Best Stuff on the Market

This fly spray is, bar none, THE BEST insecticide I’v ever used for my horses! Not only works the best, but is also the longest-lasting, too. Other sprays work for maybe 10-15 minutes; this stuff lasts at least 12 hours- or longer. I wont EVER purchase another brand again- that is, unless some other company can top this one. PLEASE don’t ever stop making this awesome stuff!! PS- I shared some with a friend, and she’s now sold on it too!!

Dana, Pennsylvania


Maintaining Fly Control

Have used the fly spray for several weeks and am very pleased. We have a problem with habernemia and flies here in Tucson, AZ. It is pretty important to maintain fly control, this is helping a lot!

Cheryl, Arizona


NO More Flies!

I have dutifully sprayed my 3 equines with your fly spray twice a day and I have NO flies. We have a huge cattle operation across the street that brings horn flies and usually they are awful. This spray is the BOMB!

Julie, South Carolina


Phenomenal Product

All of Dr. Reilly’s products work, plain and simple. The RK fly spray is phenomenal. Works on ticks and big bomber flies. I used to pull ticks by the dozen, now the only ones I see rarely are dead ones.

Judy, New Jersey


Top Farrier School Endorses:

Dr. Reilly:
This fly spray is the most effective fly spray I have ever found. Students take 4-6 hours to shoe a horse and your fly spray is as effective on hour 6 as it is on hour one! A quality shoeing cannot be accomplished on a horse that is moving around, stomping flies. RK Topical Spray allows the horse to stand quietly throughout the shoeing. Thanks for a great product.

Bob Smith – Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School – California


Keeps the Flies Away

The bug spray protection might actually be the best bug spray in the world. Definitely keeps the flies away. During pigeon fever season in Arizona, this is priceless.

Lucinda- Wisconsin, 2018


The Best

Dr. Reilly:
RK Spray has been the best fly/tick spray I have ever used.

Janice – Oklahoma, June 2017


Really The Best

Dr. Reilly:
Stuff (RK Topical Spray) is the bomb.  Really the best.

Julie – South Carolina, June 2017

Out in Pasture without the Constant Stomping & Tail Swishing

Dr. Reilly:
I’ve been using the RK Topical Spray on my horses for years.  I started using it for a horse that has sweet itch, flies don’t even land on her! I now use this product for all the horses.  It’s so nice to see them out in the pasture without the constant stomping & tail swishing.  I always spray them prior to riding.  As for the customer service – FANTASTIC! My order arrives very quickly – thank you! Highly recommend RK Topical Spray.

Linda – New York, July 2016


My Horse Is Wonderful!

Dr. Reilly:
I have been using the fly spray with the Sweet Itch liquid all summer.  I cannot tell you how wonderful my horse is.  We are even getting this 21 year old ready to show again!  Last year he was a bloody, hairless mess!!!! Thank you.  I have told so many people about this every chance I get!

Ann – Florida, September 2016


Best I’ve Ever Seen:

Dr. Reilly:
I purchased your new bug spray product that you lectured about at the Horse Show. I just love that product. My horse’s coat has never looked better! And I do not need to spray him every day. At least not now. If the flies and gnats, etc., get worse I may need to spray more. But for now it is working very well. Best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been around horses all my life and never saw anything as good as this!

Shelley – Ohio


No Stomping, No Head Shaking:

Dr. Reilly:
That fly spray is amazing!  The flies here from the huge cattle operation across the street are the worst you have ever seen.  Fly predator companies won’t even sell me fly predators.  I went out yesterday AM and they were swarming.  I got my fly masks and your spray and hit all three horses and like a miracle those flies were GONE.  No stamping, no head shaking, no tail swishing…GONE.  Amazing product.  I follow the directions to the letter…twice a day.

Julie – South Carolina


Other Sprayers Not Working but RK Does!

Dr. Reilly:
Hi…first want to say love your Heiro Supplement, but secondly, I tried your RK Fly Spray and, well, now love that!  We run a boarding stable in Ohio…a natural facility where horses are out a lot.  Fly sprays were not lasting.  But yours does.  Have been using for a few weeks and love it.  I just posted on Facebook how much I like the spray with a link to the product…you maybe get flooded with orders from Ohio!  Thanks for bringing quality products to the equine industry.

Stephanie – Ohio 2015


Works Wonderfully:

Dr. Reilly:
My 2 girls love your products.  One is so sensitive to bug bites and the RK Topical is the only fly spray I use now.  It works wonderfully.  My Vet, who has a large customer base and works with 2 other Vets, continues to recommend that to his customers to  try your products.  His is so pleased with the results.

Karen – California