. Reilly:
I wanted to thank you for your great product and information on getting my Insulin Resistant horse back in good shape again. He is one of the best horses I have ever had and it was heartbreaking to see him change so much for the worse over the last two years. He is feeling incredible and I can’t thank you enough.

Shannon – California

Dr. Reilly:
My 18-year-old Quarterhorse, Mic, has been insulin resistant for years.He foundered once and suffered many bouts of mild laminitis. He has been on all other IR supplements, he is fed as sugar free a diet as possible. He wears a free-to-breathe grazing muzzle when he goes out and I use a farrier that specializes in founder rehab. I found HEIRO by going a search on the internet. I have been giving it to Mic for over 3 months now and it is making him feel and look much, much better. He is not a scrabby, is losing weight, and walking better. Very happy with this supplement!

Tanya – Florida