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July 2017

Our distributor RJ Matthews Co. for Heave Ho for horse COPD/Asthma/Coughing informed us today that Equine Wellness Magazine has just awarded Heave Ho their Equine Wellness Stamp of Approval for being from a reputable and trustworthy company, and that this product does what it claims to do – help breathing. What a great honor, thank you. Click here for information on Heave Ho:

42 out of 93 laminitis cases in a UK study were missed by owners thinking it was some other problem. But to be honest, myself and other colleagues have thought a horse was showing a foot abscess and after a couple days laminitis signs advanced and the diagnosis changed. Of interest in the study, ponies were seen as laminitic faster than horses by their owners. Click here to read more about recognizing laminitis:

Did you know COPD/Asthma lowers thyroid levels? This directly leads to lower oxygen levels, damages respiratory muscles, and increases frequency of COPD attacks. Read about this and also how Dexamethasone and Ventipulmin (Clenbuterol) increase Insulin Resistance which can lead to foot issues/soreness. Read why soaking hay overnight makes COPD worse. Click here:

June 2017

A study used a wireless motility capsule in dogs to see the difference in gut motility at home and then in a hospital. Even with handwalking the dogs 4-6 times a day at the hospital, the motility average was 71.8 hours, while dogs at home were only 17.6 hours. So this highlights how motility slows in a hospital setting even in healthy animals. A 4 times decrease is amazing. If your horse is at a hospital or at your home stall bound from an injury, you need to closely monitor manure production. Click here to see the article:

A recent study looked to see if hair hormone changes could help in detecting Cushings earlier.  Results: No difference in cortisol between normal and Cushing horses.  Note: Blood cortisol testing for Cushing diagnosis is also of no value in diagnosis of this disease due to all day fluctuations.  Click here to see the hair study:

New study shows promise that a muscle shot once a week increased stomach pH and healing of gastric (stomach) tissue.  The cost will need to beat the oral paste 7 day cost for any chance of commercial success. Gastrogard at $32 a tube for 7 days = $224 a week, so if a shot is $60, that’s $164 savings. Will be interesting to see! Click here to see the new interesting study:

May 2017

Recent study confirms that the mare’s eggs are negatively affected by being obese/Insulin Resistant. Some levels in these eggs will decrease cell survival rate, some reduced antioxidants needed in cell defense. Click here to see the article:

Click here:

Click here to see this article:

4 Articles showing how Vitamin E helps. Click here:

No. Although the study shows MRI could detect size differences in these horses with pituitary changes, the major problem is that the size of the pituitary changes has no correlation with the amount of excess ACTH hormone being produced. A small amount of hyperplasia could pour out tons of ACTH, a large amount of hyperplasia could have very little effect on ACTH levels. So this test is great, academically, but being $2,000, requiring General Anesthesia and giving little real-world information on how to treat your horse, it will not be a standard test. Physical signs (long wavy hair, sheds late…) and blood testing will be better ways to diagnose. Click here to see Dr. Shott’s article:

Tired of your horse having bloody cannon bones from biting flies drawing blood? Want a peaceful ride in the woods without the constant headshaking from black flies attacking the ears? RK Topical Spray is 300-600% stronger than what is in your tack box right now. See direct comparison chart to see why your fly spray is not working. Click here for the Comparison Chart:

In summer, if horse has Heaves/COPD, debris from the harvest of corn/soybeans can create triggers to make breathing worse. Click here to read article:

April 2017

INSULIN RESISTANCE IN HORSES CREATES CARDIAC CHANGES – NEW FINDING. The heart is directly affected by Insulin Resistance in a 2017 study from a Swiss Veterinary School. Heart rate is higher (37% had over 48 beats a minute) than the controls which accrued 40-41 beats per minute. This is important for Vets to know due to the heart rate is a parameter measured for health status. Also of interest, the Insulin Resistant horse’s Insulin resting rates were only 10 uU/ml, but on a challenge they jumped way up to 145 uU/ml, further showing the need for a challenge to find true Insulin Resistant horses. The heart, itself, had changes in wall thickness in areas in Insulin Resistant horses also. Insulin Resistance effects not just the feet, but total body systems. Click here to see the article

HORSE COPD/ASTHMA CAUSES CARDIAC PROBLEMS In a 2017 article, inflammatory cells can infiltrate heart muscle and the walls of the heart were abnormally thickened on echo cardiology and tissue doppler studies. We have already seen and are studying COPD/Asthma as a cause of Laminitis and now with this study see heart tissue problems. Click here to see what happens to your horse’s airway:

ACETAMINOPHEN MAY BE OF VALUE IN LAMINITIS PAIN: CANNABINOID RECEPTORS IN BRAIN MAY BE REASON FOR SUCCESS. At the recent AAEP Convention, Acetaminophen (Tylenol) may have benefit in pain relieve in horses. Dr. Foreman (a professor of mine at Illinois) was quoted, “I wouldn’t put down another Laminitic horse without suggesting this to a client as an alternative to try.” Acetaminophen’s mechanism of action is unknown, but in other studies, the Cannabinoid Receptors in the body are thought to be involved with its ability as an analgesic. I believe this pathway may be helpful to combine with other medications working on different pathways to get even better pain relief. I attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Equine Pain Symposium and will post the most recent information from this workshop. Click here for the Acetaminophen Study:

STEROIDS LONG TERM (OVER 32 DAYS IN A ROW) IN HORSES FOUND TO LEAD TO GREATER EPM NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE CASES Horses with breathing or skin problems are often put on Steroids for many days in a row. This can lead to a greater likelihood of EPM Neurological Disease – need to get off these quickly and not be on long-term Steroids. The answer: Click here:

March 2017

Fly predators can help with fly problems in your barn but will not eliminate them in the fields for turn out or for going on rides, so you still need RK Topical Spray (Strongest Fly Spray in the USA).  Fly Spray, if using predators, needs to be applied outside the barn to avoid repelling or killing the predators inside/near the barn.

Have a Laminitis horse with foot pain?
Have an EPM horse with neurological damage?
Have an Equine Herpes Virus neurological horse?
See on our website new information on how Thyroid medicine can help with these problems. Help your horse get better quicker. Don’t accept “its normal” on blood tests for Thyroid. Get the number so your horse is in the top of the normal range for optimal function and top performing nerve repair for recovery. Click here to see the new information:

A. Mare’s pregnancy time is shorter, so foal has less time to develop.
B. Foal born has less weight, so weaker.
C. Placenta weight (Nutrition source of foal) is lower, so less nutrients getting to them. Conclusion: “Laminitis creates vascular changes in the placenta of mares resulting in shorter gestation and lower birth weight.”… Click here for the article: Also see: What is the #1 Cause of Broodmare Laminitis? Insulin Resistance.

This antihistamine is not available until at least August. With pollen counts projected to be high this year due to the mild winter, consider using the Heave Ho program. See why it works, see why Thyroid powder helps allergy problems, see why Vitamin E helps Asthma/COPD. Click here to see article on Heave Ho:

February 2017

Gnats have been seen now from Kentucky up to New York by multiple horse owners. Time to start the Horse Summer Eczema (Summer Itch/Sweet Itch) program of Oral Summer Eczema Liquid and RK Topical Spray. (300-600% stronger than the fly spray you have.) Avoid skin outbreaks, red/crusty/itchy skin, hair loss, wounds under belly, lost riding time. Start Now to avoid the problem and not have to treat the problem (more dollars). Click below to the #1 website in the USA on this subject:

This bronchodilator can be helpful in short-term usage (only 1-5 days at maximum) but need to be very careful in Cushings, Cushings and Insulin Resistance (IR) horses, or breeds prone to Insulin Resistance. Clenbuterol can INCREASE Insulin in studies. In people, it jumped a huge 379%, but also increased in horses studies. In addition, if on Clenbuterol, it will DECREASE aerobic performance, so need to take it easy on the horse when on this and not be in full athletic training. Click here to see 3 Scientific Articles on Insulin Effects and Aerobic Effects:

Due to multiple client requests for information on the many problems with Furacin, we are reposting the 10 Scientific Articles on why it is a problem. In these articles they go over the toxicity of it to human cells and also DNA damage to human cells. On the Manufacturer’s Label it says: “Human warning, Carcinogenesis: Nitrofurazone the active ingredient of Fura-zone Ointment has been shown to produce mammary tumors in rats and ovarian tumors in mice.” The articles also go over how it is not helpful in healing wounds in your horse. Click here for links to 10 Scientific Articles so you can read: 2016

A 2016 study found that horses that were Cushings but that had no raised Insulin did not have signs of Laminitis in microscopic studies. On the other hand, horses with Cushings and Insulin Resistance did have laminar pathology, stretched laminae, and cell death. If your Cushings horse is on Prascend (Pergolide) or Chastetree Berry and has Laminitis, you need to know that your horse also has Insulin Resistance. Interesting Note: People with Parkinsons (a dopamine receptor problem like Cushings in horses) are clinically worse if they are also Insulin Resistant. See the 2016 Study:

January 2017

We are excited to announce that Dr. Reilly will be speaking at the PA Horse World Expo, on Saturday, March 4th  at 2:00 PM, in Seminar Hall A.  Dr. Reilly’s topic this year is The Link Between Insulin Resistance and COPD.  Please be sure to see us at Booth #505.

Some horses have uncontrolled jerking of their heads due to an abnormally high reaction to sunlight. The exact mechanism of this problem has many theories. We have a client who has one of these headshakers and reports almost no signs since starting a powder supplement we developed for a totally different condition. Do you have one of these headshakers? Would you like to try an oral powder to see if it helps (Free)? Email us if you have interest and we can get the history and see if it helps your horse. Our Email:

A study in England confirms that the Oral Glucose Insulin Resistance Test works well, but need to be consistent on how to test. You can do interexchange between fasting and fed prior to the challenge. See our site for proper/easy/AAEP-approved method. This new study also confirms the need to test no later than 60 minutes after dosing with Karo Syrup. Karo Light Syrup and NOT Karo Lite Syrup – big difference.

Did you know that COPD inflammatory mediators effect the brain’s ability to stimulate the Thyroid Gland? This leads to lower levels of T4 and T3 hormone from the Thyroid. Lower thyroid function lowers immunity and also damages the respiratory muscles in the horse – Hypothyroid Myopathy. So bad breathing is not just from mucus in the airway or constricted airways – your horse’s muscles ability to expand the chest are effected. See 4 articles on this subject.

Some mares when in anestrus like now (not cycling), some mares in transition to cycling (March and November), and some mares while cycling (March through November) have hormonal imbalances along with behavioral issues. We invite owners with these mares to try a new, all-natural product (herbal, adaptogens, omegas, minerals, vitamins) to help these moody mares. If interested in a free bottle of it in February 2017, send us a note. Let’s go over your mare’s problems and work together for a calm mind and comfortable body. Veterinary consults are free. Email us at:

December 2016

Start breathing better in only 14 days. Stop COPD/Asthma/Coughs. Click here to see the article The Causes of Coughing.

There are already studies that show that approximately 95% of the drug is not absorbed by the horses and that it does not get to therapeutic levels. Also not a drug used to lower Insulin but, instead, is used to lower Glucose which is already normal in Insulin Resistant horses. Now, studies show it can reduce Thyroid stimulating hormone in people with underactive thyroids (common in Insulin Resistance) which can lower thyroid hormone blood levels. Click here to see our website article and 15 other reasons why to avoid this drug.

Recent Tennessee wildfires brought in an excellent question from a client: Can this smoke make a horse’s COPD/Asthma worse and should owners look for normal horses to start having COPD from smoke inhalation? Answer: Yes. Smoke is very irritating to the airway. Owners in the area need to monitor their horses. See the article from CDC on Wildfire Smoke.  Click here to see how to Protect Yourself from Wildfires.

November 2016

Some breeds need more Vitamin E than other breeds. University of California Veterinary School finds some breeds have “genetic susceptibility to these illnesses among horses that require higher-than-normal concentrations of dietary alpha tocopherol,” to avoid retinal damage and vision loss.” Prudent to consider supplementation in all late-term pregnant broodmares and foals during the first year of life if grass pasture not available.”

Strongest Vitamin E for horses in the USA
• All 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol
• Ester stable in heat, light, air
• Holds world record for highest blood Vitamin E levels
• Proven to increase Vitamin E
• Tasty powder – Needs no refrigeration
• Most economical Vitamin E for horses

Recent 2016 study shows the most important aspect in increasing insulin and, hence, becoming more prone to Insulin Resistant Laminitis is the carbohydrate level of the diet. Also in the study, Ponies and Andalusians have lower insulin sensitivity, so are more prone to higher insulin surges when on a high carbohydrate diet. This study verifies the Heiro Program of acknowledging genetic components in certain breeds, and in being on the right hays, balancers, and snacks to reduce carbohydrate load.

October 2016

Often, we had client’s horses with COPD that Founder/have chronic Laminitis and struggle to help their horse’s feet. We have found a new cause of Laminitis in these horses due to COPD. When these horses are placed on a program that addresses both Insulin Resistance and COPD at the same time, they breathe better and move better.

In the Fall, as leaves start to drop down, tick infestations on horses go up. These ticks carry Lyme and also Anaplasma bacteria that create fevers, joint pain, back pain, and abscesses at the attachment site. RK Topical Spray is 300-600% stronger and lasts longer than any spray at your tack shop.

Owners need to have information on comparing Equioxx to Previcox in the way of costs.
At Valley Vet:
Previcox Tablets: 60 count/57mg Tabs = $77.99
Equioxx Tablets: 60 count/57mg Tabs = $76.95
So, as of now, the Equioxx Tablets cost less than Previcox Tablets. These 2 products are both made by the same company. Horses can now use a specific medication for horses – Great! Past pharmacological studies showed the tablets work just as well as the paste in horses.

September 2016

Horse Breathing  Problems In Hurricane Matthew
Hurricanes create a huge influx of organic material into the air. Organic matter like allergens from grass, trees, weeds, mold will increase Heaves/COPD events in horses. We already have several new clients calling into the office from Florida to try to help their horses breathe better.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!!!! For Laminitis: Insulin Levels Top Indicator, Leptin of Little Use.
3-Year Study of 446 horses in a British Veterinary Association research project tracked horses’ blood levels once a year for 3 years.  Insulin: “Increased serum Insulin concentrations in non-laminitic animals were significantly associated with the subsequent development of Laminitis.” Leptin: “No association between plasma Leptin concentrations and the development of Laminitis in the present study.” Equine Veterinary Journal, August 2016, Dr. N.J. Menzies-Gow.

Headshakers Trial
Some horses have uncontrolled jerking of their heads due to an abnormally high reaction to sunlight. The exact mechanism of this problem has many theories. We have a client who has one of these headshakers and reports almost no signs since starting a powder supplement we developed for a totally different condition. Do you have one of these headshakers? Would you like to try an oral powder to see if it helps (Free)? Email us if you have interest and we can get the history and see if it helps your horse. Our Email:

August 2016

Insulin Resistance in horses does not negatively affect the immune response to vaccines – Good!
In a 2016 study at the University of Kentucky, they found the humoral response to the influenza vaccine was similar to controls, so the protective ability of the vaccines is in place.  This is great news because in other species, Insulin Resistance can cause lowered protection post vaccine. BlueStarClick here to see more information regarding the study and  Vaccines.

New Addition to our Health-E Product line.  Introducing the Larger 180-Serving Multi-Horse/Barn Health-E Have several horses in the barn needing Health-E?  Our larger 180-Serving is your answer! The new tub size will last 6 months for one horse and three months for two horses.  All Horses are deficient in Vitamin E.  This is the Strongest Vitamin E in the USA with over 16,000 IU/oz.  Very economical. For Showing, Breeding, Competition – All Horses need Health-E.

July 2016

Tapeworms and Effect on Colics
July 2016 article by Dr. Nielson, at the University of Kentucky, showed the importance of tapeworm treatment. To date, anthelmithic resistance has not been reported in any of the equine tapeworms.  The article also goes over the difficulty in fecal tests diagnosing tapeworm issues.

Exposure to EPM Much Greater Than Previously Thought
University of California study shows that in a study of 5260 horses in 18 states, exposure via a positive blood test was seen in 79% of healthy horses for Sarcocystis Neurona.  The conclusion was that this high percentage needs to be taken into consideration when performing EPM diagnostic tests.  A positive blood test does not mean has EPM disease.

Equioxx Finally A Tablet
Equioxx is finally going to go to a tiny tablet just like the dog version called Previcox.  This will be a lot cheaper than the Equioxx Paste (about $8.00 a tube) and a lot easier to give, easier to store.  Price list not out yet.  This Equioxx tablet will eliminate issues of the dog pill given to a horse.  Why change?  Due to studies showing that the tablet had great pharmokinetics in horses.

June 2016

Uveitis/Eye Inflammation
Horse Eye onlyHigh dose Vitamin E helps fight inflammation via antioxidant effect. Actually lowers to point of preserving retina!  Health-E suppresses these damaging metabolites in studies.  See Articles Below:
BlueStarClick here to see Anti-inflammatory effects of Vitamin E on experimental lens-induced Uveitis.
BlueStarClick here to see Suppression of S antigen-induced Uveitis by Vitamin E supplementation.
BlueStarClick here to see Oral Vitamins C and E as additional treatment in patients with acute anterior Uveitis.

Scratches/Pastern Crusts
Scratches/pastern crusts are seen at one time or another in most draft horses.  There are many causes, so need to know which type it is in order to correctly treat it.  Many draft or draft crosses get the Mite variety.  Frontline Spray for dogs and cats can help these horses with mite issues.  See the great article by Dr. Yu, a Veterinary Dermatologist.

Large Pergolide Study in USA Will Help Thousands of Horses
A large 16 Cushings (PPID) horses all at one farm in month 6 of the study.  The advantage of this project is that all are in one location, all  on the same feed, hay, fresh grass pastures, vaccines, deworming, and all will use the FDA-Approved and only proven stable form of Pergolide.  We are pulling blood each moth to see how dosing affects horses and how time of year, sunlight time, and grass affects ACTH Levels.

May 2016

Fructans Possible Treatment
baking-sodaIn a 2014 study using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), they demonstrated by tubing approximately 1 pound down of it with water could alkalinize (increase pH) of the large intestine. This study has huge possible therapy options for Veterinarians/owners trying to avoid or treat this type of Laminitis.  We highly recommend now if your horse is suspected of frost grass or spring grass Laminitis to have this baking soda treatment to help treat your horse.  We also recommend to try to help your horse in October/November and April/May/June by feeding a 1000 pound horse 2 tablespoons AM and 2 tablespoons PM of baking soda in the feed (add sugar-free pancake syrup to flavor).  This daily prophylactic attempt to alkalinize pH needs further testing to see effects, but it is an easy, simple step to try to avoid issues and over the last 2 years has helped many horses we have worked with to avoid relapses.  BlueStarClick here to see the study:  Effect of orally administered Sodium Bicarbonate on caecal pHBlueStarClick here to see further information on Fructans-what are they and why are they a problem?

April 2016

Avoid Ear Problems
Warmer Weather comes with insects that can bite the inside and outside of your horse’s ears.  What to do to stop this damage?  Click the Facebook link to see 4 ways to stop the damage with RK Topical Spray.

Sleep Time for Horses
Studies show animals are more prone to disease if they do not sleep enough.  Want to help your horse avoid viral and bacterial infections?  See ho to assist them in a quiet night.

Can we really treat Chronic Lyme in horses? Maybe no.
New study in people with Chronic Lyme Disease shows long-term (12 week) antibiotic treatment did not have additional beneficial effects on health-related quality of life.

Thyroid Products being pulled off the market by the FDA
Many products will be removed from the shelves and off Vet trucks soon.  Which to use?  Lloyds Labs Thryo-L is FDA approved and has shown for decades to raise thyroid blood levels.

New Study shows role of Blue-Green Algae in Horses
Normal horses on Blue-Green Algae had no changes in insulin sensitivity, but once the researchers created insulin resistance with steroids, horses on Blue-Green Algae had lower glucose and insulin baseline levels with better insulin sensitivity compared to controls.  Heiro contains a special Blue-Green Algae.

March 2016

New addition to our Heiro Product Line:  Introducing the Larger 180-Scoop Multi-Horse/Barn Heiro
Have several horses in the barn needing Heiro? Our larger 180-Scoop is your answer!  The new tub size will last 6 months for one horse and three months for two horses.

Rabies and Horses
It is very important to vaccinate horses for Rabies every year.  There is no test for a live horse to see if exposed to Rabies.  There is no known minimum titers in horse vaccines.

Could horses be the Answer to the Zika Virus?
Three great articles: about what is known about Zika and horses may be an answer, CDC arriving in Brazil to investigate, and the CDC Report on Zika.

If you have a horse, most likely you also have a dog.  Dog Heiro to the Rescue!
You know how well Heiro works for horses.  Now there is Dog Heiro for dogs. Is this you dog? Sore joints from age, Lyme, surgery, poor hair/coat, chronic skin/ear problems, olde dog issues, no energy, can’t exercise like before, or over/underweight?  Dog Heiro is in three tasty, convenient sizes.  See Dog Heiro Website at:

February 2016

Articles on Furacin and Wounds:
1.  AAEP 2015 Proceedings. Dr. Hendrickson, Colorado State Veterinary University, states, “should not be used in open wounds”, “Research from as early as 1979 has shown Nitrofurazone retards healing rate by as much as 24%.”   BlueStarSee helpful suggestions on wound healing in the article. What You Should and Should Not Put In or On a Wound.

2. Dermatology, 1979. Dr. RG Geronemus. “Furacin significantly retarded time healing rate by 24%.”  BlueStar Wound Healing. The Effects of Topical Antimicrobial Agents.

3. Equine Emergencies. 2014. Dr. J. Orsini, Surgeon, University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, says, “Topical antibiotics, especially ointments or creams (e.g. Nitrofurazone-Furacin and gentamicin cream) can retard wound healing.”  BlueStar Click here to see the reference in Equine Emergencies.

4.  Equine Wound Management. 2008. Dr. T. Stashak, Veterinary Surgeon, states, “The antibiotic Furacin, rather than the vehicle base is incriminated for the delay in wound healing. Nitrofurazone shown to be toxic to cultured human Keratinocytes and fibroblasts.”  BlueStar Click here to see the reference in Equine Wound Management.

5.  Equine Practice. 2004. Dr. RR Hanson, Veterinary Surgeon, Auburn Veterinary School, says, “Nitrofurazone ointment significantly suppresses epithelialization and wound contraction.” BlueStar Management of Avulsion Wounds with Exposed Bone.

6. Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction. 2013. D. T. Mair states, “Nitrofurazone produced a 30% decrease in the rate of epithelialization in on study.” BlueStar Click here to see the reference in Equine Medicine, Surgery, and Reproduction.

7.  Chem.  Bio. 1977, Dr. PL Olive. Direct damage to DNA in Animal Study. “It is suggested that toxicity and DNA damage may result from actions of toxic intermediates in the metabolic reduction of nitrofurans.” BlueStar Cytotoxicity and DNA damage to mammalian cells by nitrofurans.

8.  Journal of Burn Care. 1995. Dr. ST Boyce, says, “Nitrofurazone had dose-dependent toxicity to human cells and limited effectiveness against gram-negative organisms.” BlueStar Cytotoxicity testing of topical antimicrobial agents on human keratinocytes and fibroblasts for cultured skin grafts.

9.  Biosens Bioelectron. 2012. Dr. Y Ni, stated, “Experiments demonstrated DNA damage.” BlueStar Voltammetric investigation of DNA damage induced by nitrofurazone and short-lived nitro-radicals with the use of an electrochemical DNA biosensor.

10. Small Animal Surgery. 2013. Dr. T. Fossum stated, “Nitrofurazone delays wound epithelialization.” BlueStar Click here to see the reference in Small Animal Surgery Textbook.

January 2016

Click over to the Facebook link above to read the whole articles/studies on these subjects:

Owners need to be aware not to feed raw Peanuts or Cashews EVER to their horses or dogs.

Four Science Articles on Why Vitamin E helps COPD

1. Oxidative Stress of COPD lowers Vitamin E
2. Long-Term Vitamin E Supplementation helps COPD
3. Vitamin E helps reduce Phlegm of COPD
4. Increased Vitamin E prevents COPD

Say Hello to Batanero
Batanero looks brilliant now.  Delighted in his recovery.

Use with caution in Insulin Resistant and Past Laminitis Cases.

December 2015

Click over to the Facebook link above to read the whole article on these subjects:

HEIRO_180Servings_rgb-OriginalWe have a new addition to our HEIRO product line! We are offering a larger, more economical size container of Horse HEIRO. Great for Barns, Farms, and Owners with more than one horse. The new tub size will last 6 months for one horse and three months for two horses. Order your Multi-Horse/Barn HEIRO, our newest and largest size at 180 scoops today. No sooner time to start than with the New Year!

Meet Magnesium
Magnesium used in Heiro is unique because:
1.  Pharmaceutical Grade – Top level for purity.
2.  The only magnesium form researched in horses – not gerbils, not people.
3.  The top form of magnesium for bio availability in horses.
4.  The amount that gets real results in how the horse looks and in lowering blood insulin.  Magnesium in the RIGHT AMOUNTS in Heiro helps cells to have maximum metabolic function.  Then helps the horse stabilize Insulin.

So if some magnesium is good, is a huge amount better?  NO! Studies in horses show super high magnesium and high chromium had NO EFFECT on horse Insulin.  Many owners try these products and after a couple of months realize their horse is not improving or continues to get Laminitis.

Winter Coming? How to keep hay soaked for my horse?
1.  Commercial steams or you can make one with a wallpaper steamer from Home Depot!
2.  Add 1 cup of table salt into the water where you soak the hay.  Water will not freeze. *******NEVER use water heaters to do the hay.  This is a fire hazard.

Say Hello to Rebel
Rebel’s breathing was so bad and the steroids didn’t seem to do much for him anymore.  Wasn’t able to ride him.  My friend ordered me Heave Ho & Vitamin E from you. Within in 7 Days his breathing was better!  It’s now been 2 weeks and I can’t believe the improvement.  I’m now placing my own order.  I’m so excited to be able to ride him again!

November 2015

Click over to the Facebook Link above to read the whole article on these subjects:

New Vaccine?

There is a new Lepto Vaccine that is out on the market for horses – why you should wait to use.

Say Hello to Frisco

Frisco is a beautiful, high-stepper who pounds the ground with his hooves. He is doing great on Heiro.

Meet the Herb:  Fenugreek in Horse Heiro

New study shows brain protection aspect of this herb that benefits young and especially older horses with Cushings.  You want your horse’s mind clear and calm through life and as they age to avoid mental decline.  Fenugreek also helps control insulin levels to protect the laminae in the feet.  See the study on Facebook.

October 2015

Click over to the Facebook link above to read the whole article on these subjects:

Say Hello To Jasper

Jasper, the driving donkey, that moves better, no tender feet.

Cancer Drug in People

This drug is helping people with Parkinsons that could help Cushings Horses.

Why need Vitamin E Supplement in the Fall/Winter

30% Drop in Blood Vitamin E in horses.  Health-E is strongest Equine Vitamin E supplement in the USA.

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If you do not have Facebook, you can still read the articles.  On your computer, click on the website, then on the “F” icon for Facebook.  Then you can see the actual articles.  This only works from a computer, not from hand-held devices.

September 2015

Click over to the Facebook link above to read the whole article on these subjects:

Why Glucosamine is not in Heiro.

Due to Glucosamine being linked to increasing problems with eyes, Insulin Resistance/Diabetes, asthma, skin, blood pressure, and cardiac events.  Glucosamine’s role in increasing intraocular (eye) pressure – are signs in Glaucoma. “possible permanent damage to the eye can result from prolonged use of Glucosamine supplementation.”  See the link to the Mayo Clinic Bulletin.

Say Hello to Amber

See how Heiro helped this mare.  She was able to get pregnant and have a healthy foal.

Equioxx/Previcox article on why it is needed in early-stage Laminitis pain.

The Cox-2 expression in Laminar Tissues was seen in the study.

Why Equioxx/Previcox given in Triple-dose on day 1 helps horses with foot pain for Laminitis.

This is excellent in helping relieve painful Laminitis and also has direct action on Nerves/Neuritis.

Pergolide (Prascend) dosing may be totally wrong in Cushing Horses.

A study with oral Pergolide showed 1/2 of the drug is eliminated within approximately 5.64 hours.

Pergolide (Prascend) not lasting 24 hours in the Cushing Horse – which is a big problem.

1/2 of it is gone in less than 6 hours.

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August 2015

Click over to the Facebook link below to read the whole article on these subjects:

L-Arginine Facts/Issues in Horses

At times, clients hear about using L-Arginine to help treat Laminitis.  It is important to know that overuse of amino acids are not without problems.  There are two separate articles on this subject.

Omegas for Horses with Heaves/COPD Airway Problems

“Clinical improvement is noted in all horses involved in group receiving Omega 3’s.  Cough score improved 60%.  Respiratory effort decreased 48%.”

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November 2014

Temperatures UP and DOWN

The rollercoaster ride of cold weather followed by warm up has not let green grass go dormant – many yards still have green grass.  This cold-stressed grass is higher in fructans which can trigger Laminitis or sore feet.

• Keep on Heiro once a day – this grass is also a zero for Vitamin E but Heiro has plenty in one scoop a day.
• Add 2 tablespoons (twice a day) of Baking Soda in the grain.  Flavor it up with sugar-free pancake syrup.  This helps increase gut pH.
• Add Probiotics to diet for the next 2 months to keep gut flora up.  Fructans in hind end alters flora.

The Big ZERO

Grass in cold weather areas has zero Vitamin E by November 1st – even if still green colored.  Horses become Vitamin E deficient in university studies within 30 days.  Just 1 scoop of Health-E a day is 5800 IU of all 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol. Older horses (15+ years) need Vitamin E more in order to keep up immune systems and avoid sickness.  Vitamin E is also an anti-inflammatory and helps in maintaining skin integrity.  Health-E is the strongest Vitamin E in the USA and the most economical at only $0.93 a day for 5000 IU.


Fall/winter brings leaves and ticks live in leaf litter. To treat and test a horse fully for Lyme/Anaplasma (Erlichia) is over $800.00, and they can get it again and again.  RK Topical Spray is 300-60-0% stronger than what is in your tack box or in the tack shop.  Ticks need 24-36 hours of attachment on your horse to transmit disease.  Just 2 times a day with RK Topical Spray will kill and repel ticks.  Stop treating for Lyme, start preventing.  One horse uses 2 bottles a month of RK Spray if used twice a day.  That is less than $40.00 a month.

Dog Gone It!


Have a dog with skin/ear or joint problems, older with no energy?  Go to  See what food to buy, what food is no good.  See good and bad snacks.  See results in only 14-21 days.  Its quick.




May 2014

The Lyme bacteria is now the #1 Tick borne disease of both dogs and horses.  Dog Heiro is effective in helping the joints of dogs battling this disease.  Dogs can move better while on antibiotics plus Dog Heiro.  For horses, our RK Topical Spray will stop tick attachment and the Heiro program is helpful in avoiding insulin surging seen in bacterial infections in horses.  This can help avoid Lyme bacteria induced Laminitis.

Equine Neurological Herpes
Outbreaks of Equine Neurological Herpes have been reported here in Pennsylvania and New Zealand.  Animal studies show high levels of Vitamin E can help avoid this problem.  If you have horses traveling, showing, being in large groups of new horses or racetracks, and want to avoid this problem, Health-E is the strongest Vitamin E in the USA at over 16,000 IU/oz and is also the most economical in the USA for 5000 IU per day.  Stress can lead to this Herpes virus emerging as a disease.  The virus is in all horses.  The key is not to let it emerge/replicate.

High Carb Diets
Over eating high carbohydrate diets is a problem in horses and dogs.  We have great choices to feed your animals to avoid problems such as joint pain, skin issues, and lameness on our websites:  It is all made simple and easy:

Dogs –
Horses –

New Study
Just this month, University of Pennsylvania Radiology found that people with Diabetes have measurable brain shrinking/ damage.  This is important for our animals also.  In horses, Insulin Resistance might lead to earlier Cushings or more Cushings.  In dogs, it might lead to personality changes: wandering, late night walking, or staring into space.

February 2014

Dog Heiro Website is Up and Running
heiro-dog_cmy-bottle-only-one-off-originalFor sore dogs, arthritis dogs, dogs with poor hair coats, older dogs having a tough time getting up, support for cancer dogs, old and young couch potatoes with weight issues, even underweight dogs.  We have a feeding program on the website of over 75 choices of dry dog food and which canned foods are best.  Only 15% of the dry dog foods in the USA are truly healthy for your dog.  Come see which ones!

Another round of racetrack shutdowns from EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus-1) Neurological forms at PARX Racetrack (Feb 18, 2014).box-avoidneuroherpes
Studies in cattle showed that this same form of virus occurs in cattle (usually respiratory but can go neurological) and Vitamin E supplementation helped avoid the problem by immune boosting.  If you have racehorses, show horses that travel a lot, are packed tight with other horses at barns and want to help your horse avoid this problem, start with a high dose of Vitamin E today.  Our Health-E is the most concentrated Vitamin E form in the USA (over 16,000 IU/oz.) and has all 8 forms of Vitamin E, plus it is the most economical in the country to treat at 5000 IU/day.  Vaccines do not protect against the neurological form of Herpes.

Insulin’s direct damage to Nerves
hoof-laminae-normalRecent studies (2013) in human medicine have confirmed, for the first time, Insulin’s direct damage to peripheral nerves.  This is a study now needed in horses with past Laminitis.  Often, these horses will go sore for no reason (no grass around in the middle of the winter) due to cold-induced Neuritis (like Diabetic people’s feet).  New protocols for these horses, have been developed by our practice, to help horses that have been sore for weeks or months.  Many improve dramatically in only 7-10 days.


Vitamin E
health-e_lrgRemember that horses can have Insulin Resistance and have muscle issues like PSSM/EPSM.  The Heiro diet helps both of these conditions and our Health-E can raise blood levels of Vitamin E quickly.  We have the highest blood level of Vitamin E ever recorded on a horse!  Health-E is lab-proven to quickly help double or triple Vitamin E levels.


New Article
Look for an article this Spring in Holistic Horse by Dr. Reilly on Pasture Management for the Insulin Resistant horse.  See how to produce safe fields, see what grasses to sow in the fields, how to mow pastures, when to turn out, muzzles, how long you can safely turn out, and when to blood test.  Putting them on dirt lots is not the answer.

New Test for Cushings!
cushingshorseWe still will do the ACTH level testing on suspects, but in those early cases where your horse is not super hair coated but only sheds slowly, long hairs in a few places, Laminitis, the TRH Test will be used also, due to in the early stages, the ACTH might not be up very much.  TRH Test is giving a shot of it and testing the blood 10 minutes later and comparing it to the blood test taken prior to TRH – easy.  Also, horses over 15 years old are being recommended by the Equine Endocrinology Group to have Cushing testing if they have signs or Laminitis.


December 2013

International Laminitis Conference
redfootveinsDr. Reilly spoke on new advances in combating the #1 cause of Laminitis in the world today – Insulin Resistance.  In addition, we have added new information on our website regarding pain management and why it is often not Laminitis but Neuritis pain causing your horse to struggle.  You can see this in depth information at our website: and click the upper left green button: “Fall/Winter Laminitis”.

A New Study in 2013
horseinfieldIn this study, Dr. Graham of Virginia Intermont College, in Virginia, showed that horses only on turnout had more bone mineral content and the same fitness as horses exercised 2 hours a day, under saddle, at a walk/trot/canter, 5 days a week.  This study, again, shows why we want horses out exercising with their pasture buddies and not locked up in stalls all day.  Most owners can’t do 2 hours/5 days a week of riding.  Turnout is exercise and we have pushed this point beginning in 2007 – over 6 years ago.

Cold-Induced Nerve Pain
All of a sudden your horse, that is on a good program, goes sore for no reason.  Horses with past Laminitis have nerve endings susceptible to extended or sudden cold creating pain.  HEIRO can greatly help reduce the time table of this problem and by adding certain medications for only 5-7 days (for about $10.00 total), your horse can get comfortable fast.

Horses with any past Laminitis need to stay on HEIRO year round.

Dog HEIRO – Coming out January 1, 2014
dogheiro-label-part-1Overweight dogs, Dogs with sore joints, Dogs close to or having Diabetes, Young and old couch potatoes, Older dogs with no energy.  Only 30 cents a dose to help keep your dog feeling SUPER.

nationaldogshow-logoDr. Reilly attended the National Dog Show in Pennsylvania and is going to Florida for the Eukanuba Show.

Vitamin E
healthe-closerviewSince October there has been no Vitamin E in the grass in most of the USA, and hay/grain has very little Vitamin E. Your horse needs to be on 1 tablespoon a day of Health-E.  It is the most potent Vitamin E in the USA and the most economical for 5000 IU a day.  It stimulates the immune system, helps muscle, eye, liver, and coat.

Slow Feeders
The Slow Feeders we recommend to help Insulin Resistance are now proven to work.  Equine Vet Journal, 2013.  Horses fed loose hay on the ground and horses fed through a grid hay bag, both grazed the same time, but the intake was “significantly lower with the grid feeder”.  We want slow/steady hay 24/7 to keep Insulin down.  We, again, are over 6 years ahead on recommending this for horses in 2007.

October, 2013

Trade Shows and Conferences

1.  Please join us at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire, in West Springfield, MA, November 7-10, 2013.  We will be in booth 1241 in the Young Building.  We are looking forward to seeing you there.

2.  Dr. Reilly has been requested to speak at the International Laminitis conference in Florida, November 1-3, 2013 on Equine Insulin Resistance as the #1 cause of Laminitis in the world.  Dr. Reilly is the AAEP “Ask the Vet” expert on this subject.



We are pleased to announce that in 2014, we will now have DOG HEIRO. So many horse owners have requested a product to help their overweight, young or old couch potatoes, in or close to Diabetes, sore jointed due to Insulin Resistance, or early-stage Diabetes, tired-all-the-time dogs. DOG HEIRO can be put in with their food, or fed right out of your hand. Dogs love the taste. Get your best friend back to feeling super.

Fall/Winter Laminitis

calendarFall/Winter Laminitis is approaching. Sugar levels are higher in grass, Vitamin E amounts in the grass are dropping, and cold-induced foot pain from Neuritis, older horses with Cushings seasonal surging, less water intake, less exercise due to weather/less daylight all contribute. Even temperatures dropping into the 40s-50s can change grass composition. To help avoid the problem, need year-round HEIRO – not just in Spring/Summer.

New Therapy

baking-sodaThere is a new therapy to help avoid Fall Frost grass and Spring lush grass Fructan (Sugar) Laminitis. 2013 EV Journal on using Baking Soda to alkalize cecal contents. They used 1 pound of it via stomach tubes/1000 pound horse, showing this might be helpful in grain overload or Laminitis attacks causing heavy acid environment.

We believe this information is so vital, we wanted to get this to owners as a possible mechanism to help prevent Laminitis. We measured 1 tablespoon of Bicarb at 20 grams, so in an emergency treatment it is 23 tablespoons to tube down. (1 pound soda = 452 grams) But why not try to keep gut alkaline to push back possible acid Fructan problems?

Our practice is leading the way recommending Bicarb to be used daily to help prevent issues. The amounts we are starting out at to see if there is an effect are 2 tablespoons in the morning and 2 more tablespoons at night per 1000 pound horse (1/2 that in 500 pound and 1/4 that in 250 pound), during frost grass of October/November and Spring grass of April/May. Higher amounts may be needed but it is so easy and cheap to help give your horse some help.

I bet in 1 year it will be a standard. You do not need commercial/expensive stomach buffer products. Just Baking Soda at the grocery store. High Fructans lead to bacterial overgrowth and toxin release in the large intestine due to low acid pH it creates. The 4 pound box of Baking Soda is 90 tablespoons. It will last 3 weeks in a 1000 pound horse – easy. About $1.00 per week.

New Cause of Laminitis in Horses

test-tubesWe are in the middle of a new possible Laminitis cause in horses – results in next 30 days. Will keep you posted. Testing here in the Northeast and other parts of the USA to see if regional differences.


August, 2013         


This herb, in other animal studies, is shown to increase Insulin.  Some supplements carry this herb, and you need to carefully look over labels.  Our supplements do not have Yucca.  Avoid Yucca in Equine Insulin Resistance. 

Enrich 32 Changing Names

Purina’s ration balancer will now be called Enrich Plus.  It is still 32% protein, low carbs will remain the same, but it will be totally free of oats and corn.

Older Horses – New Study

older-horse-study-twilightUniversity of Kentucky’s Equine Department, July 2013, from The Horse magazine.
A.  “Study shows that Insulin Resistance might be a concern for ALL aged horses, not just horses affected by PPID (Cushings).”
B.  Tested Cushings horses versus older horses – both had the same amount of lowered Insulin sensitivity – Dr. Urshel states: “What this means is that as a horse ages, a decrease in Insulin sensitivity is likely to occur.”  It seems our average aged horses may be just as much at risk for Insulin Resistance as our horses with PPID.
Dr. Reilly:  Older horses can benefit from the HEIRO program of the right hay and grain, turn out, snacks, testing, and HEIRO supplement.  Older horses’ immune systems drop dramatically and the form of Vitamin E alone in HEIRO has been shown to increase immune system cells and immunoglobulins.  Many owners add HEIRO to their horse’s diet that is over 20 years of age to help avoid Insulin Resistance problems.


bumblebeeA recent article from Texas was written about bees attacking a lady and her horse.  Many times on trail rides or turnout, grounded bees can be disturbed causing problems.  RK Topical Spray contains natural pyrethrins which are very effective in repelling or killing bees.  Spray your horse’s body/legs prior to rides into the woods to avoid problems.


horse-noseWe have treated several horses recently for Heaves (Equine Allergic Airway or Equine Asthma) with our all-natural/herbal Heave Ho Syrup.  Most horses respiratory rates drops by 50% in 7-10 days with more comfort, less nasal discharge.  If you or a friend has a horse with these types of issues, call us to go over your horse.  Results are quick and guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose. #1 Cause is Hay.  #2 Cause is bedding.  Many are only affected in Summer.