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Vitamin E — 400% More potent Horse Vitamin E and half the cost of what you are currently using.

Is This Your Horse?
Neurological Issues (EPM, EDM, Motor Neuron); Muscle Soreness; Tie-up;
Polysaccharide storage problems; Senior horse with poor immunity; Dirt lot or no grass;
Liver Problems; Eye Disorders; Dull, dry, damaged skin and coat


Equine Vitamin E supplement is Ranked #1 for potency at over 16,000 IU/oz.
Horse Vitamin E supplement is Ranked#1 most economical in the USA at 5,000 IU
Horse Vitamin E supplement is Ranked #1 for the most tested for content/purity.


Most Tested + Reliable + Highest Potency In the USA + Best Price per Unit In the USA = Health-E

All Horses Require Vitamin E – They do not make it in the body.

Horse Vitamin E: Compare to Other Brands
Horse Vitamin E: Why the Best?
Horse Vitamin E: Safe in Insulin Resistant Horses
Horse Vitamin E: World Record!
Horse Vitamin E: Why No Selenium
Horse Vitamin E: Free Veterinary Consults
Horse Vitamin E: Beats Grocery Store Capsules
Horse Vitamin E: What Conditions does Health-E Help


Horse Vitamin E: Compare to Other Brands

RedStarBeats Platinum, SmartPak, Elevate…


Horse Vitamin E Supplement: Why the best?

1.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement has a freshness date so you know potency.  Most other brands do not – you could be buying an antique.

Ranked #1 US FLAG2.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement has all 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol.  Other brands have 1 form.  Health-E includes the RRR natural alpha-tocopherol form.

3.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement is the natural fat-soluble form seen in your horse’s body – many others use alcohol to create water soluble forms.

4. Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement is Ester Stable – It can stay in a hot tack box or cold tack room and it remains stable up to 2 years.  Many others, including all water soluble products, degrade in light, heat, and even just exposure to air.

5.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement is so potent, it is over 11,000 IU in just 2 tablespoons – other brands require 8 – 16 tablespoons to get to that level due to full of fillers.

6.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement is the form of Vitamin E proven to help neurological disease in horses – dl-alpha tocopherol acetate.

7.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement at one scoop per day is proven to raise blood Vitamin E levels in your horse – guaranteed.

8.  Bottled in the USA. USA Owner.


Horse Vitamin E: Safe in Insulin Resistant Horses

Equi-Analytical Laboratories – April 2010
Low sugar/Low carb/low Fructan.  So is safe in Horse Cushings and Horse Insulin Resistance.

WSC (Fructans) – .8% (less than 1%)
ESC Simple Sugars – 1.4%
Starch – .2% (less than 1%)
The choice in the Tie-up and PSSM/EPSM horse.

Pennsylvania State Lab (PADLS) – May 2010
Tested Lead free, Drug Free, Pesticide Free
Tested Melamine Free

Michigan State Lab – April 2010
Tested highest potency at over 16,000+ IU/oz.

Three Logos


bluestarClick the Label to see the details.

Health-E Label 001

Horse Vitamin E: World Record!

1.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement is the only horse Vitamin E where each bottle is personally inspected by Dr. Frank Reilly at our facility and during the bottling process.  Your horse deserves this attention to detail to ensure a top-quality product.  All handling is done here in the USA.  You need to be assured Health-E is the best for your horse.

2.  We test because you want to see what is going into your horse AND want to see if it really works.  Health-E horse Vitamin E supplement is the ONLY ester stable, top potency, all 8 forms of alpha tocopherol showing lab results on how well it raises Vitamin E levels in the horse’s blood.  Others can talk while we show you!

Pennsylvania State Diagnostic Lab at University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School (New Bolton Center):

Adult horse – Adequate is 2.0 ppm

May 2011     Dusty    11.5 ppm  WORLD RECORD  5x+ higher than adequate
May 2011     Lucy       7.6 ppm                                    3x+ higher than adequate
March 2011 Buddy     6.3 ppm                                    3x+ higher than adequate

Health-E is PROVEN to raise horse’s Vitamin E levels significantly.



Horse Vitamin E Supplement: Why No Selenium

Horses needing high dose Vitamin E for EPM, PSSM, EDM, muscle problems, and eye problems CAN NOT USE Vitamin E/Selenium combination products due to it would create Selenium Toxicity.

A.  Health-E horse Vitamin E supplement is only pure Vitamin E and has no Selenium in it.  There is no toxicity in horses with high dose Vitamin E, so they can get over 10,000 IU a day for months.
B.  Selenium has a toxicity level in a 1000 pound horse of approximately 5 mg a day, so they should not be supplemented with more than 3 mg a day.
C.  Vitamin E/Selenium combinations all vary in the amount of Vitamin E is combined with 1 mg of Selenium.   Some have 200 IU Vitamin E with it, some have 625 IU Vitamin E with it.  It is not uniform.
D.  Example:  An EPM horse needs 10,000 IU a day of Vitamin E. If used a 625 IU Vitamin E plus 1 mg Selenium product, that is 16 scoops to get 10,000 IU of Vitamin E, but that is also 16 mg of Selenium.  Over 300% toxic overdose of Selenium.  With Health-E, it would be 2 scoops for 11,600 IU Vitamin E and done – safe, easy, low amount of scoops, tasty.


Horse Vitamin E Supplement: Free Veterinary Consults

1.  Health-E Horse Vitamin E Supplement users get free Veterinary consults with Dr. Reilly by email or phone anytime they need to discuss their horse’s case.  No other Vitamin E product comes close to this high standard.
bluestar Click here to see how Health-E beats Platinum, SmartPak, Elevate.

Horse Vitamin E Supplement: Beats Grocery Store Capsules

blueribbonHealth-E horse Vitamin E supplement wins – 3 ways.

naturemadevite1.  Cost:

Health-E – 97 cents a day.

A.  Target – Nature Made – $1.08 a day – over 15% more cost.
B.  Kmart – Spring Valley – $1.09 a day – over 15% more cost.

2. StabilityMost grocery store brands have no expiration date.  No idea if any good.  Many brands do not have all 8 forms of Vitamin E, so again not sure.  Many brands are not ester stable – they may have no potency if exposed to light/heat.  Health-E horse Vitamin E supplement is freshness dated, ester stable, and stable in heat/light/air.

3.  Time – Health-E horse Vitamin E supplement is one (1) scoop and go – 5000 IU to your horse.  Capsules take time to poke with a needle, squeeze out oil.  Half of it ends up on your hands, on bucket walls, on your counter – lots of waste.


Horse Vitamin E Supplement – What conditions does Health-E  help?

Health-E horse Vitamin E supplement is useful year round to keep your horse healthy.


1. Horse Vitamin E supplement – Needed on an all hay diet: You can not get the full daily requirements of your horse’s Vitamin E from hay, cubes, or pellets.

A. Vitamin E content in hay and drying condition.
“Decrease in Vitamin E seen within 10 days of drying.”
“Rate of Vitamin E destruction was greatest (nearly 60%) within 4 days in hay dried in a swath and artificially moistened.”

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Thafvelin’s article in J. of Dairy Science, 1966,  Vitamin E and Linolenic Acid Content of Hay as related to Different Drying Conditions.

B.  Manitoba Department of Agriculture – Vitamin E requirements in cattle.
“Stored feeds do not contain adequate Vitamin E to meet animal requirements.”
“Supplemental Vitamin E was required in all rations that contained dry hay.”
“Vitamin E levels in any stored feed decreases in time.”

bluestarClick here  to see article: Vitamin E Requirements for Finishing Cattle and Beef Cows.



2. Horse Vitamin E Supplement – Needed in stall bound/on dirt lot: Horses stall bound in winter, or in dirt lots need supplemented Horse Vitamin E. It takes at least 6 hours of grazing in a quality pasture to get Vitamin E requirements. If under this amount, your horse needs Health-E.


3. Horse Vitamin E Supplement- Needed in Winter: By November, there is no Vitamin E in the grass until April – Spring Time. Horses go Vitamin E deficient in the blood stream by December if not supplemented.

A. Vitamin E is an essential equine nutrient.
“Dr. Maenpaa observed seasonal differences in blood alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) concentrations, in mares and foals from when on pasture – June to October, then on hay/oats in Winter.” By April or May, both mares and foals had Vitamin E blood levels below normal.

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Ed Kane’s article from DVM 360 Magazine, 2004 on Vitamin E is Essential Equine Nutrient.

B. Have a broodmare with Mastitis?  One study has incidence dropping 57% when on Vitamin E (from 41% to 26%)  in cattle study.  While another study had it dropping 56%.

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Weiss’ article in ADM Animal Nutrition, Ohio State University, Vitamin E for Dairy Cows.


4. Horse Vitamin E Supplement- Helps Cushings/Older Horses: Cushings horses have poor immunity. Health-E Horse Vitamin E is shown to increase blood Vitamin E levels, increase neutrophil counts, and increase immunity.

“Horses have a decline in immune function with advancing age.”  Supplemented with oral Vitamin E 4 months (with form in Health-E).  Findings:  Blood Vitamin E levels increased, bacterial-killing capacity increased, immunoglobulins increased.

bluestarClick here to see D. Petersson’s article in Journal of Animal Science, 2010: Influence of Vitamin E on immune function and response to vaccination in older horses.

bluestarClick here for the article on Health-E – The only tested low sugar/low carb Vitamin E on the market.  Good for horses that are Cushings or Insulin Resistant or both. Harness Link: Day at the Track – Harness Racing Vet Develops Vitamin E Supplement.


5. Horse Vitamin E Supplement- Helps Broodmares/Foals: Supplemented Vitamin E increases broodmare Vitamin E blood levels and is shown to increase Vitamin E in milk to foal and increase immunoglobins and Vitamin E levels in foals. Helps foals avoid infections now with Health-E.


6. Horse Vitamin E Supplement – Helps Neurological Problems: Neurological Horses supplemented with Vitamin E is shown to help treat EDM and helps in supporting EPM and EMND neurological horses. No other Vitamin E in the USA can give you over 11,000+ IU in just 2 tablespoons a day. Health-E has been used successfully in the field for neurological horses for years.

A.  Horse Vitamin E for EPM:
• AAEP 2016: “Supplementation with Vitamin E, an antioxidant, is often recommended to aid healing of nervous tissue.”  Horse Vitamin E for EPM is an effective tool in recovery.

bluestar Click here to see the article EPM: Understanding this Debilitating Disease.

• Plumbs Veterinary Drug Handbook – “Vitamin E is used to support the treatment of horses with EPM.” page 146, 2003 edition.

• Ohio State Veterinary School Treatment of EPM “Recommended supplementation of Vitamin E at a rate of 8,000 – 9,000 IU/day. ….we feel adding this to treatment may aid in healing of nervous tissue.”  Horse Vitamin E for EPM recommended by Veterinary Schools.

bluestarClick here to see the Ohio State Veterinary School article for Treatment of EPM.

• Importance of Vitamin E in Horses. “Neurological conditions like EPM require large doses of Vitamin E due to high oxidative stress quickly depleting Vitamin E.”  Horse Vitamin E for EPM requires high dose Vitamin E – Health-E is highest in USA.

bluestarClick here for Dr. Reilly’s article in Holistic Horse,  Importance of Vitamin E in Horses.

•  Nerve tissue especially requires Vitamin E to properly function.
•  EPM requires 10,000 IU a day for months.
•  Horse Vitamin E for EPM.

bluestarClick here on animal study showing nerves damaged by low Vitamin E.  See Dr. Ralevic’s article in J. Physiol., 1996, Effect of chronic Vitamin E deficiency on sympathetic and sensorimotor function in rat mesenteric arteries.

bluestarClick here on study of people with Lou Gehrigs Disease on Vitamin E and the role in protecting against it.See Dr. Freedman’s article in Amyotroph Lateral Scler Frontotemporal Degener, 2013, Vitamin E serum levels and controlled supplementation and risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

B.  Horse Vitamin E for EDM – a top cause of neurological problems in horses.  EDM=Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy – nerves in spinal cord damaged by low Vitamin E.  Prevented with Vitamin E.
• Spinal cord damage in EDM. “Vitamin E was low in serum (blood) and in cerebrospinal fluid supporting association of low Vitamin E concentrations and oxidative damage.”

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Wong’s article in Vet Pathology, 2012,  Evidence of oxidative injury of the spinal cord in 2 horses with equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy.

• EDM – Vitamin E Deficiency.  “Vitamin E supplementation was associated with a drastic reduction in incidence of EDM.”

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Mayhew’s article in J.  Vet Intern Medicine, 1987,  Equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy: a vitamin E deficiency that may be familial.

• Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy – “Animals predisposed to EDM or diagnosis of EDM should receive oral alpha tocopherol acetate supplementation.”

bluestar Click here to see Dr. Miller’s article in Vet Clinics of North America, 1997,  Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy.

C.  Horse Vitamin E for EMND – a top cause of neurological disease in horses – like EDM, prevented by Vitamin E supplementation.  EMND=Equine Motor Neuron Disease.  Spinal cord damage and brain damage. “We found significantly lower blood levels and nervous tissue levels of Vitamin E in EMND cases compared to controls.”

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Mohammed’s article in Acta Vet Scand., 2007,  Vitamin E deficiency and risk of equine motor neuron disease.

D.  Horse Vitamin E for Shivers – This is seen more in Drafts, large Warmbloods but can be in any breed.  Trouble holding legs up behind for farrier, when asked to pick up leg, can snap leg way up too high and legs tremble.

“Providing adequate levels of Vitamin E is important.”
“Vitamin E supplement can help slow progression.”

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Stephanie Valber’s article on Horse Vitamin E and Shivers in The Horse, 2016, Where We Stand On Shivers.

bluestarClick here to see Horse Shivers described and why it is more common in Drafts, Draft Crosses, and Warmbloods.  See Dr. Loving’s Article in The Horse, 2007, Shivers in the Horse: A Review.

bluestarClick here to see how Horse Vitamin E helps Shivers in Dr. Reilly’s Article in Holistic Horse, 2012, Importance of Vitamin E in Horses.

bluestar“Vitamin E Supplementation appears very important for horses with shivers.” Click here to see the article on Horse Vitamin E in Shivers by Dr. Scruton in Canadian Horse Journals, 2012, The Not-So-Fab Four: Diseases resulting in hind limb gait deficits.


7. Horse Vitamin E Supplement- Helps PSSM/EPSM: Tie-up and PSSM/EPSM Horses – experts all agree that high dose Vitamin E is helpful in these horses. Get 5,800 IU a day into your horse in 1 tablespoon.

A.  Muscle damaged by low Vitamin E levels in muscle.

“All affected horses regained strength and muscle mass within 3 months after initiation of Vitamin E.”

bluestarClick here to see Dr. Bedford’s article in Journal of Am. Veterinary Assoc, 2003, Muscle Weakness Helped with Vitamin E.

bluestarClick here on how to send samples to test for PSSM/EPSM at the University of Minnesota. Leatherdale Equine Center. How to Test.


8. Horse Vitamin E Supplement- Helps COPD/Heaves: Helps clear debris by increasing neutrophil white cells to remove foreign material. bluestarClick here to see about Heave Ho that has Health-E Vitamin E already in it controlling COPD/Heaves.

bluestarClick below on Science Articles on Why Vitamin E helps COPD:
In Studies:
1.  Blood Vitamin E levels lower in COPD. See Dr. Hanson’s 2016 below.
2.  Supplementing with Vitamin E improved breathing components. “Positive association with dietary Vitamin E intake and lung function.” Dr. C. Hanson, Clinical Nutrition, 2016, Tocopherol Levels in Lung Function.
3. “Vitamin E may be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of harmful effects of COPD.” Dr. T. Tug, Clinical Invest. Med., 2004, Oxidative Stress of COPD Lowers Vitamin E .
4.  “Vitamin E supplements decreased DNA damage to white blood cells.” Dr. TC Wu, Int. J. Vitamin Nutr Research., 1977, Long-Term Vitamin E Supplementation helps COPD.
5.  Patients on Vitamin E had greater lung capacity and produced less phlegm. Dr. Y. Kelly, Health Magazine, 2011, Vitamin E Helps Reduce Phlegm of COPD.
6.  Long-term regular use of Vitamin E may help decrease risk of COPD. Increased Vitamin E Prevents COPD, American Thoracic Society, Science Daily, 2010.


9. Horse Vitamin E Supplement – To Treat Uveitis/Eye Inflammation: High dose Vitamin E helps fight inflammation via antioxidant effect. Actually lowers to point of preserving retina! Health-E suppresses these damaging metabolites in studies. See Articles below:

bluestarClick here to see article in The Horse, 2016, Tocopherols help avoid retina damage/vision loss in horses.
bluestarClick here to see Dr. L. Cid’s article in Intl. Ophthalmology, 1992, Anti-inflammatory effects of Vitamin E on Experimental lens-induced Uveitis.
bluestarClick here to see Dr. G. Pararajasegaram’s article in  Ophthalmic Res. 1991, Suppression of S Anti-gen-induced Uveitis by Vitamin E Supplementation.
bluestarClick here to see the article by Dr. J. van Rooij in Br. J. Ophthalmology, 1999, Oral Vitamins C and E as additional treatment in patients with acute anterior Uveitis.



Health-E is to help maintain horse health and is part of a comprehensive program.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Health-E Horse Vitamin E is Available