FAQ – Equine Heave Ho For COPD/Asthma

FAQ – Equine Heave Ho Supplement for Equine Heaves/Equine COPD

Do You and Your Horse Need Equine Heave Ho for Equine Heaves/Equine COPD?

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We are the only Equine Heaves/COPD herbal product using top rated/highest quality natural herbs, minerals, adaptogens, and Vitamin E to combat this respiratory problem.
We go over multiple ways to help manage the problem.  Heave Ho program is not just a supplement and good luck to you – that would not work.
• Heave Ho is guaranteed to help your horse’s signs of Equine Heaves by Day 14 – You have nothing to lose by trying it along with the management program.
Heave Ho is economical – no expensive testing or $1,000 in allergy shots.  If you buy two (2) Heave Ho at a time, it is FREE SHIPPING.
telephoneFree Veterinary Consults with us – call or email us and we will speak directly to you.  These consults are FREE – Speak to an Equine Veterinarian with 27 years of experience dealing with this problem.
avoid-laminitisAvoid Steroid problems seen in Insulin Resistant, Cushings, and past foundered horses. WARNING: Long term (just 32 days in a row) of steroids can lead to greater chance of EPM Neurological Disease.  bluestarClick here for Dr. Cutler’s study in Vet Parasitol. on Immunoconversion against Sarcocystis neurona in normal and dexamethasone-treated horses challenged with S. neurona sporocysts.
fluticasoneinhaler• Get off expensive medications and inhalers.
• Natural supplement to help control Equine Heaves/Equine COPD
bluestarClick here to see 15 pages of in-depth information on how to manage COPD, Thyroid Link to COPD, why Steroids are a problem.

Why Need To Treat Year Round

Spring:  Grass, weeds, leaf pollen increase
Summer: Flowering plants, weeds pour out pollen. Corn and soybean pollen peak.
Fall:  Ragweed pollens and mold spore counts peak.  Fallen leaves are a major mold source.
Winter:  All hay diet, in many cases, needed so hay dust increases.  In sheds/barns more so barn, dust increases.




2 Great Flavors:  Molasses and Sugar-Free Apple

What is in Equine Heave Ho?

Equine Heave Ho is the only one using natural herbs to help Equine Heaves/Equine COPD.  Studies show organic foods have “up to 40% more antioxidants than non-organic”.  Dr. Leifert, New Castle University, UK, 2007.
herbsinheavehoINGREDIENTS:  Echinacea, Spirulina, Lemon Balm, Mullein, Willow, Green Tea, Eleuthero Root, Reishi.
Contains multiple adaptogens which help your horse’s immune system to adapt to stress of this respiratory condition in order to improve clinical signs.
Contains herbs to help with clearing away mucus to help breathe better.
Contains herbs to decrease spasms of airways to reduce coughing.
• Contains herbs with anti-inflammatory action to help open airways.
• Contains balanced minerals to support the immune system.
• Contains high dose Vitamin E – The ONLY supplement for COPD/Asthma/Coughing in horses with this important antioxidant.  1 Scoop = 5784 IU of Vitamin E

Why this Vitamin E?
Contains all 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol.  Includes RRR natural form.
It is the natural fat-soluble form seen in your horse’s body.
It is Ester Stable – Can stay in a hot tack box, or a cold tack room and it remains stable for up to 2 years.

•  Heave Ho is High in Healthy Omegas

Heave Ho tests at over 26% in Omegas.
A healthy 2:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 Ratio.
Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that the body does not make – need supplemented.


Both flavors are safe in Insulin Resistant Horses.


Report Date: November 2016
Heave Ho
Molasses Flavor
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Tested Negative for Drugs, Pesticides, and Lead at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School.   November 2016

In addition, Tested Negative for E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. November 2016


What is NOT in Equine Heave Ho?

No Fillers – Powder:  1 Scoop AM and 1 Scoop PM for 7 days, then 1 scoop a day for maintenance.  Note: Some horses in severe allergy season may need a twice a day dose until the allergy count lowers.
Equine Heave Ho is not cooked or processed – only pure herbal powders.  Cooking takes vitamins/minerals out of herbs.
We do not use herbs from unknown sources – Equine Heave Ho contains natural herbs.

 BlueStarClick here to see a Real World Story how Heave Ho/Health E Helped a Horse.

Is My Horse’s Heave Condition Contagious?

No, it is an individual hyperactive reaction to allergens.  Your horse can not give Equine Heave/Equine COPD to another horse.



Want In-Depth Information on:

Diagnosis of COPD
Aerosols for COPD
Management of COPD
COPD Attacks
Weight Loss in COPD
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Why is Vitamin E needed to Help Breathe Better?

Heave Ho has 5784 IU Vitamin E per scoop to improve the airway. Vitamin E in horses is proven to increase immunity to help decrease chronic and constant lung infections. This can cut back on snotty noses, constant antibiotics of secondary bacterial infections. The Vitamin E has also been proven in horses to increase immunity via immunoglobulin protection increased.

Simple, easy, economical, and especially needed in horses on dirt lots/poor pasture and in winter (October-March) when there is almost zero Vitamin E in grass. bluestarClick here for Vitamin E information.


bluestarClick below on Science Articles on Why Vitamin E helps COPD:

In Studies:

1.  Blood Vitamin E levels lower in COPD. See Dr. Hanson’s 2016 below.
2.  Supplementing with Vitamin E improved breathing components. “Positive association with dietary Vitamin E intake and lung function.” Tocopherol Levels in Lung Function, C. Hanson
3. “Vitamin E may be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of harmful effects of COPD.” Oxidative Stress of COPD Lowers Vitamin E, T. Tug
4.  “Vitamin E supplements decreased DNA damage to white blood cells.” Long-Term Vitamin E Supplementation helps COPD, TC Wu
5.  Patients on Vitamin E had greater lung capacity and produced less phlegm. Vitamin E Helps Reduce Phlegm of COPD, Y. Kelly
6.  Long-term regular use of Vitamin E may help decrease risk of COPD. Increased Vitamin E Prevents COPD, American Thoracic Society


1.  Heave Ho Powder:  1 Scoop AM and 1 Scoop PM for 7 days, then 1 scoop a day. 1 Container has 30 Servings.
2.  bluestarClick here to see other steps you can take to also help your horse through the management of the environment.




How long do I keep my horse on Equine Heave Ho for Equine Heaves/Equine COPD?

calendarDepends on the condition:
A.  Some horses are only “Summer Heaves” and after a good spell of cold weather/snow, their allergen is gone for the winter.  They go off Equine Heave Ho and back onto it at once a day starting mid-March.

B.  Some horses are allergic year round to usually hay, diet, mold, or bedding types and need year round Equine Heave Ho.


General Information:

Heave Ho.  For chronically allergic airway/COPD/Asthma horses needing help breathing.  The ingredients in Heave Ho supplement are natural herbs.  These herbs help in fortifying your horse’s immune system using phytonutrients, immune modulators, adaptogens to help deal with the stress of breathing issues and anti-inflammatories. 

Heave Ho comes in two (2) flavors – Molasses and Sugar-Free apple for Insulin Resistant/Cushings horses. Heave Ho Powder: 1 Scoop AM, 1 Scoop PM for 7 days, then 1 Scoop a day.  Most horses respond rapidly in 10-14 days with improved respiratory rates, less cough, and calmer attitudes from being able to breath better.  Heave Ho Powder can also be given two (2) times a day in heavy allergen times and once a day in moderate exposures. A handy and convenient concentrate is shipped to you for easy storage. 

Equine Heave Ho is to help maintain horse health and is part of a comprehensive program.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

For in-depth clinical signs, tests, and management of Equine Heaves/COPD, bluestarClick Here to read 15 page in-depth article on Equine Heaves/Equine COPD , for Diagnosis, Management, Weight Loss, Airway Changes, Thyroid Powder helping, and Vitamin E helping.

FNL HEAVE Ho Label Art_Revised 6.2016_R2_Molasses

Proper diet and exercise is essential for horse health.  This product is a supplement to help maintain horse health.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.