Health-E – Vitamin E

Reviews for HEALTH-E – Vitamin E

Improvement in Control
Dr. Reilly:
I wrote to you about my mare with partial facial paralysis and took your advice about Vitamin E. I wanted you to know that she has been on the 11,600 dosage of Vitamin E that you suggested for nearly 2 weeks now and there is already a significant improvement in the control of her tongue.

Janie – via Email, August 2017

Thumping Has Receded
Dr. Reilly:
I am writing to thank you.  I have been a grateful customer for years with your fly spray, and have spread the word to everyone I know.  But recently my gratitude to you has taken a much greater form with Health-E!!!  For 3 years my mare has endured “thumping” in her flanks.  My Vet and my Equine Chiropractor could not address it.  In 5 days of feeding my mare Health-E, the “thumping” has receded to barely noticeable.  Plus her blue eyes have stopped tearing!!!!  Thank you for all you do.  The world is most definitely a better place because of you!!!

Sheree – Missouri, June 2017

Like They Never Had Problems
Dr. Reilly:
One horse had Stringhalt and the other Arthritis in the neck/Ataxia and diagnosed as a Wobbler.  I went on Health-E for the horses and it is like they never had the problems.  Thank you so much.

Dawn – Oregon, February 2017

Health-E for PSSM Mare
Dr. Reilly:
I’ve been using Health-E for my PSSM mare for several years now.  She’s been a drastically different horse since I found Health-E and summers are much more bearable for her now.  This is the best quality Vitamin E I’ve found and the company is always a pleasure to work with.

Alli – Ohio, December 2016

Building Muscle
Dr. Reilly:
I purchased Health-E for my other horse, Roadster, who had EPM and a R-Hind upper suspensory injury.  All vets had written him off, but after my other guy with Laminitis pulled through with lots of TLC, we rebuilt Roadster from the ground up with a thoughtful re-hab program focused on balance and stabilization rather than fitness.  He is currently W/T/C after a year of rehab.  A more rigorous program is beginning.  He is building muscle and thought this would help.  No on other meds or supplements.

Virginia – Virginia, January 2016

Dr. Reilly:
The EPM horse is doing so well on Health-E that the rider has asked for us to cut back because the horse is feeling great!

Pat – Virginia

Everyone Noticed a Huge Difference:
Dr. Reilly:
I just have to tell you that the difference in my horse with this Health-E product is REMARKABLE. I contacted my vet 10 days after starting with this product and told him that Ringo was a different horse. He had gained weight, his muscling was better, and he looked and acted like an FEI dressage horse. His lateral work is vastly better and his energy is non-flagging. This has gotten better the longer that I have had him on the product. EVERYONE notices a huge difference. I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for helping my beautiful horse feel like a million bucks!!!!! It’s been a joy!

Melanie – Illinois

Dr. Reilly:
I e-mailed you some years ago about my FEI Dressage horse who has EPSM.  We switched to Health-E and he is doing GREAT.  It has made a huge difference for him.  Initially you sent me extra product and jacked up the dosage to get the needed amount into his system quickly.  He is about 16.3+hh Danish WB Gelding, 22 years old now.  His movement is terrific…pirouette, passage, piaffe could not be much better.

Melanie – Illinois – May 2015

Back Winning:
Dr. Reilly:
My horse was neurologic with EPM.  I put it on Health-E.  Not only did the horse recover from the EPM, but I took it to a cow show and won the competition.

Steve – Ohio

My Daughter Is Thrilled:
Dr. Reilly:
I bought your product at a Horse Show for a horse with Tie-up issues. Started Health-E and in 10 days or less had great improvement in the horse. It is like having a new horse. My daughter is thrilled.

Gary – Ohio


Goes Beautifully:
Dr. Reilly:
May I please re-order your Health-E that you recommended for my daughter’s PSSM pony? We tried a different Vitamin E supplement that we could get here locally, but my daughter’s pony started hopping again. Your Health-E is definitely what he needs, because he goes beautifully when he is on your Vitamin E. We tried to cut corners, but we learned a lesson. Thank you.

Joanna – South Carolina

No Longer Needs Tranquilized:
Dr. Reilly:
You suggested that I try Health-E on my Quarter Pony with PSSM and is also muscle bound and my Thoroughbred, as the pony and the horse were crampy when shod in hind. I put them on Health-E as directed for one month. The farrier was out last week and it was NOT necessary to give the pony Ace when working on his hind legs!! Both horses were more comfortable with the process. Your product is truly amazing!!

Laura – Maryland